The Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi: Adventures of a Naughty Wooden Puppet Essay

The Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi is an adventurous story about a naughty wooden puppet who wanted to be a real boy and how he became more and more wise throughout his adventures. Mr. Cherry, who is a carpenter, found a piece of wood that laughed and cried like a child. Since he can’t control this naughty wood he gives the piece of wood to his friend Geppetto who plans to make a marvelous puppet that can dance, fence and turn somersaults in the air. Geppetto goes home and makes his puppet. He calls him Pinocchio. Unfortunately, the puppet gets into mischief. He tells a lie and made his father went to the jail.

He talks with a talking-cricket who gives him some advices, but this naughty child does not like to be corrected by those who are wiser than they are. When he comes back home, he is very hungry, but he can’t find any food. He feels tired and falls asleep with his feet on a brazier. When he wakes up in the morning, he finds his feet have burnt off. Meanwhile Geppetto comes home and gives Pinocchio the breakfast that the poor man had bought for himself. Then, he makes Pinocchio new feet and sells his own coat to buy him a primer. Sadly, Pinocchio sells his primer that he wants to go and see the marionettes.

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In the marionettes, the puppets recognize Pinocchio as one of them and are please to him. Suddenly a Fire-eater, who is the showman, appears in the midst of their joy and Pinocchio almost comes to a bad end. Fire-eater sneezes and pardons Pinocchio, who latter save the live of his friend, Harlequin. Fire-eater gives Pinocchio five pieces of gold to take to his father, but Pinocchio is deceived by the fox and the cat and goes away with them. Pinocchio does not listen to the good advice of the talking cricket which tells him to go back home again and meets the assassins. The assassins follow Pinocchio and having caught him.

They hang him on a branch of the big oak tree. Luckily, a beautiful blue-haired child saves the puppet. She puts him in bed and calls three doctors to know whether he is alive or dead. The doctors give him some medicines and sugar. Pinocchio only eats the sugar, but he does not want to take the medicines. However when he sees the grave-diggers coming to carry him away, he takes it. After that, he tells a lie and his nose will grow longer as punishment. Pinocchio again sees the fox and the cat and goes with them to sow his money in the Field of Miracles, where doubles the money he sows.

At last, he loses all his money and he is sent to prison where he spends four mouths. When Pinocchio is freed from the prison he sets out for the fairy’s house, but on the way he meets a horrible serpent and afterwards he is caught in a trap. Pinocchio is captured by a peasant who makes him work as a watchdog for his poultry yard. At the mid-night, he discovers the thieves and as a reward for his faithfulness, he is set free. After he arrives to the fairy’s house, he finds that the fairy has dead. He weeps for the death of the beautiful blue-haired child.

Then he meets a pigeon who carries him to the seashore where he dives into the water to save his father. He arrives at a Busy Bee Island and finds the fairy again. Pinocchio promises the fairy to be good and study, because he is tired of being a puppet and wishes to become a really good boy. Once again, Pinocchio listens to his bad schoolmates and goes to the seashore to see the terrible shark. After arriving, they can’t find any shark and a great battle has happened between him and his friends. During the battle, one of them is wounded and Pinocchio is arrested and he is in danger of being fried as a fish.

Luckily, he is saved by a dog and he goes back to the fairy’s house. She promises him that the next day he will no longer be a puppet, but a boy. Pinocchio goes to find his friends and celebrates. He finds his best friend, Lampwick, who is going to Playland. It is a place where has no school, no master, no book, but only playgrounds. Pinocchio likes it so much that he follows Lampwick and he spends five months there. One day, Pinocchio finds two donkey’s ears on his head and he becomes a real donkey after an hour.

As Pinocchio became a real donkey, he is sold to the manager of a show and learns how to dance and jump through a hoop, but he is lamped one evening. Then, he is bought by a man who decides to make a drum of his skin. Pinocchio is thrown into the sea and eaten by the fishes and becomes a puppet again. But while swimming towards dry land he is swallowed by a terrible shark. In the body of the shark he finds his father, Geppetto and he saves himself and his father. He starts working and studying very hard and looks after his father.

Finally, Pinocchio ceases to be a puppet and becomes a real boy. Pinocchio is a very naughty boy, he always does not listen to others’ advices. Fortunately, he is very lucky that every time he is at risk, he meets someone to save his life. During reading this book, I am very angry about his foolish thought. He has a lot of chance to be a good boy, but he has not taken anyone. Also, the ending is a little bit too short and too easy for him to be a real boy. However, it is a really nice book to read and learn from his silly behavior. I recommend all the children to read this book at least once.


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