The Purpose And Uses Of Pre Departure Training Business Essay

Multinational companies run the concern by opening several subdivisions or subsidary in other states ( host states ) . In order to make the coincident development for the subdivisions arround the universe, the parent company normally send their participant employees to the subdivisions located outside the parent states that need supervising or proficient counsels.

For illustration, the transnational company which has headquarter in parent state might direct the employee to the subordinate company in host state for supplying the preparation related with the execution of new system to increase the prduction capacity of the machine, because based on the study, production capacity in host state is still below the mark.

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The Purpose And Uses Of Pre Departure Training Business Essay
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The preparation for execution of new system will take rather a long clip which require the participants to remain in host state during the preparation period. Besides, the participant is besides has international assignment to pull off the operation in host state and describe the consequence to the parent company. Since there is some international assignment that will take a long clip, the participants is allowed to convey their household to the host state. Nowadays, the pre-departure preparation is non merely provided for the participants but besides, for the partner and kids because it can assist the participants to concentrate in making the international assignment without being worried about their household. Therefore, before the participants go to the host states, they need to hold the pre-departure preparation ( PDT ) .


Pre-departure preparation is the preparation provided by parent state to ease the participants with several cognition, accomplishments, and competences that related with the international assignment and on the job civilization in the host state.

The intent of PDT is to fix or give know the participants with the cognition about the state, their occupation ( the manner to concern that has different civilization ) , lifestyle, civilization in host state. So, the participants will be ready to make their international assignment.

The participant will take six months for linguistic communication class every Friday, after their tiffin until 17.00, they will travel to the class before they go to the host state. The pre-departure preparation will carry on in three yearss from the work clip at one month before they go. They will travel arround three months to make the international assignment to the host state ( Germany ) .

Agenda of Pre Departure Training

The start clip is 09.00 Americium

The terminal clip is 17.00 Autopsy

Day 1



09.00 – 10.00

Introduction about the pre-departure preparation

10.00 – 10.30

Coffee interruption

10.30 – 12.30

Information about the host state

12.30 – 13.30


13.30 – 14.30

Information about their occupation in host state

14.30 – 17.00

Watching film

Day 2



09.00 – 11.00

Cultural Briefing

11.00 – 12.00

Culture daze trainnig

12.00 – 13.00


13.00 – 14.30

Group treatment

14.30 – 15.00

Coffee interruption

15.00 – 17.00

Guest talker who already did international assignment

Day 3



09.00 – 10.00

Logistic information

10.00 – 10.30

Coffee interruption

10.30 – 12.00

Sensitivity preparation

12.00 – 13.00


13.00 – 14.00


14.00 – 16.00

Logostical information

16.00 – 17.00

Information about day-to-day life

17.00 – 17.30


Explanation of Each Form of Pre -Departure Training

Introduction of pre – going preparation

In this session, the trainer will explicate about the aim of this plan, debut of each other participants, and give know about the agenda of PDT.

Information about the host state

In this session will be explained about population, capital metropolis, clime, currency, linguistic communication, faith, economic system, authorities, geographics, and cultural of people.

Cultural briefing

In cultural briefing, the participants will acquire information about the similarities and the differences of their ain civilizations and host civilization.

Culture daze preparation

This preparation will explicate about how the participant can minimise civilization daze and can work out the civilization daze. So, the participant can make the international assignment good.

Logistic information

Logistic information is about run intoing etiquette, gift giving etiquette, table manners, relationships and communicating, and concern etiquette ( concern meeting etiqutte, concern dialogue, frock etiquette ) . Besides account from the trainer, the trainer besides can give illustration that will be actioned by participants.

Information about the occupation

The intent of this session is give account about the occupation that should participants make in host state. So, the participant will understand what they should make while arrive in the host state.

Group treatment

The participants will be given a instance, so that instance will be discussed in group, so the group should hold solution for that instance. Besides, the participants are tried to larn work in group.

Guest talker who already became expatriate

This invitee talker will portion about all his experience when he became expatriate, and there is session of inquiry and reply between the invitee talker and the participants.

