The Project Life Cycle Construction Essay

The undertaking is broken into stages, and so into control points that are relevant to the peculiar development. This gives direction an organized construction to the overall development. Hand in glove, the undertaking stages are known as the undertaking life rhythm. These are consecutive. Phases and control points are agreed by direction. Due to the complex nature of the office block stage will overlap the coincident stage. This method will besides fast track the undertaking. Overlaping stages can salvage clip and cost nevertheless the hazard of disagreements is increased due to progression without accurate information being available from the old stage.

The first stage initiates the undertaking by set uping a demand for the office infinites. A P.E.S.T analysis is generated to find the aim. ‘Perth has seen a important growing in the figure of National and Regional central offices serving the Mining, Resource and Oil and Gas sectors. It has been reported that a farther 250,000 offices are required in Perth by 2014 ‘ . F, Murphy. ( 2011 ) .

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P.E.S.T. Analysis

A PEST analysis was created for this undertaking and the undermentioned information was recovered.


Political is the factors that influence the undertaking. These can be authorities, economic or even other concern. Political factors represent policies such as revenue enhancements and environmental.

The current rate of GST in Australia is 10 % . J, Scully. ( 2012 ) . this is added on to all purchases. Due to the client being a excavation company a 30 per cent excavation levy will besides be charged, which was introduced in March 2012 for companies who have net incomes above $ 75 million.


Economic refers to countries alone to economic system and straight influenced by economic system or comprised by economic system, countries such as rising prices rate and involvement rate. With rising prices rate making 1.5 % in June 2012. P, Flynn. ( 2012 ) . If the Inflation rate alterations it would do a dramatic impact on the development cost and net income border. If an addition in the cost of capital and materials/labour rose so the break-even rate from this undertaking would alter. The cost of labor and stuffs could raise plenty to hold the undertaking unsuccessful, an addition in the cost of capital would significantly increase the cost of the undertaking.

All these countries can greatly act upon the development, doing them of high importance within the PEST analysis.


Perth metropolis is undergoing traveling a deficit of office infinite due to the growing in the excavation industry. Many companies are spread outing and necessitate larger office while on the other manus many concerns are being created. The development has had a big addition in population over the last 10 old ages. ( CSO 2011 ) this is largely because of the excavation roar, people started to relocate into Perth.

5.2 Organizing and fixing

Once it has been proven that the undertaking is feasible the design and development stage commences. This involves sketching the build-method and developing elaborate agendas and programs for doing or implementing the merchandise. Feasibility survey and hard currency flow prognosis are generated as portion of this subdivision.

Feasibility survey

A company possibly trading successfully but if it does non hold money to pay measures and rewards so the company fails. Cash flow throughout the renovation of the office block will be an ongoing demand. For the concern to win it needs efficient financess at all times. A profitable administration can go belly-up if they do non hold adequate hard currency to pay twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours measures. Factors such as expanded excessively determinedly, or non having payment from debitors can do this. To forestall from happening a developer ‘s budget will be developed.

5.3 Transporting out undertaking work

This stage will implement the undertaking as per the range of work and design drawings. The Longest sequence of activities in the undertaking will hold to be completed on clip to see undertaking is non delayed. A Critical way shows this and makes it possible to command all stages of the undertaking.

5.4 Closing the undertaking:

The concluding stage of the development is closing. This confirms the development has been built to the design specification. There are assorted proving and processs to be implemented these include reviews and any remedial work that may ensue from the reviews. In add-on a checklist which includes enfranchisements and blessings is signed away, eventually a set of as reinforced drawings are handed over before contractor receives concluding payment.

Commission cheque list will be given to the contractor and all constituents will be checked and approved by overseer before manus over to client.

Commission of all equipment is undertaken and any mistakes are amended before all studies are handed over to the client.

All Licences, enfranchisements and enrollments that are necessary by Australian Workplace Standards, shall be provided prior to the client accepting the undertaking.

A Defect liability period ( DLP ) of six months shall be in topographic point and confirmed by the Australian Workplace criterions.

Adequate preparation Sessionss are held to educate the line directors in each sector.

