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Question Answer
What are Mixtures A combination of 2 or more substances
what is a homogeneous substances? when the substances of a mixture are equally spread ( you usually cant see the difference)
what is a solution A homogeneous mixture with evenly spread molecule/ particles
what is a solvent "stuff" doing the dissolving
what is a solute "stuff" being dissolved
coloid a mixture that falls between a homogeneous mixture and a heterogeneous mixture
Suspension a heterogeneous mixture that have large undistributed molecules.
pure substance Homogeneous, and heterogenous
filtration the separation of a solid and a liquid by separating the water from the solid using a tool
evaporation separation of a solid and a liquid using heat
chromatography separation of colors by its physical properties
sifting separating a solid from a solid using a tool
solubility ability to be dissolved
heterogeneous when parts of a substance are unevenly spread out( you can usually see the difference)

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