Information about day-to-day life

The trainer will explicate about readying for the participants ‘ day-to-day demand before they go. For illustration, about things that will be bring, topographic point for the participants live, phone, infirmary, bank, transit, shopping and amusement in host state.

Watching film

The film is about German film. The intent of this session is to demo the participants the image of the day-to-day lives in Germany and how people there interact with each other.

Sensitivity preparation

In this session, this preparation is claims to do people more cognizant of their ain biass, and more sensitive to others.


For make the participants non stress, so the trainer will give a game to the participants that game will give a significance for participant in term of civilization.

Language preparation

The participants will larn about the linguistic communication that used in host state ( Germany ) . The participant will take a linguistic communication class every Friday after their tiffin until 17.00 in the class centre, for six month before they go to the host state.

The Material of Information about the host state and logistical information

Location of Germany: Central Europe, surrounding Austria 784 kilometer, Belgium 167 kilometer, Czech Republic 646 kilometer, Denmark 68 kilometer, France 451 kilometer, Luxembourg 138 kilometer, Netherlands 577 kilometer, Poland 456 kilometer, Switzerland 334 kilometer.

The capital metropolis is Berlin

The clime: A A temperate and Marine ; cool, cloudy, wet winters and summers ; occasional warmA

mountain ( fohn ) air current.

The population of Germany: A A 82,424,609 ( July 2004 est. )

The cultural in Germany are German 91.5 % , Turkish 2.4 % , other 6.1 % ( made up mostly of Greek, Italian, Polish, A Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish )

In Germany, the Protestant 34 % , Roman Catholic 34 % , Muslim 3.7 % , unaffiliated or other 28.3 %

The authorities isA A federal democracy

The official linguistic communication of Germany isA German, with over 95 % of the population talking German as their first linguistic communication.

The currency of Germany is Euro.

German Society & A ; Culture:

German is good in a planning civilization

In many respects, Germans can be considered the Masterss of planning.A

This is a civilization that prizes frontward thought and cognizing what they will be making at a specific clip on a specific day.A

Careful planning, in one ‘s concern and personal life, provides a sense of security.A

Rules and ordinances allow people to cognize what is expected and be after their life consequently.

Once the proper manner to execute a undertaking is discovered, there is no demand to believe of making it any other manner.

Germans believe that keeping clear lines of limit between people, topographic points, and things is the certain manner to take a structured and ordered life.A

Work and personal lives are stiffly divided.A

There is a proper clip for every activity. When the concern twenty-four hours ends, you are expected to go forth the office. If you must stay after normal shutting, it indicates that you did non be after your twenty-four hours decently.

The German Home

Germans take great pride in their homes.A

They are unbroken neat and tidy at all times, with everything in its appointive topographic point.

In a civilization where most communicating is instead formal, the place is the topographic point where 1 can loosen up and let your individuality to shine.A

Merely close friends and relations are invited into the holiness of the house, so it is the 1 topographic point where more informal communicating may happen.

There are many unwritten regulations environing the outward care of one ‘s place.

It is imperative that common countries such as pavements, pavings, corridors ( in flats ) , and stairss be kept clean at all times.

Several meeting etiquette:

Greetings are formal.

A quick, house handshaking is the traditional greeting.A

Titles are really of import and denote regard. Use a individual ‘s rubric and their family name until invited to utilize their first name. You should state Herr or Frau and the individual ‘s rubric and their surname.A

In general, delay for your host or hostess to present you to a group.A

When come ining a room, agitate custodies with everyone separately, including kids.

Gift Giving Etiquette:

If you are invited to a German ‘s house, conveying a gift such as cocoas or flowers.

Yellow roses or tea roses are ever good received.A

Do non give ruddy roses as they symbolize romantic intentions.A

Do non give clove pinks as they symbolize mourning.A

Do non give lilies or chrysanthemums as they are used at funerals.A

If you bring wine, it should be imported, Gallic or Italian. Giving German vinos is viewed as significance you do non believe the host will function a good quality wine.A

Gifts are normally opened when received.

