The Real Estate And Property Market In The UK Essay

The existent estate and belongings market within the UK has been the topic of argument and treatment particularly due to the economic down bend in the more recent old ages that has seen a dramatic alteration in the demand of houses in the UK economic system. This survey seeks to analyze the relationship between, the factors impacting the lodging Market and their influence on Demand between the period 2007 to day of the month, besides the future anticipations of the lodging market. I have included demand and supply curves to future explicate this relationship.

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The Real Estate And Property Market In The UK Essay
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The Graph Below shows the tendency of house monetary values in the United Kingdom from 2000 to 2009

The graph shows a rise in the monetary value of houses in the market during the period when the economic system was sing a roar and a monolithic growing in the lodging Industry from the twelvemonth 2000 boulder clay 2007 before the fiscal crisis set in ensuing in a crisp autumn in the monetary value of houses. Assorted factors affect the demand in the lodging Market such as unemployment, handiness of acquiring Mortgages which consequences into either and addition or lessening in demand.

Economic Growth

Peoples are able to pay higher monetary values with a sufficient income as so they will hold more assurance in buying a place with a dependable beginning of income. Real estate is income elastic significance people spend a greater per centum of their income on existent estate when their income is higher. During the economic roar, when incomes were turning to their highest, the United Kingdom, existent estate monetary values by and large increased as demand in the lodging market increased as lifting incomes enabled people to pass more on purchasing houses.

However during the recession period that sprung up around the terminal of 2007, lodging monetary values by and large decreased as demand for all assets in the lodging sector decreased. This was chiefly attributed to the diminution in economic growing, in the twelvemonth 2009 which saw Transaction volumes at a depressing, less than 90,000 new place gross revenues, and between 750,000 and 800,000 minutess in sum. Harmonizing to the national statistics the Gross domestic merchandise in the United Kingdom decreased by 0.8 % in the 2nd one-fourth while in the first one-fourth it was by 2.4 %, building end product decreased by 2.2 % while entire production decreased by 0.7 % The fabrication end product besides declined by 0.3 % Services end product declined by 0.6 %, this was chiefly caused by the diminution in Business services and Finance. All of this grossly affected the economic growing in the state taking to a drastic diminution in disposable / existent income.

The Graph below demonstrates the relationship between Economic growing and Demand in the UK lodging Market.

With supply S of houses, there is stable economic growing and adequate disposable income and therefore consumers are able to demand D2 houses at monetary value P2 and Quantity Q2 With the diminution in economic growing and autumn in existent income, consumers have limited income at their disposal and hence here is a autumn in demand from D2 to D1. With the autumn in demand, Quantity demanded falls from Q2 to Q1. Because of the autumn in demand, this consequences into a autumn in monetary value of houses from P2 to P1

Interest rates

There is a competitory and good liberalised mortgage market in the UK and, the Housing sector plays an of import function in the economic system. Interest rates have lodging market and the lodging market exerts important influence on ingestion. In the UK, the laterality of variable rate mortgages implies that the involvement rate sensitiveness of the family sector may be higher. ( United land 2009 international pecuniary fund ) )

Interest rates effects the cost of paying for a mortgage, they are really of import as mortgage refunds are normally the biggest portion of a householder ‘s monthly disbursement. In the UK, the bulk of householders have a variable mortgage which means an addition in rates will do the cost of mortgages to lift, discouraging people to purchase. It is besides of import to see existent involvement rates ( involvement rates-inflation ) The Bank of England set base rates and these normally effects all commercial rates. However, sometimes the Bank of England cut involvement rates, but, commercial Bankss do n’t go through these cuts onto consumers. In the first half of 2008, the Bank of England cut rates by 0.5 % from 5.5 to 5.0 %, but the cost of mortgages is still lifting. ( Economic & A ; Labour Market Review | Vol 3 | No 3 | July 2009 )

