The Power Behind Premonitions Essay

The Power Behind Premonitions Premonitions dreams have occurred throughout history leaving profound footprints where they made appearances or came true. In recent research, 37 out of 51 premonition dreams came true. A premonition is a forewarning, or intuition of what is to come. Although it is undecided whether or not they are accurate by chance or by a supernatural force, premonition dreams often come true. Premonitions happen spontaneously and as of now, there is no explanation for why or how they occur.

The science of dreams is not a clear-cut. While many people elieve dreams hint at something, many people also do not believe that dreams mean anything. Dr. Larry Dossey, a medical doctor, believes that the explanation for humanitys apparent ability to predict the future is in evolution (Chalmers 6). He reasons that the ability to predict the future is something that “intelligent, survival- oriented organisms might sooner or later develop” (6).

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The Power Behind Premonitions Essay
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Animals can sense the foreboding through their natural instinct for avoiding danger. Dr. Dossey believes that all humans have a similar ability, and they are more likely to have premonitions bout themselves, or about those to they are emotionally attached to (Chalmers 2). Dreams that hint at the future intrigue and affect humans. Many tragedies such as the destruction of a coal-mining village at Aberfan in 1966, the sinking of the Titanic, and 9/1 1 were preceded by premonitions.

A woman who had booked a flight to Disney on 9/1 1 cancelled her plans after a disturbing dream, and later, she discovered that the details in her dream were actually statistics of the casualties from the attack (Chalmers 4). Also, despite being commuter services, “the occupancy of the all four doomed planes was a mere 21%” (6). Reports of premonitions have led researchers to continue studies on REM sleep and lucidity. Some ingoing studies involve “trying to get the dreamer to communicate with observers while he or she is dreaming” (Obringer 1).

So far, the attempts have been unsuccessful, however, it is predicted that one day, humans will be able to control and share their dreams while sleeping (1). Humans have always been captivated by the information dreams may be relaying. Statistically, humans receive so much data over brief periods of time, that it would be a miracle if some premonitions did not come true as coincidences. Miracles often happen but go unnoticed. Individuals usually notice that coincidences that they deem to be meaningful and relevant.

However, in 1998, Dr. M. S. Stowell was able to prove that “of 51 presumed precognitive dreams… 37 had indeed come true” (Obringer 1). The influx of data that humans receive translates to say that even with the 99. 999 percent of information that is meaningless, the brain records oincidences, leaving 15. 5 “miracles” a year (Shermer 2). The human brain is boggled by coincidences. This fact is illustrated through the term folk numeracy.

Folk numeracy is a human’s “natural tendency to misperceive and miscalculate probabilities, to think anecdotally instead of statistically and to focus on and remember short-term trends… “(Shermer 2). The Middle Land point of view is the explanation for why humans place emphasis on small coincidences or short-term trends, out not tne Olg plcture ( There is no definite research saying that the supernatural does not control remonition dreams and the coinciding reality, however, there are claims stating that these coincidences are expected statistically and are not miracles.

The science behind dreams is not explicit, premonitions intrigues scientists and researchers into calculating, debating and interviewing people that have experienced premonition dreams. Premonitions may be miracles or gifts, or they could Just be coincidences, but they open humanitys eyes and give people reasons to be thankful for the safety and fortunes of both themselves and loved ones.


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