The Rapid Economic Development Essay

The intent of this survey is to through empirical observation compare leading manners of two planetary concern leaders belonging to two different civilizations – Asiatic and American. Cultural differences influence leading manners, norms, function outlooks etc. These factors are strong determiners of effectual leading behaviour as what constitutes a good leader in one civilization may non represent a good leader in another civilization. Due to enormous historical disparities between Asia and the West, the essay takes Ratan Tata, former president of the Tata group, and Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of Apple Inc, as representatives of the Eastern and Western ways of leading and analyzes the difference in their leading manners.

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Steve Jobs: Leadership manner

Steve Jobs was already a fable long before he resigned from Apple in April 2012 owing to wellness jobs. Apple Inc. has been the universe ‘s second-largest engineering company by gross after Samsung Electronics. It is the 2nd largest publically traded corporation in the universe by market capitalisation, with an estimated value of USD 414 billion as of January 2013. ( “ FT Global 500 2012 ”, November 2012 ) If one takes into consideration the fact that he started Apple from abrasion, these are efforts that any concern leader across geographicss and ages will see as outstanding efforts.

Concentrating on nucleus strengths is one of the chief factors that revival of Apple has been attributed to. In fact, Apple Inc. is non merely the lone donee of Job ‘s accent on focal point, Jobs advised Larry Page that Google needed to calculate out precisely what the company was good at or else it could put on the line heading the Microsoft manner. It is likely no happenstance that Google announced a refocusing inaugural few months subsequently paring down its offerings ( “ Google ‘s ‘Focus ‘ A Nod to Steve Jobs ‘ Advice? ” – Karsten Strauss ).

Apart from being intensely focused when committed, Jobs was besides confident plenty to put to death moves considered hazardous by conventional wisdom. Even before iPod was launched, downloading and MP3 participants were the talk of the town in the music industry. However, most of the bing participants did non move on it instantly. Enter Steve Jobs. He did non necessitate to do a antic spring of imaginativeness into the hereafter. He merely had to move rapidly and establish a merchandise by neting together a set of bing thoughts. ( Business Maharajas by Gita Piramal )

Jobs, the leader was magnetic, to state the least, and his personal appeal mostly banked upon his deep cognition and apprehension of engineering he was immersed in. Jobs was ne’er an “ tusk tower ” CEO. Rather he was person who got his custodies dirty at the design store floorA disbursement clip with the planing squad and giving his sentiment and counsel on their paradigm. ( “ Steve at Work ” By Romain Moisescot )

Many of the determinations taken by Jobs, the pioneer, came from his impulse to simplify things. When Jobs visited Xerox ‘s Palo Alto Research Center and saw the programs for a computing machine, he noticed that the mouse had three buttons and priced USD 300 ; he went to Dean Hovey, laminitis of a local industrial design house and asked him to plan a simple, single-button theoretical account that costs USD 15. Hovey complied. ( “ The existent leading lessons of Steve Jobs ” by Walter Isaacson )

When introducing, Jobs did non simply seek to catch up to rivals ; he looked for ways to leapfrog over them. When the original iMac was built, it did non hold an built-in optical disc author, which can fire a Cadmium. Naturally Apple was caught desiring as users with standard Personal computers were rending and firing their ain Cadmiums. So he created a platform where users can buy/share/store and play music with easiness. Therefore, the iTunes shop was born. ( “ The existent leading lessons of Steve Jobs ” by Walter Isaacson )

Jobs had an ( in ) celebrated ability to do people believe and commit to about anything, including something seemingly, with a mix of appeal, personal appeal and bluster. This wont of falsifying world to accommodate his intent was dubbed as Reality Distortion Field by his co-workers ( “ Notes from the Epicenter: Researching the Reality Distortion Field ” – Andrea Dudrow )

Jobs was widely regarded in Apple as a difficult undertaking maestro and person with questionable people accomplishments. Jobs was famously impatient, obstinate, and hypercritical of the people around. Harmonizing to Jobs, it was his manner of forestalling what he called “ the fathead detonation ” where directors are so polite that second-rate people feel comfy lodging about. Jobs ‘ people direction modus operandi is vexing yet intriguing. Hiring was really one of his most of import functions at Apple. He told Time in 1999: “ My # 1 occupation here at Apple is to do certain that the top 100 people are A+ participants. And everything else will take attention of itself ” ( “ Steve at Work ” by Romain Moisescot ). Jobs had no tolerance for B people. The monetary value that Apple paid for such behaviours was that people who are n’t ever self-driven and needed extra motive or encouragement on the manner were disillusioned. Besides, the fact that he had around 100 people describing to him straight indicates that he liked to keep all the strings in his ain custodies ( “ The Steve Jobs Way ” – Jon Katzenbach ). However despite all negative unfavorable judgments of Jobs ‘ manner of managing with people one can non disregard the fact that even in his last twelvemonth as CEO, he received 97 % blessing evaluations from Apple employees on

If other leaders emulate these traits – both the good and the bad- will they accomplish similar consequences? The short reply is no. Applied to the incorrect market or merchandise, or at incorrect clip, it could drop a company. In the terminal, what made Jobs such a successful leader was his endowment at visualizing and presenting discovery merchandises. Very few top leaders pay every bit much attending to the land realities – merchandise and design as Jobs did.

