The Role of Youths in Creating a Peaceful World Essay

Dream Alive, Saving the World on the Precipice Dreams of a peaceful and harmonious world end when the dreamer wakes. He had dreamt of a world full of happiness where people are strong and healthy, where there are no wars, threats of war nor rumours of war, a world where love reigns. He rises to face a world on the precipice, hears news of killings and natural disasters, of poverty and disease, and goes out to experience discrimination and manifest hatred. He returns on from a world unlike the ones of his dreams, lies on his bed and dreams again. Dreams do not always come true. However, the dreams of peace is not a wild goose chase.

Human beings can live in peace with one another. Even history has evidenced thus – the Northern American Continent with over 300 million people from different part of the world has had no wars between any of its people for over a century. This is in fact a continent where about two thousand battles were fought in its first century. Dream of peace can come alive and become an everyday reality if they reflect our beliefs and values, and everyone work towards ensuring peace and tranquillity in the world. We the young people of the world are in a great position to make the dreams of peace come to reality.

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The Role of Youths in Creating a Peaceful World Essay
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A United Nations report states that youths make up one quarter of the world’s population. This number represent a sizeable percentage of people who suffer the brunt of brutal wars, terrorism and disregarded religious and ethnic conflict all over the world. The number however, also shows a formidable group of people more than enough to take the world beyond the realm of dreams into a place of peace. The vigour and resourcefulness of youths can provide the necessary complement to the strings of various international organisations such as the UN and UNESCO, and various national governments to build a peaceful world.

The individual heart of youths is the breading ground for peace and the spring from which lasting change flows. Youths must imbibe the spirit of love and respect for other people’s rights and dignity. Religion and belief must rouse us to strive for peace with other people and to respect others opinion. Only positive and peace inclined youth can effectively perform there role in creating a peaceful world. Lasting change comes from the individual level. Youths must take personal responsibility for ensuring peace with other people and environment.

The assumption that peace in unrealistic and the complacency of stakeholder must be challenge by youth who must refrain from being use as instrument of discord and war. Youths plays a major part in conflicts around the world. Youths are the ones who fight in wars. Even children are employed in battle in some countries or trained as militants and terrorist. The faith, strength, and dedication to belief of youths are exploited by religious leaders to propagate selfish fanatical interests. Youths must rejects these urges and rather work towards peace by thinking of consequence on other people and posterity.

Furthermore, youths can get personally involved in the various opportunities available to use to nurture and achieve the dreams of creating a peaceful world. Youths can participate actively in government’s effort to make peace or join and encourage others to join organisation working for peace. Also the field of research into how to attain peace has not seen much patronage and is not as lucrative as research into how weapons can become deadlier for instance. However, it portends a fertile opportunity for youths to make a breakthrough in the area of peace. Most importantly, there is the need for unity among youths.

Youth groups present a powerful and effective front for youths to come together and work in common to ensure peace in the world. The world is due for a united youths, a body of youths from all over the world which has a powerful voice and effective touch on the peace process. It provides opportunity for youths to come together to request for peace and condemned domination, oppression, racism, discrimination, anarchy, ethnic and religious conflicts, political crises, hate groups, terrorism, militarism, dictatorship, poverty, environmental degradation and anything that is likely to endanger peace in the world, anywhere they occur in the world.

Youths can make a more meaningful impact by fighting for, in a peaceful way, respect of fundamental human rights, economic justice and democracy which are important forces for peace. Lastly, peace is a dream, and a beautiful dream. The dreamer is young but the promise of the future are wavering before him because there is no peace. The dreamer is unsafe, the dream is at risk. He wakes one day and start to live his dream. He does peace, seeks peace, makes peace, and keeps peace. He takes up his role as a youth in creating a peaceful world. The dreams comes alive, the dreaming youth has saved humanity and posterity.


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