The refocus of the Dominos Pizza Company Essay

2008-09 marked a reinvigoration for Domino ‘s Pizza, with a refocus on the nucleus facets of concern – merchandise, service and image. As Australia ‘s figure one pizza company, they want to take the manner and put a high criterion of their ain. From the minute clients walk into a shop they want them to detect a difference. The beginning of this journey was in November 2008 when Domino ‘s enforced 10 new enterprises and held a coincident preparation twenty-four hours with all shops across Australia and New Zealand.

This was followed by the successful launch of new bill of fares and they are committed to germinating merchandise offering while still offering the same great value to clients. By go oning to raise their game and supply outstanding merchandise, service with a smiling and an overall impressive image they are presenting a better overall experience to their client everyday of the twelvemonth. Highlighted bringing concern as one of the cardinal drivers of raising service. By cut downing bringing times there is a strong i¬‚ow-on consequence in increased gross revenues across shops. While they still have a long manner to travel, they are proud of the additions they have achieved during the past 12 months.

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The refocus of the Dominos Pizza Company Essay
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Enrolling suited appliers

Human Resources – At Domino ‘s Pizza Group, recruiting and retaining the best people is precedence and it ‘s the occupation of Human Resources to do certain that stay true to this committedness. This section helps us to pull and keep onto the really best professionals in the industry which is an of import portion of keeping its leading place.

Working at Domino ‘s

Domino ‘s Pizza has become the universe leader in pizza bringing and one of the most successful franchise concerns with more than 8,000 shops in 50 plus international markets.

The Recruitment and Selection Process

The Domino ‘s Pizza Group Ltd enlisting procedure consists of assorted phases and is dependent on the success rate of the vacancy. Short listing will get down dependant on application and the matching of the needed accomplishments and experience. You will so be contacted to explicate the function in farther inside informations and if suited, an interview will be arranged.

Further interviews may happen before an offer is made.

Due to high volumes of applications, it is sorry that although they endeavour to reach all campaigners sing the position of their application, they may be unable to reach everyone. If you are non contacted within 28 yearss of your subjecting your application, it means that your application has non been successful on that juncture.


In March 2009 Domino ‘s launched a dedicated e-recruitment web site to assist more than 2,500 initial occupation vacancies across 434 shops across Australia.

New Zealand followed shortly after with more than 500 available places. In the i¬?rst hebdomad more than 10,000 occupation applications were received. For the i¬?rst clip of all time, the web site enabled prospective occupation appliers to log on and i¬?nd out precisely what it ‘s like to work for

Domino ‘s, view current occupation vacancies and play an synergistic bringing driver game to demo ‘it ‘s more merriment with us.The 2,500 initial occupation vacancies came as a consequence of the successful launch of the new bill of fare earlier in the twelvemonth. While supplying all relevant employment information for occupation applications, besides equips

franchisees and shop directors with all the relevant tools to enroll staff efficaciously and rapidly at a shop degree. is now their chief enlisting tool with all available occupations updated on the site on a regular basis.

The Benefits

They reward worker ‘s endowment with a comprehensive benefits bundle including:


Bonus strategy incorporating net income

Contributory Pension Scheme

Private Medical Cover ( including dental screen )

Increasing vacation entitlements

Access to DPGL ‘s Occupational Health nurse/counselling

Family yearss, mass meetings, free gifts via the Intranet, dress down FridayA andA more



When Cyclone Larry devastated the seashore of Far North Queensland in March 2006, Domino ‘s responded instantly. A Domino ‘s alleviation squad i¬‚ew up to North

Queensland and worked around the clock to do and present over 2,500 pizzas to

feed the hungry occupants and exigency services voluntaries of Innisfail, the little

town South of Cairns that bore the brunt of Larry ‘s rage.


Locally owned and operated, they strongly believe in giving back to the community

that has chosen Domino ‘s as their figure one pizza supplier. That it is a major protagonist of local husbandmans and industries, utilizing fresh, local ingredients and buying from local providers wherever possible.


Domino ‘s is the chief patron of the AYDA ; a plan that brings together secondary school leaders, school captains and frailty captains, from across Australia, to take part in leading plans. AYDA young person will develop to take administrations such as Domino ‘s – and they recognise that puting in their state ‘s young person is puting in its hereafter.

Charities Of Choice

Domino ‘s Pizza Group Ltd has selected Make-A-Wish Foundation UK, as its charity of pick. Make-A-Wish Foundation UK grants wishes to kids with life endangering diseases. In Ireland, Domino ‘s Pizza supports Barretstown, the kids ‘s charity which provides medically endorsed programme of humanistic disciplines, escapade and merriment activities for kids with serious unwellnesss.


Doughraisers are the Domino ‘s version of fund-raising. Doughraisers aim to back up local communities by raising financess through the sale of pizza merchandises on a peculiar twenty-four hours for a chosen charities, schools, featuring or community groups. Doughraising enterprise is a critical portion of its franchisees ‘ engagement within local communities.

Doughraising events are merely one manner Domino ‘s, its franchisees and squad members give back to the communities who have supported.Over the past 12 months Domino ‘s

shops across Australia and New Zealand have raised 1000s of dollars for good causes, here ‘s merely a few:

Victorian Bushire Relief

Red Cross Cancer Council ‘s Relay for Life

Starlight Foundation ‘s Starlight Day.

Shop Tours

Domino ‘s Pizza shops enjoy sharing their accomplishments and cognition with local people and encourage schools and community groups to come and see shops to see behind the scenes.

