The Royal Institution Of Chartered Surveyors Construction Essay

Since there was no municipal sewer line in the locality of the site, the feasible option was to hold a standalone sewerage intervention works ( STP ) of 3000 metric regular hexahedron capacity. Even though the undertaking building budget was capped at AED 202,500,000 in which AED 3,450,000 was allocated as a probationary amount for building the “ STP ” . Due to the alone importance of the Project, the Project Manager has decided to look into the possibility of recycling the waste H2O arising from the lavatories to be treated in the “ STP ” which can so be used for the intent of Landscaping /Irrigation, provided the initial cost of STP is within the allocated budget and by sing the “ Life Cycle Cost ” and obtaining “ Value for Money ”

The Contractor has submitted 3 proposals from specialist contractor ‘s M/s Metito ( Overseas ) Limited, M/s Global Engineering Systems and M/s Eagle Electro Mechanical Company for the sum of AED 5,040,000, AED 4,110,000 and AED 9,290,000 severally excepting Contractor ‘s OH & A ; Profit, Civil Works & A ; Operation & A ; Maintenance Cost to the Engineer, M/s Shadid Engineering.

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The Royal Institution Of Chartered Surveyors Construction Essay
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Even though “ the Engineer ” has recommended Mettito for the occupation, I called upon both parties Metito and Global individually for an initial meeting and explained to them the importance of this undertaking and future potency on them after successful completion of the undertaking. It was noticed that the basic cost for the “ STP ” was relatively close for both Metito and Global with a difference of AED 212,000.The major difference is observed for the cost of civil plants compared to Metito ‘s AED 981,000 to Global ‘s AED 175,000.

I applied the Golden rules of Negotiations, that ‘s “ IF and THEN ” . After discoursing and acquiring the consent from Project Manager, I explained to Global about our budget restrictions and hence offered a suggestion that “ IF ” they could supply a price reduction of AED 1,510,000/- from their original proposal of AED 4,110,000 and to finalise the Contract monetary value to AED 2,600,000 Million, foregrounding that the given price reduction may be considered as an advertizement cost for acquiring a stepping rock in SAMA DUBAI undertakings and for the long term relationship with the Client THEN ” I can see presenting the Contract to Global.

As METITO is an constituted house in the Market with high repute in footings of resourses and corporate capablenesss. I decided to verify the information in manus of Global Engineering. I along with the undertaking director visited one of their completed undertakings in Sharjah free zone. It was observed that Global have completed the undertaking as per local authorization criterions with equal quality and on clip.

We besides visited Global ‘s UAE Head quarters in Sharjah free zone to entree their office apparatus and to look into whether they have competent staffs to accomplish their design duties and direction & A ; operational capablenesss. We found Global have a immature dedicated professional squad who is capable of accomplishing the mark in footings of Quality, in clip and have a fiscal capacity to finish the undertaking within the budget.


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