The Scope Of Building Maintenance Work Construction Essay


This study is study on the care of the edifice. Normally, constructing care is synonymous with belongings direction. Everyone has different positions on the significance of edifice care and the efficiency of the direction. The chief objective the care of the edifice is to guarantee the edifice in good status, create contributing adjustment to residents and to guarantee the functional demands of the installation at every times. This study merely gives some brief account about the range of constructing care work. Furthermore, the study more focussed on the scheme to guaranting efficiency in edifice care patterns. The decision has drawn the of import to keep the edifice care in expeditiously.

2.0 Introduction

Normally, constructing care is portion of belongings direction. This care carried out in order to guarantee that the edifice in good status and working optimally. Typically, the range of this work is done by the belongings director.

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The Scope Of Building Maintenance Work Construction Essay
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Efficiency can be defined as making things right. It is more to the grade of economic system where it is more to the procedure to devour resources particularly in footings of money and clip. For illustration, if the edifice care pattern usage of computerized care direction package, it can guarantee a smooth running installation at cost efficient degrees. From that it can increase sustainability. Besides that, it will do it easier to do determinations sing on fix or replacing of assets. ( Effectiveness and Efficiency, 2006 ) . When the direction has the good system in the edifice care direction, it can guarantee the direction will capable to accomplish the aiming dependability, system efficiency and occupant comfort ( Sullivan, Pugh, Melendez, & A ; Hunt, 2002 ) .


Harmonizing to Scarrett ( 1995 ) , constructing care is work undertaken in order to maintain, reconstruct or better every installation that have in every portion of a edifice and services. It is besides to prolong the public-service corporation and prolong the value of the edifice every bit good as acceptable criterion at a sensible cost. Harmonizing to Chanter & A ; Swallow ( 2007 ) , the edifice care patterns are besides focused on the funding and organisation. Therefore, it shows that care non merely focused on the physical executing of care work.

Besides that, care is an actions that control and upkeep non merely belongings but besides the equipment. By and large, this pattern more focussed on scheduling and preventative and prognostic actions. This action is need to forestalling the installation or any equipment failure in the belongings. Therefore, it can accomplish the aim of their direction where it can increasing efficiency and safety ( Sullivan, Pugh, Melendez, & A ; Hunt, 2002 ) . Care is a method used to mend and reconstruct the services and execution of work that necessary in order to protract the age of the edifice ( Kiong & A ; Akasah, 2011 ) .


Harmonizing to Burgess & A ; White ( 1979 ) , constructing care work can be divided by two which are form portion of planned programmme of betterment and redevelopment or due to all of a sudden failure in public presentation a few subdivision of the building.There are five types of care work which are preventative care, twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours fixs, exigency fixs and serving plants. In add-on, minor plants besides one of the care works where it consist of plants of betterment to run into the demand of new statute law. For illustration, stamp.

Harmonizing to Chanter & A ; Swallow ( 2007 ) , there are two class of care work which are planned and unplanned care. The figure below shows the class of care that ever pattern in Malaysia and around the universe.

Figure 1: Class of constructing care work


3.1 Maintenance control

Property directors should place the most efficient method of care to every portion of the edifice. Maintenance control is an country that non merely governable via simple record maintaining. The proper care record are need for bettering return on investing, improved the relationship among the renters, cut downing cost, bettering operating efficiency and besides reduced the ailments related to the care. Example of care control is entering the care informations. Normally, the informations have some information about the individual who makes ailments such as name of the individual doing the petition, reference and a sum-up of care that petition. Throughout this care control, it can do an analysis of the entire care performed. Therefore, it can command costs decently ( Robert F. Cushman & A ; Rodin, 1985 ) .

3.2 Planned care

Every type of edifice should hold a care program. The program should be more comprehensive and systematic in order to guarantee the efficiency in edifice care pattern. By and large, the programs have short and average term considerations. From the systematic planned care, the belongings director can command of care work. For illustration, the belongings director ever makes a regular review. Therefore, the belongings director should guarantee that they have big sum of information sing to the belongings ( Scarrett, 1995 ) .

