The Procurement Strategy Selection Analysis Job Construction Essay

Traditional procurance is the most normally used in building house. This type of contract is best confined to little occupations. Normally the client is through a competitory tendering procedure to name the contractor. This procurance is suited for the clip is predictability ; cost is certainty, and complex undertakings.

Traditional organisation construction

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The Procurement Strategy Selection Analysis Job Construction Essay
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Design and Construct

The design and construct procurance is traditionally used for more straightforward edifice. This procurance gives the client a individual point of contract. And, the eventual contractor takes on single-point duty to develop the full design and present the plants harmonizing to the client ‘s demand. Besides, it is suited for the faster path undertaking and cost is certainty.

In extra, turnkey procurance method is an promotion of the design and physique. It has been used to big substructure undertakings financed by authorities. This method can be categorized to Build-own-operate-transfer ( BOOT ) and other similar agreements such as design-build-finance-operate ( DBFO ) , etc. The developer of the undertaking is responsible for inventing the strategy, raising the finance, runing the installation and eventually reassigning ownerships. ( Frank Harris and Ronald McCaffer, 2001 )

Design and Build Contractual

Management catching

Contracts concentrate chiefly on the direction expertness of the contractor and are peculiarly suited for reasonably big undertakings with complex demand. The client appoints the interior decorators and a separate direction contractor. The contractor is non expected to transport out any building work and expected to pull off both the building procedure and the bundle contractors.

There are two common fluctuations of the direction system attack, which are direction catching and building direction. In direction catching, the plants bundle contractors are to supply planning, direction, and co-ordination of building who so sub-contracts the work in the normal mode. Therefore, building direction is similar construct to the direction catching. Contractors are contracted straight to client and the building director manages the procedure for the client on a simple consultancy footing.

However, the direction contractor obtains a fee for executing similar responsibilities to the building director, but they are carries more hazard.

Management Contracting Contractual







-Not the faster undertaking, it can be separate into two phases which are negotiated tendering and building phase.

– At the stamp phase is desirable to supply all the information and specification to contractor.

-Basically straightforward and clear in division of design and building. However, complications can originate if client requires that certain sub-contractors are used.

-Certainty in cost and clip before committedness to construct. Clear answerability and cost monitoring at all phases.

-due to no clip restraint and clearly information are given before stamp phases, high quality of work will be achieved.

– Client has the right to command design and fluctuations.

-Contractor is to the full responsible for accomplishing the stated quality.

-Competitive stamps are possible for all points. Negotiated stamps cut down competitory component.

– Low hazard option to minimise the hold, overspend or design failure.

-Benefits in cost and quality but at the disbursal of clip.




-Relatively fast method.

– Construction clip can be reduced because design and edifice proceed in analogue.

-Pre-tender clip mostly depends on the sum of item in the client ‘s demand.

-An efficient individual contractual agreement incorporating design and building expertness within one accountable organisation.

-Can be a clear division, but confused where the client ‘s demands are detailed as this reduces trust on the contractor for design or public presentation.

-Limited function for the client ‘s representative during building. There is a guaranteed cost and completion day of the month.

-Client has no direct control over the contractor ‘s public presentation and pick of specializer sub-contractor

-Contractor ‘s design expertness may be limited.

– Virtually none for the client once the contract is signed, without heavy cost punishments. Flexibility in developing inside informations or doing permutations is to the contractor ‘s advantage.

-Difficult for the client to compare proposals which include for both monetary value and design.

-Direct design and construct really hard to measure for fight. No benefit passes to client if contractor seeks greater fight for specialist work and stuffs.

-Contractor hazard is high, due to individual point of contract.

-Benefits in cost and clip but at the disbursal of quality.







Early start on site is possible, long before stamps have even been invited for some of the plants bundles.

-Design and building accomplishments integrated at an early phase. Complex direction operation necessitating sophisticated techniques.

-Success depends on the direction contractor ‘s accomplishments. An component of trust is indispensable. The professional squad must be good coordinated through all the phases.

-Client requires certain criterions to be shown or described. Pull offing contractor responsible for quality of work and stuffs on site.

-Client can modify or develop design demand s during building. Pull offing contractor can set programme and costs.

-Client is committed to get down edifice on a cost program, project drawings and Specification merely.

Management contractor is appointed because of direction expertness instead than because his fee is competitory. However competition can be retained for the Works bundles.

-Lies chiefly with the client- about entirely in the instance of building direction.

-Benefits in clip and quality but at the disbursal of cost.

Comparison of Procurement method

( Hugh clinch, Stanley Cox and Sarah Lupton. 2007. Which Contract? Choosing the appropriate edifice contract. Fourth edition. London: Riba Publishing )

The most suited procurance scheme for this undertaking is traditional procurance.

This is a renovation undertaking to change over the Old Post Office Building into a regional office. The land floor country of this edifice about is 6616 metre squares and the bing edifice is designed in five degrees and one cellar. Therefore, this undertaking is considered in medium size. Besides, the demands of the client are the edifice can be ready for business by the 1st June 2010 and with a high quality office. And, therefore, this is a authorities undertaking so the cost of the undertaking is restricted.

Design and construct procurance is a contract that the contractor is responsible to manage the building and full design. However, a renovation undertaking is unneeded to re-design and re-measure the edifice. Besides, converse the edifice into a high quality office is another ground that does non take the procurance method for this undertaking. It was because design and physique is highlight in cost and clip, but the quality in this procurance is somewhat less of import.

Management procurance is suited for reasonably or mega undertaking. Medium size of undertaking is non suited to take this procurance. Although the high quality of work can be achieved by the direction procurance, nevertheless the cost of this procurance is high.

Based on the demands of the client, quality and cost are emphasized in this undertaking. As a consequence, the most suited procurance scheme for this undertaking is the traditional procurance method. Even this procurance is take longer clip than other procurance ; nevertheless clip is non a restraint for this undertaking. Due to the continuance of the undertaking about is up to 2 old ages from origin phases to completion phases. Other than that, quality in this procurance besides can be achieved because of Contractor is entirely responsible to accomplishing the stated quality and a full set of paperss or specifications of plants are prepared before stamps are invited. Besides, authorities tins though the competitory stamp to obtain the best monetary value for the declared specifications. Therefore, the undertaking can be completed in clip with good quality and low cost.

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