1. Pre-master course : Post graduate Foundation Programes(6-9 month)
-Form: The programme of course: learning English + research skills and
postgraduate study + elective subject.

– Diploma: Master’s degree
=; +The course will ensure you can continue to master at a certain
university in United Kingdom.

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+ Some of program is designed specifically to prepare for the MBA

2. Postgraduate Diploma and Certificate (MA/Diploma; MSc/Diploma ): PGCE,
PG Dip, PG Cert: (9 month)
– Form: + The content of this course :specific subjects, for example, the
Post Diploma Certificate management science, education and information

+ Based on the teaching of science and not having research,and no
project or thesis.

– Diploma: Postgraduate Certificate (PG Cert)
Postgraduate Diploma (PG Dip)
=; as the professional qualifications can make a great start in the

3. Masters programs(MA, MSc, LLM, MEd,and the other programs): is called
Taught Masters ( 1 year)
– Form: + Type of research programs of study in a context / environment,
for example, the interdisciplinary master’s program in science or in a
practical application environment.

+ to complete a number of subjects: participating in lectures and
discussions, essay writing and exam and researching for thesis.

– Diploma: Master of Arts (MA)
Master of Education (MEd), Master of Science (MSc), Master of
Law (LLM)
=> bringing a depth of knowledge in a narrow specialization of

> Beside: Having 2 other forms of master’s programs:
4. Research Master’s Course(Mres): (1-3 years)
– Form: + The program content focuses on the development of research
skills of students and research a single topic.

+ This program requires a project / thesis of a longer essay Taught
master’s courses
– Diploma: Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
Master by research (MA/MSc)
Master of Research (MRes)
=; To be useful for graduate students preparing for a doctorate (PhD) or
graduate students working in areas related to research.

5. Master-business administration (MBA) : (1 year)
– Form: + Designed on the basis of practical experience of students
should bring a very high level of skills in business and administration.

+ Type of MBA: MBA tong quat (General MBA) ; MBA chuyn ngnh
(Specialist MBA)
– Diploma: Master of Business Administration (MBA)
=; Making an opportunities on the management level.

6. PhD programs: including:
. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD or DPhil) course (minium 3 years):
– Form: is a research program (Research Doctorates), the result of course
is a project / dissertation from 70.000 to 100.000 words with the unique
innovation and in principle, the initiative could be announced.

– Diploma: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD or DPhil) including New route PhD
. Taught Doctorates course (minium 3 years):
– Form: Ologies: technology (Deng), administrator (DBA), music (DMus) and
education (DED).

– Diploma: Doctor of Education (DEd)
Doctor of Engineering (DEng)
Doctor of Management (DBA)
. New route PhD course (4 years)
– Form: Focus on 9 fields: Social sciences, arts, humanities, languages,
economics, and business administration, natural sciences, mathematics,
technology, medicine.

=; To satisfy the needs of the economy based on knowledge of today and to
meet the needs of enterprises for personnel.


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