Obviously higher mortgage rates, direction and care costs means increase user cost. ( Peter Williams, A.E. Holmans, 1997 ) Most people who purchase houses require a mortgage. The long term involvement rate is efficaciously the cost of a loan. Therefore the higher the involvement rate the less able people are to buy houses which consequences into a autumn in demand, this in bend consequences into the decreasing monetary value of houses. ( Economic & A ; Labour Market Review | Vol 3 | No 3 | March 2009 )

The Graph below seeks to show the relationship between Interest Rates and Demand in the lodging Market in the UK

Consumer assurance

Since the 1990s there was a rise in the value of lodging with regularity in house monetary value rising prices over the period 2000-2004. In existent footings big additions in the market value of belongingss experienced. By the terminal of the twelvemonth 2004, belongingss in Britain were estimated to be worth more than A?2.5 trillion. This meant increases in wealth and growing of consumer disbursement which itself is the biggest individual to affect demand. ( Housing market digital text edition, Geoff Riley pg 62 )

During times of high consumer assurance, people are more willing to take out hazardous mortgages to be able to purchase a house. In the early old ages, people were optimistic about the lodging market and so took out mortgages with a higher debt to income ratio. However due to the current economic down bend in the UK, fiscal establishments are unwilling to give out mortgages and in a similar manner consumer assurance every bit far as the lodging Market is concerned has besides gone down, this has chiefly effected the lodging market as few people are willing to purchase due to the decreased income handiness every bit good as the guess of farther economic down bend.

In a research paper Alex Hamilton argues that much of the lodging market is dominated by people responding to the market. This means that a batch of alteration in demand is caused by market response and non what is right. Now that people are non reacting most people are less confident about purchasing. ( Economic & A ; Labour Market Review | Vol 3 | No 3 | March 2009 )

As a consequence of low consumer assurance and less fiscal support less people are purchasing. Hence house monetary values autumn, there is no inducement to purchase. Many are waiting for house monetary values to fall. House monetary values have already collapsed by about 18 % this twelvemonth harmonizing to the latest figures from the Halifax but this has still non influenced consumers to buy.

The Graph below seeks to show the relationship between Consumer Confidence and Demand in the UK lodging Market

At supply S, high consumer assurance degrees result into demand D2 of houses at monetary value P2 and measure Q2. With the autumn in consumer assurance, there is a autumn in demand from D2 to D1 and Quantity from Q2 to Q1. The autumn in demand besides consequences into a autumn in house monetary values from P2 to P1.

Mortgage Finance

The Credit Crunch has been hitting the UK Mortgage industry hard as many easy recognition mortgage trades have been removed from the high street shelves. Besides while loaners are demanding a higher sedimentation many people can non afford to acquire into the market. This particularly affects first clip purchasers.

Over the past twosome of old ages, the figure of loaners has shrunk, footings have become tougher and rates have gone up, doing life tricky for possible purchasers. In 2007, for illustration, approximately 2.3 % of mortgage applications were rejected. So far this twelvemonth, the figure has risen to 8.8 %, harmonizing to The Lending standard has besides become excessively rigorous – even applications that would usually be accepted without a enlistment are being rejected harmonizing to said Louise Cumming who is the caput of mortgages at

This decrease in mortgage finance has greatly effected the lodging Market where possible purchasers have deficiency of entree to finance agencies there is a diminution in demand as compared to the sum being supplied in footings of the lodging market. Experts have gone on to reason that the market will non retrieve unless finance becomes more readily available.

The Graph below seeks to show the relationship between Availability of Mortgage finance and Demand in the lodging Market in the UK.

With handiness of Mortgage finance, at supply S of houses, D2 houses are demanded at Price P2 and measure Q2 as consumers can easy entree loans to purchase houses. However with the autumn in Mortgage funding by fiscal establishments, consumer demand as fallen from D2 to D1, autumn n demand has resulted into decrease in measure demanded from Q2 to Q1. This in bend consequences into a autumn in house monetary values from P2 to P1.

