The purpose of the management team Essay

The direction are the people who guide the squad in a right way wherein all together working for the same end of success. They have to work together with Sincerity, Unity, Courage, Communication, Enthusiasm, Strengths, and Secrets of the company to organize the ultimate concatenation of SUCCESS. The director who runs the squad should hold proper interaction with each and every squad member with proper updates and feedbacks. Besides have to take active engagement whatever happens within the squad and squad members. Since the director knows about each and every member of his squad, has to look into with the day-to-day prosodies where that peculiar squad member is missing behind and has to do certain that the individual has been good trained, once more have to look into for the day-to-day prosodies to give the feedback.

Besides have to sympathize and sympathize with the individual holding any personal issues as good. Every person squad participant besides has to develop cognition, assurance, clip direction and earnestness to be a portion in the growing of the company. Harmonizing to the Mintzberg ‘s managerial functions director should hold quality of leader by motive and activation of subsidiaries for staffing and for associated responsibilities. Manager have to supervise assorted activity and to have broad scope of particular information to develop the organisation. ( Buchanan and Huczynski, 2004, p495 ) .

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Management besides have to confront the hazard factor in all facets, sing their ain squad member ‘s issues and besides from the rival position. The direction has to take a right determination when taking any hazard which should non impact the growing of the company and besides have to see the fiscal standard as good. If any hazard factor is taken it has to be handled in a manner that the company overcomes that crisis every bit before as possible with success in taking that hazard. The whole squad has to work together with proper interaction and dedication to do the hazard as a success. Each squad participant has to be committed with their ain work, so all squad members work together of common committedness. By virtuousness of his interpersonal contacts, both with his subsidiaries and with his web of contacts, the director emerges as the nervus Centre of his organisational unit. He may non cognize everything, but he typically knows more than any member of his staff Mintzberg ( 1975 ) .

There are a broad scope of theories which can be implemented to better the growing of a peculiar concern. And these are the two theories which I experienced in the concern which I worked for.

1. Maslow`s theory.

2. Goal Theory.

3. McClelland ‘s Theory of motive.

Maslow`s Hierarchy of demands theory:

One of the most widely mentioned theories of motive is the hierarchy of demands theory put away by psychologist Abraham Maslow in 1940-50 ‘s USA, and the Hierarchy of Needs theory remains valid today for understanding human motive, direction preparation, and personal development. Indeed, Maslow ‘s thoughts environing the Hierarchy of Needs refering the duty of employers to supply a workplace environment that encourages and enables employees to carry through their ain alone potency ( self-actualization ) are today more relevant than of all time.

Self-actualization- personal growing and fulfillment

personal growing and fulfillment

Esteem needs- accomplishment, position, duty, repute

accomplishment, position, duty, repute

Biological and Physiological needs- basic life demands ( air, nutrient, drink, shelter, heat, sex, slumber, etc ) .

basic life needs – air, nutrient, drink, shelter, heat, sex, slumber, etc.

Safety needs- protection, security, order, jurisprudence, bounds, stableness, etc.

protection, security, order, jurisprudence, bounds, stableness, etc.

Belongingness and Love needs- household, fondness, relationships, work group, etc.

household, fondness, relationships, work group, etc.

Maslow ‘s ( 2nd edition 1970 )

I worked for an MNC in India named CSS ( Cybernet Slash Suppport ) is a call Centre in which we give proficient support for the clients naming from US and UK sing the installing of networking devices like modems, router, cameras, arrangers etc.

In my company the basic demand was a alumnus with small spot of computing machine background who knows to talk English with impersonal speech pattern. Since I had their demand I got selected and was put under a squad. For the first clip I worked with a squad with people holding small spot of experience and cognition whereas I was a freshman. So as per Maslow`s diagram I had the basic demands need by the company.

Working with the squad gave me batch of experience and knowledge about clip direction, and relationship with leaders. At first it was really hard to acquire along with the squad since my other squad members had bit experience in managing calls. The other members in the squad will complete the work effortlessly within the given clip bound, but I struggled a batch by seting my complete attempt to complete the undertaking within the given clip bound, but eventually I completed my undertaking after the given clip bound. So I was clearly monitored by my squad leader since I was the bottom performing artist in my squad.

Then I was given particular preparation by my leader which was my last opportunity to execute in this company, else I have to go forth the company. And my leader gave me developing technically and personally every bit good, which motivated me to make my best with liking towards the occupation. Finally I did my best and finished the undertaking within the clip bound. Since my squad leader motivated me, created a good relationship with the leader as per Maslow`s theory.

Goal Theory:
Goal theory is about how leader motivate subsidiary to carry through designated end ( Peter g, 2010, p125 ) . The leader, the challenge is to utilize a leading manner that best meets subordinates motivational demands. ( Peter g, 2010, p125 ) .

