The Qwerty Keyboard Essay

Ever ask yourself how the keyboard came to be? It’s amazing how from a pencil we went to a press of a key. These keys made their first appearance on a typewriter by 1868. By 1872, we were presented to a great innovation called the QWERTY keyboard. The QWERTY keyboard was an innovation in history because it helped people who had poor handwriting, it speed up typing rather than slowing it down, and this machine had lower and upper case letters. On 1872, the inventor Christopher Soles with helpers invented the QWERTY keyboard.

He put together the prototypes of the first commercial typewriter in a Milwaukee machine shop back in the 1860’s. Both the typewriter and the QWERTY keyboard are very similar. The only difference was how there alphabet was organized. On the typewriter the keys were organized in alphabetical order on two rows. Christopher then realized that people were having trouble with the keys. He then decided to rearrange the keys which solved the problem. Dvorak also made his keyboard his alienation consisted of the home row using the five vowels and the five most used consonants (AOEUIDHTNS).

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The Qwerty Keyboard Essay
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The QWERTY keyboard became convenient politically. During court cases the QWERTY keyboard is being used while someone is speaking. You may see someone typing during the whole court session. For the judge is then easier to go back and study what the defendant or accuse had to say. Politicians no longer have to write there laws by hand now they are typed. It becomes easier and it is more organized and easier to read and go along with. Socially the QWERTY keyboard made a huge impact.

The QWERTY keyboard help letters be more legible and it became quicker to write them. It helped people communicate with friends or family. More cards started to be mailed. Things became more organized. It even opened a new entertainment now things like books, newspapers, magazines, and etc were being writing to entertain people. Quick enough people open a new hobby which was reading. Now the world was being informed by newspapers and magazines about things going around. You may not believe it but the QWERTY keyboard help in medical ways.

Typing would eliminate evils of pen paralysis. It also helped with the loss of sight and with your curvature of the spine. A person with Parkinson has a disease that affects your motor skills so usually the treatments involve a keyboard. This helps with the coordination of your hands. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome one of many typing disorders can sometimes only affect one hand so with the keyboard you may use your other hand while the other heals. The QWERTY keyboard was also used by blind people.

Because of the alienation these people were able to memorize the rows. As you can now see the QWERTY keyboard worked for everyone. Now you see why the QWERTY type writer was a great innovation. People didn’t realize at first that it helped life be so much easier. To those who work in offices it helped so much. Jobs were done faster and neater. Files were now kept for everything. Everyone could go back to records. For me the QWERTY keyboard was a great innovation change the world and people’s daily life.


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