Consumer Guess

Due to the additions in lodging market in the United Kingdom in the past 20 old ages, more people have been seeking to put in lodging, instead than other signifiers of investing up until 2005. There have been an increasing figure of belongings investors who are purchasing houses to seek and put for higher returns. This bargain to allow investor is cautious as they will merely purchase when house monetary values are lifting so that they can in bend sell or rent at high monetary values to do a net income. This means that due to the economic down bend from the twelvemonth 2007 to day of the month which saw a enormous autumn of monetary values in the property/housing market, investors are non willing bargain or invest in this market. ( http: // )

Because of the buyeraa‚¬a„?s guess, really few consumers in the lodging market are willing to purchase. This has led to a singular autumn in the degrees of demand in the lodging Market between the twelvemonth 2007 and 2009 as compared to the sum that is being supplied on the market. Most people expect the economic downswing to last good into 2010 ; hence even if research has shown little betterment in house monetary values in the resent months, the last thing on their heads is a belongings purchase. hypertext transfer protocol: // cp-documentid=16436317

The Graph below seeks to show the relationship between consumer guess and Demand in the lodging Market in the UK

At supply S with the consumer guess favoring purchase of houses, demand for houses is at D2 at measure Q2 with the Price of houses being P2. However due to the economic down bend consumers speculate a farther diminution in the economic system and for this ground they are non willing to buy. This consequences into a autumn in demand from D2 to D1 and measure from Q2 to Q1. This autumn in demand consequences into a autumn in the monetary value of Houses on the market.


Due to the recession the rate of unemployment increased. The Unemployment rate was 7.8 % for the 3month boulder clay June 2009 up 0.7 over the old one-fourth and up to 2.4over the twelvemonth. The figure of unemployed people increased by 750,000 over the twelvemonth to make 2.43 million. ( National Statistics 26th August )

The Graph below shows the Unemployment Rate and the on the job Age employment rate in the UK between 2007 and June 2009

There is a strong correlativity between unemployment and the Housing Market. Because of the lifting unemployment degrees, demand for houses has fallen. Peoples are unable to afford mortgage payments. In a similar manner, if people fear being made unemployed or laid off work, they will avoid taking on the hazard of a mortgage.

Financing house purchases involves doing a long-run committedness through a mortgage loaner ; alterations in employment degrees have a great impact on lodging demand. For illustration in countries where unemployment remains above the national norm, mean incomes are likely to be lower and assurance among purchasers will be comparatively low.

In the UK at the minute, many people are fighting with mortgage payments. A sum of 40,000 places were repossessed in 2008 and the Council of Mortgage Lenders prognosiss repossessions will lift to 75,000 in 2009. This is due to the increasing degrees of unemployment in the state. The unemployment rate was 6.7 % for the three months to February 2009, harmonizing to the Office for National Statistics. The figure of unemployed people increased by 177,000 over the one-fourth and by 486,000 over the twelvemonth to make 2.10 million, the highest since 1997 hypertext transfer protocol: // cp-documentid=16436317

Even for those who have managed to maintain their Jobs – and maintain out of mortgage payment problem – large pay additions are barely on the cards. Buyers are hence loath to sprinkle hard currency devising house purchases even if they see monetary value falls in the lodging sector, this has been the instance since 2007 to day of the month. This autumn in demand has resulted into providers to cut down the monetary value of houses ; purchasers are still non willing or can non afford to do purchases.

The Graph below seeks to show the relationship between Unemployment and Demand in the UK lodging market.