In the concern which I worked the leader motivated me good which helped me a batch non merely in proficient work but besides personally to make all plants. Since I was the bottom performing artist in my squad my leader ever use to actuate me positively to make my work, but my director usage to deter me that I am non fit for the occupation. Since my leader ever use to actuate which automatically created a character of motive in me. From so I use to actuate myself personally and officially whatever I do.

The director ‘s occupation is to acquire the work done from the technicians, so he sets a clip bound for each squad member in our squad in order to acquire the end product. So finally everyone usage to work in order to complete the undertaking within the given clip bound. So I motivate myself to finish the work before the clip bound given by the director. I use to put my ain clip to complete the undertaking which helped me to complete my work before, than the clip given by the director. This motive helped me to acquire batch of cognition and experience which besides gained me addition in my paysheet.

Harmonizing to the House and Mitchell ( 1974 ) , leading generators motive when it increase the figure and sort of paysheet that subordinate receive from their work. ( Peter g, 2010, p125 )

Goal scene and public presentation
Peoples missing positive motive at work may besides assist derive improved consequence and a better sense of accomplishment by puting themselves specific end and placing undertaking straight to their work and mensurable mark of the clip and public presentation. ( Laurie and Mullins, 2006, p274 )

When I was working in the company I was missing positive motive which led me to be the bottom performing artist in the squad. Since my squad leader motivated me, it helped me a batch in how to make the work faster. So from so I used to construct up positive motive and I use to actuate myself to make the work better than others by puting ain clip bound for myself which is earlier than the existent clip given.

So all my squad members will complete the work within the clip bound given by the director, whereas I would hold finished my work before my squad members coatings. And eventually I was the top performing artist in my squad and got grasp from the director who discouraged me before, which once more motivated me to be the top performing artist systematically.

McClelland ‘s Theory of motive:
David degree Celsius, McClelland ‘s has contributed to the apprehension of motive by placing three types of basic motive demands. He classifies them as the demand of power, demand of association, and need for motive. ( Koontz and Weihrich, p297 )

All three drives- power, association, and accomplishment are of peculiar relevancy to direction, since all must be recognised to do an organisation endeavor work good. ( Koontz and Weihrich, p297 )

Need For Accomplishment:
Every individual in their life-time they would hold achieved something or the other. In the company which I worked, was the topographic point where I learnt about motive which still helps me to make any sort of work with full dedication towards the work. Since I was the bottom performing artist in my squad in the earlier phase, this motive given by my leader, leads me eventually to be the top performing artist in the squad. So I was promoted to the following degree in the squad within a short period of clip ( 4 months ) .

Since I had a good relationship with my colleagues and director, they use to give me high duties and I was able to undertake any sort of state of affairs easy since I worked unfeignedly with complete liking and dedication towards work, which led me to go a team leader of a squad which I consider was a great accomplishment in my life. So, every individual individual who motivates themselves and works with complete dedication and liking towards work with reach the ultimate end of success within a short period of clip.

Peoples with high demand for Achievement have an intense desire for the success and every bit intense fright of failure. They want to be challenge and they set reasonably hard ( but non impossible ) end for themselves. They take a really realistic attack to the hazard ; they are non likely to be gambler but instead, prefer to analyze and measure jobs, assume personal duty for acquiring a occupation done and likely specific and prompt. ( Koontz and Weihrich, p297 )

Need for Affiliation:
The company which I worked for had the norms or regulations for the company which every employer has to be followed. It was a must for every person to follow the regulations of the company which was besides considered for the growing of the employer in the company. One of the directors in the company came to the displacement rummy and was noticed by the direction and was instantly dismissed from the company. In malice of being the director of a squad he was dismissed since he dint non follow the norms of the company.

I would utilize to ever follow the norms of the company. I will come in for my displacement before my cheque in clip and will work even widening my displacement, besides had a good resonance with the squad members. Since I was promoted as a squad leader and was already a squad participant before was able to cognize about each person clearly which helped me to cognize which work to be given to whom and whom has to be good trained in where they are missing behind. So I ever had a proper relationship, interaction and active engagement with my squad members in updating all the information ‘s and techniques to give the end product shortly.

Peoples with high demand for association normally derive pleasance from being loved and tend to avoid the hurting of being rejected by a societal group. As single, they are likely to be concerned with keeping pleasant societal relationship to bask a sense of familiarity and apprehension, to be ready to comfort and assist other in problem and bask friendly interaction with other. ( Koontz and Weihrich, p297 )

Need for Power:
A leader or a director has the quality of power by taking or managing any sort of state of affairs which does non impact the growing of the company. Since I was the squad leader in the company which I worked, my chief occupation was to acquire the work done by my squad members by giving them proper preparation and systematically updating the proficient information. My occupation was besides to supervise my squad in each interval and have to update myself about my squad members of their public presentation.

