The Qin Dynasty Essay

The Qin Dynasty Most dynasties of China lasted for centuries but the Qin dynasty was cut short. This dynasty lasted only 15 years yet the Qin accomplished many great things. Qin was the first man to unite China and be in control of all China. Thus China named him “First Emperor”. The way Qin ruled China was from a legalist’s point of view. This means that Qin believed that everyone was a bad person and had to be supervised and controlled at all times. Qin ran a very, very, very strict dynasty. If you suggested that the dynasty could be improved you would be put to an immediate death.

Qin was also the first emperor to create a bureaucracy. He separated China into 36 different provinces and then created smaller districts within each province. The people of China would report to the officials of their district who would report to the province leaders who would report to state leaders who then passed the information to Qin. Qin also created a spy system. Each person needed to spy on each other and report law breakers or be executed. This system, although cruel, created a sense of peace within China. The changes that Qin made to China were: Taking land away from nobles so that they couldn’t rise up against him. * He created a new system of weights, money, measures, law, and written language. * Every person in China had to work. They could be farmers or silk makers but if they were lazy on the job, they were executed or sent to work on the dangerous Great Wall of China. * Qin destroyed almost every book and persecuted many scholars. Qin did not believe in the education of the common man. He believed that the more time people spend studying the less they had to do slave labour.

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Qin also used peasants, the enemy and scholars or anyone else who was a threat to his society was sent to work on the dreaded wall. These people were not paid and not fed sufficiently. It was a dangerous and life-threatening job. Rocks would fall, crushing people mercilessly; you could die of exhaustion and disease. Qin did not live long enough to see his wall completed but the succeeding dynasties did. The wall now stands 3700 miles long and will hopefully still stand for generations to come. Blaze Pham.


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