Dining Etiquette:

If you are invited to a German ‘s house:

Arrive on clip as promptness indicates proper be aftering. Never arrive early.A

Never arrive more than 15 proceedingss subsequently than invited without calling to explicate you have been detained.A A

Send a handwritten thank you note the undermentioned twenty-four hours to thank your hostess for her cordial reception.

Table manners:

Remain standing until invited to sit down. You may be shown to a peculiar seat.A

Table manners are Continental — the fork is held in the left manus and the knife in the right while eating.A

Do non get down eating until the hostess starts or person says ‘guten appetit ‘ ( good appetency ) .A

At a big dinner party, delay for the hostess to put her serviette in her lap before making so yourself.A

Do non rest your cubituss on the table.A

Do non cut boodle in a salad. Fold it utilizing your knife and fork.A

Cut every bit much of your nutrient with your fork as possible, since this compliments the cook by bespeaking the nutrient is tender.A

Finish everything on your plate.A

Axial rotations should be broken apart by hand.A

Indicate you have finished feeding by puting your knife and fork parallel across the right side of your home base, with the fork over the knife.A

The host gives the first toast.A

An honoured invitee should return the toast subsequently in the meal.A

The most common toast with vino is ‘Zum Wohl! ‘ ( ‘good wellness ‘ ) .A

The most common toast with beer is ‘Prost! ‘ ( ‘good wellness ‘ ) .

Relationships & A ; Communicationss

Germans do non necessitate a personal relationship in order to make business.A

They will be interested in your academic certificates and the sum of clip your company has been in business.A

Germans display great respect to people in authorization, so it is imperative that they understand your degree relation to their own.A

Germans do non hold an open-door policy. Peoples frequently work with their office door closed. Knock and wait to be invited in before entering.A

German communicating is formal.A

Following the established protocol is critical to edifice and keeping concern relationships.A

As a group, Germans are leery of exaggeration, promises that sound excessively good to be true, or shows of emotion.A

Germans will be direct to the point of bluntness.A

Expect a great trade of written communicating, both to endorse up determinations and to keep a record of determinations and treatments.

Business Meeting Etiquette

Appointments are compulsory and should be made 1 to 2 hebdomads in progress.

A Letterss should be addressed to the top individual in the functional country, including the individual ‘s name every bit good as their proper concern rubric.

If you write to schedule an assignment, the missive should be written in German.

Punctuality is taken highly earnestly. If you expect to be delayed, telephone instantly and offer an account. It is highly ill-mannered to call off a meeting at the last minute and it could endanger your concern relationship.

Meetings are by and large formal.A

Initial meetings are used to acquire to cognize each other. They allow your German co-workers to find if you are trustworthy.A

Meetings adhere to strict dockets, including get downing and stoping times.A

Maintain direct oculus contact while speaking.A

Although English may be spoken, it is a good thought to engage an translator so as to avoid any misunderstandings.A

At the terminal of a meeting, some Germans signal their blessing by knaping their brass knuckss on the tabletop.

There is a rigorous protocol to follow when come ining a room:

– The eldest or highest ranking individual enters the room first.A

– Work force enter before adult females, if their age and position are approximately tantamount.

Business Negotiation

Do non sit until invited and told where to sit. There is a stiff protocol to be followed.A

Meetings adhere to strict dockets, including get downing and stoping times.

Treat the procedure with the formality that it deserves.A

Germany is to a great extent regulated and highly bureaucratic.A

Germans prefer to acquire down to concern and merely prosecute in the briefest of little talk. They will be interested in your credentials.A

Make certain your printed stuff is available in both English and German.A

Contracts are purely followed.A

You must be patient and non look ruffled by the rigorous attachment to protocol. Germans are detail- orientated and want to understand every insinuation before coming to an agreement.A

Business is hierarchal. Decision-making is held at the top of the company.A

Concluding determinations are translated into strict, comprehensive action stairss that you can anticipate will be carried out to the letter.A

Avoid confrontational behavior or high- force per unit area tactics. It can be counterproductive.A

Once a determination is made, it will non be changed.



Dress Etiquette

Business frock is understated, formal and conservative.

A Men should have on dark coloured, conservative concern suits.A

Womans should have on either concern suits or conservative frocks.

A Do non have on pretentious jewelry or accoutrements


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