The Rock Cycle

Question Answer
What is the changing of rocks over time? rock cycle
What is the bottom layer of soil? bedrock
What is a layer of soil? horizon
What is the type of rock that forms when melted rock cools and hardens? igneous
What is the breaking down of Earth's surface into pieces? weathering
What are the remains of decayed plants and animals? humus
What is the process of moving sediment to other places? erosion
The soil in your garden feels right. What physical property of the soil are you observing? texture
Which substance makes up most of Earth's crust? rock
What property do all soil horizons share? partly weathered rock
Which of these processes does NOT contribute to weathering and erosion that shapes landforms?
When two plates of the Earth push against each other, what landforms can be formed? mountains
Sinkholes occur occasionally in Florida. What causes sinkholes? water dissolves underground rock
Which layer of soil contains humus? top
What could cause a soil sample to be dark in color? the soil was likely from a forest and the humus has turned it dark
What could cause a soil sample to be light in color? the soil was likely desert soil with little humus in it
How are rocks and minerals alike? solid substances found in nature
How are rocks and minerals different? there are more than 4,000 minerals and only 3 types of rocks
Which one is NOT one of the groups of rocks?
How are metaphoric rocks formed? when molten rock cools
How are metaphoric rocks formed? formed by any other rock with heat and pressure
How are sedimentary rocks formed? made from sediments that have piled up over time
How is a streak test done? rubbing a hard mineral or rock across a hard tile surface
A rock in a mine appears round and worm smooth. It could be a piece of a bigger rock or what else? it could have washed into the mine from a stream of water

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