The principles of the activity and traditional based cost systems Essay

Costing systems are the plans that supply information about the value of direct labour hours and Numberss of units produced. With the aid of informations such as merchandise cost, the directors can bring forth appraisal of cost associated with different activity carried in the organisation. The costs systems operate by taking entire cost as basic for computation. Costing is indispensable for every organisation, as every fabrication and other section has to be assigned accurate budget for proper operation ( Hansen, Mowen and Guan, 2006 ) .

Costing system provide information that is utile to directors for minimising waste and apportioning resources to different sections. However, it is of import for the directors to understand that the resources necessary for planing and implementing the cost system should non transcend than the benefit drew out from the system ( Thomsett, 2002 ) .

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The principles of the activity and traditional based cost systems Essay
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Appraisal of costs can be done with the aid of two systems known as Traditional costing and Activity based costing.

Traditional cost system was developed by the organisation, General Motors. The organisation used this system to cipher the entire fabrication cost that is sum of all the costs related to single operations. However, the cost that matters the most to organisation is profitableness, which is required for bettering the fight. This cost appraisal is done by activity based costing. The basic foreword of activity based cost system is that the organisation is an incorporate procedure and operates when there is proper supply of parts and natural stuffs at several workss. It continues until the concluding good reaches the client ( Drury, 2008 ) .

The traditional cost accounting system is based on the factors such as Wagess and wages, employee benefits, supplies, going allowances, depreciations and other fixed charges, runing disbursals and assorted ( Dury, 2008 ) . Activity bases accounting system is based on rating of providers, purchase order, expedite bringings and supplies, purchase orders, outgo on internal procedure, keeping cheque of point quality and bringings, deciding the jobs and internal disposal. From the above description on the factors that form base of accounting system, it can be stated that Traditional bing system operates in independent mode and Activity based costing system is an mutualist activity ( Blocher, 2006 ) .

The chief jobs related to utilize of traditional costing system is limited economic focal point. The benefits offered are intangible and remain immeasurable. These all the factors that might turn out to be bottleneck for the company can be cleared by the aid of activity direction cost ( Thomsett, 2002 ) .

The traditional cost system follows the mentioned rules:

Traditional costing used cost allotment method. In cost allotment method, the costs are estimated based on the hereafter.

This costing system does non take into consideration the factor of why and where cost goes.

This method does non give proper focal point on the discrepancies.

This method is non flexible, clip oriented, and inaccurate.

The operational directors do non give any consideration to cognizing the activities that are dearly-won.

The focal point is financial.

The cost of merchandise and services are non associated with existent attempts improved.

Activity based bing system follows the mentioned rules

It measures the existent public presentation of the organisation, taking into consideration every cost associated with activities.

With the aid of this system the directors there is proper relation of ingestion and disbursals is maintained.

In activity based bing cost of activities are calculated based on resources that are consumed.

This method helps the directors to pull proper penetration of beginnings of cost and the impact that might go on on and due to determinations taken.

Activity based bing system enables director to recognize the public presentation jailbreaks and take action consequently ( Traditional Costing vs. Activity-Based Methods, Exac cost, 2010 ) .

The Traditional cost system depends mostly on the volume discrepancy. The volume discrepancy is measured as the cost of labour and machines used for fabricating the figure of points. If figure of point produced are less than the expected, so existent cost are likely to increase. This means the labour and the operating expenses used in fabrication of merchandises were non planned in proper mode. On the contrary, activity based bing system provides faultless focal point on the fabrication of merchandise. Harmonizing to Hall ( 2008 ) many companies in US and UK and China have adopted activity based costing system, with the aid of this system the directors of history and other section should maintain separate paths of costs otherwise. This is required to fabricate single units in such mode that merchandise design is manufactured in batches and fabricating installation operates in efficient mode. Taking into consideration, the treatment activity based costing system is gives focal point on overall organisational activities and traditional cost system focuses on persons and machineries. Hence, usage of activity cost system can be managed more expeditiously than standard bing system ( Daly, 2002 ) .

The chief motivation of activity and traditional cost system is increasing net incomes. Traditional cost system focuses on big volume production of merchandises, which is impossible if there is supports on concentrating on simple factors direct stuff, labour, and operational operating expenses. However, if there is no focal point given on variable elements such as supplies of major and minor parts, electricity and other power resources, the existent cost of merchandise can non be calculated. It is obvious that there is non merely work of labour and machinery in bring forthing finished goods ( Cokins, 2001 ) . It is necessary to see fixed every bit good as variable operating expenses. Activity based costing system considers variable and fixed operating expenses, which helps in cognizing the right figure of activities involved in bring forthing finished good. This procedure is known as unitizing fixed cost. Hence, the traditional cost system & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s aim is to command cost, but activity based cost system plays more critical function of analysing these factors to keep the production in efficient mode ( Anklesaria, 2008 ) .