Ratan Tata: Leadership manner

The rapid economic development of South Asia with its altering economic governments in recent decennaries is one of the most of import events of history. In these times of altering economic system and changing ordinances, taking a century-old pudding stone of big companies accustomed to the old socialist universe would be tough challenge for many. Leading the house through these unsure times, showing in an epoch of civilization alteration and at the same time bettering the gross by 300 % would be an impossible dream for many. But, non for Ratan Tata, the adoptive great grandson of the Tata group laminitis, Jamshedji Tata.

When Ratan Tata took over Tata Group, though it a huge imperium, it had barely any presence outside India. He had the vision to recognize that the company had to spread out its concern overseas shortly in order to cut down the hazard of dependance on a individual state ‘s economic system. In the following decennary he went on a moving ridge of aggressive acquisitions in order to spread out the group ‘s concern base. Under his stewardship, Tata Tea acquired Tetley, Tata motors acquired Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Steel acquired Corus, which have turned Tata from a mostly India-centric company into a planetary concern, with 65 % grosss coming from abroad. ( Leadership Lessons from India by Peter Cappelli, Harbir Singh, Jitendra V. Singh, and Michael Useem ).

Unlike Jobs, whose scheme was ever to concentrate on the “ things we do best ”, Ratan Tata has significantly diversified the group into different Fieldss – information engineering ; technology ; stuffs ; services ; energy ; consumer merchandises and chemicals. In 1996, the group set up Tata Teleservices Ltd. to run both nomadic and fixed-line phone webs in India. Ratan Tata, in December 1998, unveiled India ‘s first indigenously built auto to take on larger abroad challengers. The Indica is now the third-largest merchandising rider vehicle in India. Tata group purchased a bulk interest in collectivist VSNL, the state ‘s largest overseas phone call service supplier. ( India ‘s Tata Takes Leap with $ 7.6 Billion Corus Bid – By Subramaniam Sharma ) While most household concerns find it highly hard to release tested and tried concern theoretical accounts, Tata has ventured into several new markets. One such illustration is Ginger Hotels launched with the thought of offering budget adjustment for the concern traveller, a market which ne’er existed in India before. Launched in 2004, the concatenation has now grown to 26 hotels across the state. ( “ Cheaper Sleeper ” by Megha Bahree )

As portion of India ‘s oldest concern house, the Tata Group carries a batch of bequest from the yesteryear. The group consists of immense sets of people highly loath to alter. One of Ratan Tata ‘s most important accomplishments is to make a parallel face of the Tata group – a new immature energetic group of directors who do n’t waver to encompass alteration under the benign regard of the president. ( “ At bosom a hobbyist ” by Gita Piramal )

Similar to Steve Jobs, Ratan Tata puts utmost accent on design and it is non uncommon of him to pass clip at the store floor brainstorming with technicians over design. Despite inheriting the household tally concern, he had his baptism by fire – Ratan Tata started his calling at Tata Steel with other blue-collar employees, shoveling limestone and managing the blast furnace. The test by fire at the underside of the pecking order would stand him in good position and maintain him cognizant of the land worlds. ( “ Man of the twelvemonth? It ‘s Ratan Tata ” by Chidanand Rajghatta )

While Jobs ‘ direction manner was more bossy in nature, Tata was more democratic. He defined the bounds but allow the group take the determinations. Recently, in the latest edition of the Tata Group ‘s internal publication Tata Review, many senior executives have showered congratulationss on the leading manners of Ratan Tata. Harmonizing to them Tata is a ‘terrific combination ‘ of the four necessary leading features — character, committedness, competency and bravery. ( “ The many chromaticities of leading ”, Tata Review )

While Jobs was a production-oriented leader who frequently indulged in micromanagement, Tata is widely recognized as an employee oriented leader with changeless focal point on employee demands and concerns. Even in 2008 when rightsizing was the talk of the town, the Tata Group ne’er indulged in a layoff therefore making a loyal work force for the hereafter ( “ Ratan Tata: Responsible leading, witting capitalist economy ” – Santosh Babu ) This possibly stems out of a civilization difference between the East and the West.

Humility is a really uncommon trait in the modern twenty-four hours Western CEO. However, that ‘s a extremely noticeable trait in Ratan Tata. The 26/11 Mumbai panic onslaught targeted the Taj Mahal Hotel owned by the Tata group. In this onslaught, full households of many hotel staff and invitees were wiped out. Not merely did Tata widen a assisting manus to the household members of the victims, but he besides personally visited each and every victim of the panic onslaught at the hotel and helped them come to footings with the ordeal. He had no legal duty to make this. Yet he chose to make this strictly out of moral duty ( “ Taj Public Service Welfare Trust ” – Synthia Rodrigues )


While both Steve Jobs and Ratan Tata are airy leaders in the true sense who had the ability to anticipate what no 1 has imagined before, one crisp contrast between their leading manners is in the people direction facet. While Jobs, a merchandise of Western direction civilization, followed transactional leading manner – motivation employees to move in the involvement of concern by striking a trade with them whereas Tata followed transformational leading manner designed to promote employees to care about the ends of the leader and the organisation. However, despite their difference in leading manners, if the bequest of a true leader is to hold made a difference, so both Steve Jobs and Ratan Tata have demonstrated leading qualities of the highest criterion.


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