As-constructed or as-removed information must be submitted, prior to the undertaking handover meeting.



Number of Days

Approved by



Air status unit



Fire safety






Utility workss






Electricity point



Waste H2O






Security system



Building envelope


Control points

Executive control points are used in the development, this act like cheque points leting patterned advance on executive blessing. These reinforce the building director on determinations to come on on the undertaking.

As the undertaking proceeds through its lifecycle, the client ‘s fiscal committedness and liabilities addition. At each control point a full direction reappraisal is undergone this provides confidence that the development can come on to the following stage.

It is determined that it costs about 10 times every bit much to implement a alteration during building.

This information gives the director a degree of control over the profile and timing of the undertaking. The building director can therefore guarantee that their undertaking can be customized with minimal hold to the overall undertaking.

Equally, these formal blessings supply the undertaking director with the ability to drive the development to closing. It besides provides counsel.

The most important control point in the undertaking is the decision of the development stage. This symbolises the undertaking ‘s patterned advance from feasibleness to execution. Feasibility surveies provide this information. This information is document into a Undertaking Brief. This gives the client an over position of what to anticipate.

The undertaking life rhythm is subdivides the development into manageable undertaking stages, in bend so are so subdivided into an input, procedure and end product format. The following tabular array shows the different constituents of the undertaking lifecycle





Undertaking brief



Certificate of completion





Feasibility Study

Hazard analysis, Gantt Chart, Critical Path

Award contracts, program and command range of alteration

Trial of equipment

Key Activities

Key Activities

Key Activities

Key Activities

Identify stakeholders

Model proving

Plan and control

Quality proving

Hold points

Hold points

Hold points

Hold points

Market research blessing

Design blessing

Require by client, required by quality accountant

Client informant

End product

End product

End product

End product

Undertaking proposal

Baseline Plan

Certificate of completion

Closeout study





Continue Yes or No

Continue Yes or No

Ready to handover for commissioning

Undertaking accepted. Handover for operation

Control Points

Each Phase is aligned one or more specific aims for supervising the undertaking. These stages are all related the chief stage ; the names are typically taken from their input into the development.

Milestone and hold-points are created these supply focal point for the undertaking squad and enforce control. These will shut control of the interaction between activates to guarantee full and proper integrating and to minimise struggles or misinterpretations.

The contraction Phase is the most critical and every attempt will be made to guarantee all mileposts are met. Close direction is required to guarantee holds are addressed.

There are five control points that are cardinal to the success of any undertaking.

Effective undertaking direction: do certain the safety, cost and agendas are implemented in the program. Management staff is to understand and follow the undertakings critical way. Critical mileposts play a important portion in prolonging an effectual development.

Cost direction: The most effectual attack is to develop a cost direction map which focuses on all purchases. Budget control and outgo trailing will be the most of import.

Supplier public presentation direction: A QA ( choice confidence ) will cut down hazard and better the overall undertaking. This improves 3rd party public presentation which improves relationship with stakeholders.

Healthy phase Gatess: develop a holistic capital undertaking plan with a control point for measuring advancement and enabling informed determinations about following stairss. In add-on to minimising rework on front-end technology and design, better rhythm clip and bring forthing punch lists for handoff care, this subject makes the undertaking move more efficaciously. Early engagement is indispensable

Risk appraisal and decrease: To guarantee the undertaking is completed to a high criterion cost controls and quality controls are implemented. This is completed on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours basic.

The undertaking life rhythm for the proposed renovation of office block is as follows

-Concept design and feasibleness survey

3 months

-Technical design

5 months


18 months


3 month


1 months

Life rhythm construction usually follows the undermentioned phases:

Cost and staff demands are high at the intervill of the undertaking and easy lessening as the undertaking draws to a stopping point. Figure 3 illustrates this.

Stakeholder influences, hazard and uncertainness are greatest at the start of the undertaking. These lessening over the life of the undertaking.

Figure 3

Within the context of the generic life rhythm construction, a undertaking director has the option to increase control over certain deliverables if required. More intricate undertakings may necessitate extra degree of control. In such case, the work carried out to finish the undertakings objective ay benefit from being officially divided into stage.


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