In today & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s uncertain concern environment, it might go hard to run in stiff system that allocated cost to figure of activities. Activity based costing system is non an betterment in the traditional criterion accounting system, but an enabler for an constitution of the first clip true direction system. It is necessary to hold flexible system, as stiff allotments do non work for an organisations holding decentralized direction system ( Baumol and Blinder, 2007 ) . Therefore, application of activity based cost system over the traditional cost system helps the direction to cognize the factors that are unmeasurable and identify fortunes wherein the aims get out of line on disbursement determination. Hence, it can be said that traditional cost system has control accent on cost and activity cost system has it on activities carried in the organisation ( Lee and Epstein, 2004 ) .

The traditional costing system is by and large estimations that the cost of whole organisation is driven organize the figure of merchandises and services are delivered. On the other manus, the activity based cost system allows non-linearity of costs in the organisation by acknowledging the fact that units of goods produced do non do some costs ( Grossman and Livingstone, 2009 ) .

This can be explained with the aid of comparison chart of traditional and activity costing system drawn by a university.

From the figure it is easy to find that traditional accounting system is the method that provides information about the cost of resources that are being supplied to recognize the organisations mission. On the other manus, activity based bing system provides informations about the activities that are carried in the company for obtaining their net incomes. Therefore, utilizing activity-costing system is more advantageous compared to traditional costing system ( Druker, 2007 ) .

A research carried by an organisation stated that it is no possible to prosecute activity based bing system until there is strong accounting and information system. Yet if the system is weak, more acquisition is done. Therefore, the traditional costing system can non be ignored for execution of activity bing system. The activity bing system is hence, an promotion of traditional costing system ( Mitchell, Coles, 2003 ) .

The Activity based costing system is a decision-making activity. This bing system develops pure conceptual step of costs. The traditional costing system is an activity that works on fixed costs that are predetermined. Therefore, there is no range for analysis and taking determination related to cost of the merchandises ( Baggaley, 2003 ) . Expenses related to indirect cost signifier base for decision-making procedure to apportion budget. Activity bing system calculates appraisal of resources to be consumed by the cost object known as cause-and-effect allotments. Traditional bing system does non hold such tool to cipher cost objects ( Oliver, 2000 ) .

The is great difference in computation methodological analysis of traditional cost system and activity based costing system, as ABC can assist in extinguishing cross subsidies.

In activity costing system, the drivers ( employees, workers and functionaries ) are the cause of activity, and the activity that happened in the organisation, is the consequence of drivers. The 2nd factor that makes Activity bing system flexible is that it offers better attending directing information system that sporadically identifies all the potentially non-profitable merchandises that have to be surveies exactly ( Pearce, 2010 ) . Traditional bing system does non demo such countries of cost. Most of the merchandise determinations can non be taken independently, as there are merchandise mutualities in the joint resources that have long-run relation and should be assigned to the merchandises ( Drury, 2009 ) .

The traditional costing system operates based on computation of services or merchandises consume resources ( Joachimsthaler, Aaker, 1999 ) . Activity cost system operates on the rule that merchandises consume activities and the activities consume resources. The traditional costing system is besides known as procedure costing or occupation costing. However, activity based costing system is provide combination of occupation and procedure costing system ( Galliers and Leidner, 2003 ) .

Traditional cost system can non cipher accurate cost compared to activity cost direction ( Owen, 2006 ) . The Activity based bing system provinces that at the clip of operating expenses are high, merchandises are diverse and the mistakes cost becomes high. This increases the competition in the market to great extent ( Drucker, 2006 ) .

The best manner to chalk out the process of traditional and activity based cost system is by an illustration. The traditional cost system assumes cost for certain operation. For case this system states that heat intervention is required. The activity based bing system finds the reply, whether it is really required and where can it be done best. This system provides great integrating of many activities such as procedure analysis, value analysis, costing, and quality direction. Many researches have stated that the activity bing system can cut down the cost in the organisation by tierce of overall disbursals. The activity based costing helps in cognizing the factors that did non let traditional costing to be successful for many companies. The chief ground for this is non that the traditional costing system technique, but traditional costing system & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s premises are incorrect ( Thomsett, 2002 ) .

For case, Bankss are seeking to use conventional cost accounting steps to the concern for calculating out the costs of single services and operations. Now it is of import to happen the chief cost for consequence. This cost is functioning the clients. It is a fixed cost. This is the topographic point where activity cost system applies. It determines the most necessary activities for keeping of client and increase the profitableness.

In add-on to great benefits, the Activity based costing system offers a assisting manus to the directors. It is known as Activity based direction. This direction system helps in placing and giving proper focal point on all the critical alterations that have to be made such that the direction can takes action for carry throughing the demand. Business procedure reengineering is like activity-based direction that significantly improves the public presentation and nest eggs ( Whittington and Delaney, 2007 ) .


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