So after analyzing the public presentation of squad I have to give feedback to the squad members with aching anybody ‘s feeling or by detering them and hold to appreciate who have performed good and have to give proper preparation to those of them who are missing behind. So in this sort of state of affairs a leader or director has to utilize their power to manage the state of affairs for the growing of the company and besides the growing of each person by actuating them positively.

Harmonizing to the people with high demand for power have a great concern with exerting influence and control such single are by and large seeking place of leading ; they are often good conversationist, though argumentative ; they are forcefully vocal, hard headed, and demanding ; and they basking Teaching and public speech production. ( Koontz and Weihrich, p297 )

Administration as Culture:
Organizational civilizations are of many types ; power civilization, where single controls everything and group work can non go out. Hence no feedback from staffs is entertained. There is function civilization, where everyone is assigned a function to finish. Most administrations follow this. Staffs know what to make and everyone knows their boundaries ( Mullins 2007: p.722-723 ) .

Power Culture:

The power civilization is, every person have their ain power to take their ain determination since they are non working in a group.

For Example: I participated in a group work in my coach VINCE DISPENZA category which was an activity cave deliverance. So the entire category were divided into 5 groups holding 6 members in each group. So the undertaking given to us was to deliver the people who were trapped in the cave and the people who were trapped in the cave were given importance in different order which is every bit of import that we have to deliver all.

So we worked as a group, but there were no proper co-ordination in my group. No 1 was ready to interact with each other, so I took the leading and gave my ain thoughts and tried to interact with my group members. But they were non demoing involvement and besides non ready to give their ain points. So eventually I had to give my ain points when discussed with my coach. So this power civilization exists merely in a really little group like this and can non be in an organisation.

Role Culture:

The function civilization is, every person will be assigned a undertaking where they have to work in groups. Here an person can non work individually or can non take an ain determination without discoursing with the squad members or leaders like the power civilization.

For Example: In the organisation which I worked, I had to work merely in groups. Since I was the squad leader my occupation was to chiefly acquire the plants done from the squad members of my squad by giving them proper preparation in order to acquire the end product. So here it is non possible to work individually like the power civilization.

So this function civilization is followed by all organisation to do the work easier and simpler.

Administration as a processor of information:
Information is a critical portion of any concern we take. Proper information will take to the success of a house.

For e.g. information about client demands, information on what merchandises will fulfill those demands, and how those merchandises can be prepared and delivered, and so on. The thought of information processor high spots that an administration is successful if it uses its information expeditiously and learns to travel on utilizing it ( Wickham, P,2006: P.276 ) .

Administration as Social system:
Social system consists of hierarchal ordination ; figure of subsystems, mutuality, and one constituent depends on other and permeableness. ( Farace et al. , 1977 ) said system is input-throughput-output.

That is a system “ inputs ” stuff and works on this input which is “ throughput ” and gives the “ end product ” . ( Miller 1995: p.87-89 )

A simple organisation can be a really good illustration of a system, explained by two writers above. Administration has subsystems like staff, squad leader, director, CEO Etc. They all are mutualist and takes input in the signifier of information or undertakings and works among them and gives out the end product as merchandise. Hence, they can organize societal system.

Effective ‘reading ‘ of the state of affairs being addressed brushs utilizing the trough ‘s originative ability that gives manner to make things otherwise or new purchase in work outing complex issues. ‘Reading ‘ itself does non denote a mechanical procedure or the application of the metaphors discussed supra. It is about constructing a relationship with a immensely complex phenomenon to understand it by analyzing it in different angles. ( Morgan, 2006: p.361 ) .

These different positions of administration are non reciprocally sole ; so to the some extent they are complementary. There is no proper position which an administration follow but these are one of the positions which organisation do follow.

Change Management:
Apart from these positions discussed above this is besides necessary that a director should take attention. Directors frequently think that ‘change ‘ can be a job but sometimes directors forget that ‘change ‘ can besides be the solution for their jobs.

All directors must recognize that one can non divide alteration direction from organisational scheme. Harmonizing to Burnes ( 2004 ) , alteration is now a present hereafter of organisational life ( Paton, R & A ; McCalman, J,2008: p.39 ) .


As the figure says, for developing an old administration into new improved one requires alteration. The range for alteration direction are pull offing undertaking, quality, corporate development, IT and in human resource ( Recklies, O,2001 ) .

Another point to be noted is that one time the alteration has been done there is no opportunity to ‘undo ‘ errors. Once a director fails in the alteration direction procedure, there is barely any opportunity for him to actuate the employees once more.

There may besides be many barriers to alter. There may be barriers of perceptual experience like stereotypes in analysis, misjudgement etc. Besides, emotional barriers like fright to do errors, non passing adequate clip to believe.

There may be environmental barriers like deficiency of support from the staffs, deficiency of accepting unfavorable judgment when others do.

At last there may be cultural barriers like tradition. It is really ambitious undertaking to get the better of traditions. Character of a tabu in an administration can besides do a job ( Recklies, O,2001 ) .


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