Many visitants learn how to do pizza with the Domino ‘s experts! There is theme shop Tourss harmonizing to relevant schoolroom subjects or affairs of involvement and like to work closely with organisers to do certain that the experience is fun, interesting and enlightening.

Past undertakings undertaken by people of all ages have included ‘Safety & A ; hygiene ‘ , ‘International Flavours ‘ , ‘Running A Pizza Delivery Store ‘ and ‘Traveling The World For The Finest Ingredients ‘ .

There are many other subjects to take from and shop director can orient something specific to your demands.

Shop Tourss are non limited to schools and colleges. They besides host visits from drama strategies, retired persons, reconnoitering and steering administrations, societal nines and associations – in fact, anyone who ‘s a member of their local community.All Tourss are capable to the blessing of a local director or franchisee and times are restricted to outside of busy trading hours.

Domino ‘s Corporate Training

Training is the basis for developing motivated employees into tomorrow ‘s direction and franchisees. Whether they seek to obtain accomplishments through their

Safe Driving Program ( led by V8 Supercar legend Craig Lowndes ) or attend Domino ‘s Pizza College and put their sights on direction ends – these people will be on a ‘red rug ‘ as they build their hereafter. Their attempt and committedness is acknowledged and rewarded. They are the hereafter of Domino ‘s.

Domino ‘s Pizza Prep School

For those team members non in shops every twenty-four hours and dark, it is critical that they know how their function supports those who are and have a solid apprehension of what happens in the shop. This is so of import to concern that they developed “ Domino ‘s Pizza Prep School ” for World Resource Center squad members to give them hive away operations knowledge. This plan earned Domino ‘s a “ Stevie ” from the American Business Awards.

Team member preparation

Team member preparation continues to be a cardinal focal point country for Domino ‘s, peculiarly as support on using more and more new squad members across its markets. Its on-line preparation tool DOTTI, which began in Australia and New Zealand in 2007, was launched in The Netherlands utilizing a linguistic communication transcriber to Dutch. With the DOTTI system besides available in French, the hereafter end is to hold all squad members connected. This will supply Domino ‘s with the ability to describe on all facets of developing utilizing one system from anyplace in the universe. Domino ‘s Forums, an internal information sharing system similar to Facebook, reached 20,000 squad members stations during 2008-09.

This map creates an immediate database of information sharing, from great thoughts, to inquiries that employees or directors have. It is a valuable cognition base for structuring and tracking squad member preparation.

Pizza College continues to be an built-in portion of our shop director preparation. Over the past 12 months they have besides extended Pizza College to Domino ‘s caput ofi¬?ce employees so even the people who work behind the scenes have the cognition of instore functions and operations. It ‘s our committedness to cognizing all degrees of the Domino ‘s concern.

HR Development Program

The development plan in the Domino ‘s People First section is a alone chance for early calling human resource professionals to finish a defined calling development program, deriving cognition and experience in all capacities of the field. Domino ‘s Pizza is committed to the development of the participants and has intentionally selected places that support their patterned advance with the outlook that puting in the future leaders of the section. The plan is merely successful if the participant is every bit committed to their development and duties. Domino ‘s expect campaigners to acquire every bit much as they can from each rotary motion and volitionally back up the company ‘s aims, no affair where the place is located.

Each participant is required to finish three rotary motions. Two of the rotary motions will be in a nucleus assignment that all participants must finish, and the 3rd will be one of the extra assignments.

Core Assignments:

Shared Services.

Primary point of contact for 12,000 corporate squad members for People First-related issues.

Support squad member petitions by put to deathing Peoples First policies and processs and originating recommended betterments.

Maintain squad members ‘ electronic records.

Communicate and support Peoples First plans

Marketplace ( corporate market ) :

Support squad members in deciding employee dealingss issues

Coordinate staffing and keeping enterprises

Extra Assignments:

Franchise/Employee Relationss



Training & A ; Implementation Program

Learning & A ; Development

Human Resource Information Systems

Domino ‘s Pizza began about 50 old ages ago as one little pizza store in Ypsilanti, Mich. Today, recognized universe leader in pizza bringing and can happen it about everyplace on the planet, turning to 8,624 shop locations worldwide in more than 55 states.

That sort of growing does n’t go on by accident. It takes leading, committedness and an ever-evolving squad of passionate people who love what they do. Their success is accomplished when exceeding squad members WOW their clients!

Company ‘s Chariman and CEO, is fond of stating “ the pizza company with the best people will win. ” Clearly, the squad members in Domino ‘s shops who make, bake and take more than one million pizzas to clients ‘ doorsill every twenty-four hours are the anchor of the company.

The Domino ‘s Pizza Team is difficult working, committed to excellence and serious about holding merriment. There are more than 170,000 squad members employed by 600 corporate-owned shops, a system of 5,000+ domestic franchise-owned shops and international franchise base that operates more than 3,000 shops in more than 55 counties around the Earth. Of those, 13,000 are corporate squad members, and more than 400 at the World Resource Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Continuing Success

Through the attempts of a dedicated squad, Domino ‘s Pizza offers great occupation chances and long-run calling options to turn and win. They are looking for the best people to drive their concern – directors, shop crew and corporate squad members with strong work moral principle, character, passion, unity and dedication to presenting consequences!

Constructing the web

Need for quality squad members is quickly turning as Domino ‘s experiences the strongest enlargement in history, so recruitment and preparation plans play an indispensable function in placing and fostering squad members to assist hike growing.

Age is no barrier at Domino ‘s. they look for people who are driven to win, with the right attack to difficult work and a echt desire to larn. In fact, many franchisees and members of the Domino ‘s leading squad started as pizza bringing drivers and pizza shapers.


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