At supply S, demand is D2. High degrees of employment in the economic system means there is an addition in disposable income and therefore consumers are willing and able to buy. At demand D2 the Price of houses is P2 and measure Q2. With the autumn in employment degrees, there is a attendant diminution in demand from D2 to D1 and measure from Q2 to Q1 which besides consequences into a autumn in monetary values from P2 to P1


Future Prediction and Analysis

The last figure of old ages, there has been has been a addition in the figure and assortment of mortgages on offered, this is shown by the grounds in the mortgages being given out every bit good as the decrease in limitations against mortgage funding through support from the Central Bank, its is besides seen in the Price alterations in the houses market which showed a steady rise from the twelvemonth 2000 reflecting and copiousness of existent income in the custodies of consumers and buyers.. The general development in the UK at the minute is to offer bigger mortgages than was norm in the old old ages of the economic down bend. The consequence of this is to back up the rise in house monetary values to net incomes ratio in a command to resuscitate the demand for houses in the industry. With more people acquiring large mortgages is disposable income for possible consumers to be able to buy.

Harmonizing to the belongings finders Housing prognosis, the mentality for 2010 is expected to be more positive than 2008. At present Banks are preoccupied with restructuring, recapitalisation. The Bank of England is making its best to reconstruct the economic system, with record base rate of 1 %. The authorities has besides introduced lower fees which are vouching bank adoption and Mortgage funding through lower Mortgage merchandise rates therefore consumers will happen them one time once more in a place to buy places. Harmonizing to them, monetary value falls will hold slowed by early 2010 and in countries that are less affected by the fiscal crisis may even get down to see monetary values lift once more. By the terminal of twelvemonth 2010, the lodging Market across the United Kingdom is expected to slowly but steadily better.

Harmonizing to Gary Smith, president of the NAEA, ( National Association of Estate Agents ) Estate agents expect a bead in activity over the summer months, but there is no uncertainty that the market is in a well stronger place than a twelvemonth ago. Harmonizing to him Agents sold more [ belongingss ] in July ( 2009 ) than in any month in the twelvemonth 2008 ( BBC NEWS CHANNEL )

After sing a autumn in house monetary values of 25 %, UK house monetary values look to be bracing, and deriving in strength. Many householders and the authorities will be trusting for slow steady betterment in the lodging market instead than the economic slack which has characterised house monetary values in recent old ages.

On the other Hand some research shows a negative anticipation in future house monetary values in the UK. Harmonizing to the Institute of hired Surveyors, the mentality for the following twelvemonth, to 18 months remains clouded ; there is small opportunity of a speedy return to the roar in the UK Housing Market The Institute nevertheless goes on to warn that the tight recognition, limited Transactions and Job losingss could see monetary values fall back by the terminal 2010. Halifax and Nationwide, who are UKaa‚¬a„?s major mortgage loaners, argue that despite an betterment in the

Mortgage finance, Affordability is still stretched and difficult to come by and state of affairs is predicted to stay the same in the close hereafter.

The graph below shows the future prognosiss in involvement rates

This graph suggests as many analysts believe that official involvement rates to lift during 2010. This is based on factors such as Additions in rising prices likewise ; the UK lodging market could be bottoming out taking to decelerate recovery in house monetary values. Increased involvement rates mean that lower adoption. This would straight consequence the lodging market as most houses are bought on mortgages.

In decision, Because of the current turns and bends in the economic clime, it is hard to foretell for certain how things will come on in the coming figure of old ages, Establishing on this research though, there will be a spark of visible radiation at the terminal of the tunnel in signifier of slow, gradual but steady betterment in the lodging market and monetary values in the hereafter. This will to a great extent depend on how Banks open up the mortgage market to suit more clients and how the authorities intervenes to assist the market. This force per unit area if enforced aid to better the loaning degrees and increase demand.

There has besides been an addition in low-cost house options for consumers in the lodging market, with is seen with grounds of the recent encouragement to Government- led low-cost lodging Enterprises such as the Home bargain Direct and financess late injected by the authorities through its National glade House which facilitated in bringing of much needed low-cost lodging to consumers who may otherwise hold faced drawn-out delaies in the current market. With these Government enterprises in supplying low-cost solutions go oning in the hereafter, consumers will be able to entree lodging more easy which will hike the demand in the economic system bit by bit resuscitating the lodging market.


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