Harmonizing to Singh ( 1996 ) , planned care is an of import tool in edifice care patterns. In order to keep the edifice, the belongings director should supply the operational programs. The operational programs represent the short term operational schemes for the edifice. Normally, this program more focussed on the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours routine issues. From the planned care, it can understate costs and besides maximizing income where it can maintain the belongings values at the coveted degree.

3.3 Corrective care pelan

This is a procedure to replacing of the malfunctioned equipment. The director should hold effectual and efficient system in order to manage fix every bit good as replacing. When the edifice care patterns have an effectual disciplinary care program, it can guarantee all things that they do like fix are dealt with expeditiously and besides efficaciously ( Malayan Property Management Standard, 2010 ) .

3.4 Computerisation of care

Computerisation is one of the schemes in guaranting the efficiency of edifice care pattern. It can construction agendas for reviews and supervising all plants utilizing the computing machines diary installations ( Singh, 1996 ) . Furthermore, the computerized care direction system have a comprehensive theoretical accounts that include cost and budgeting, preventative care undertakings and scheduling and work order direction ( Campbell, n.d ) .

3.5 Multidisciplinary director

In edifice care pattern, it should hold a multidisciplinary director attack to pull off any type of the edifice. The director should hold a multidisciplinary accomplishment. They should equilibrate the accomplishment between technological expertness and practical expertness and together with an understanding the overall public presentation of direction ( Burgess & A ; White, 1979 ) . Harmonizing to Adenuga ( 2012 ) , a good care director as person holding ability to believing creatively and clearly and besides have the endowment to decide the job that holding in care pattern. The care director should able to make program, have a high confident degree and leadings skill.Besides that, in order to guarantee the efficent and effectual direction, the director should hold three accomplishment. These are proficient, human and conceptual accomplishment.

3.6 Controling cost and budgeting

Budget can be defined as fiscal or quantitative statements that normally include income, outgo and the employment wage. Therefore, to command the budget fro over budget, the care director should show a budget based on his demands in direction. ( Chanter & A ; Swallow, 2007 ) . In add-on, harmonizing to Ali, Kamaruzzaman, Sulaiman, & A ; Peng ( 2010 ) , the edifice can continues to run expeditiously when it have the effectual edifice care direction where it can understate the operating and maintenace costs.The commanding cost and budget is of import activity. Normally, it will pull off the care cost outgo. The sufficient finance is needed for maintenace work. So that, it can prolong the needed criterion of edifice maps. If the maintentenace activity is over budget, it shows that the direction have hapless budgetary control. Therefore, the efficient direction should frequently controll the maintenace budget and cost.

3.7 The care policies and criterion for care

Harmonizing to Chanter & A ; Swallow ( 2007 ) , the care policy and criterion is of import in order to guaranting efficiency in edifice care pattern. The policy is more to the scheme which care determinations are made by director. This policy is supplying set of regulations for the allotment of resources when the director want take the care action. A good care policy is policies that have a comprehensive and clearly written. The policy and criterion will advance the effectual and efficient care direction patterns and back up the efficient behavior of care activities and conformity with relevant authorities policies and statutory demands.

3.8 Good relationship with residents in the belongings

Harmonizing to Ali, Kamaruzzaman, Sulaiman, & A ; Peng ( 2010 ) , the care direction should hold a good relation with residents in the edifice. From that, direction can act upon them in many facets. For illustration, the direction can promote them to pay the service charges. Other illustration is a hooliganism that done by renters. It is one of the factors that causes the defect on edifice constituents. Normally, care costs become expensive because the direction demand to pass the money to mend costs to handle such defects. The defects are caused by hooliganism.

3.9 Quality direction services

The significance of quality is the grade and service criterions that encourage care direction accomplishment of stuffs and craft. Quality ever related with the clip taken when execute work ( Yahya & A ; Ibrahim, 2012 ) . For illustration, when the lift failed to work good, the care direction will react every bit shortly as possible upon having ailments sing the dislocation of lift.

3.10 Analysis of defects in the edifices

Harmonizing to Lateef, Khamidi, & A ; Idrus ( 2010 ) , the care direction will be more effectual and efficient when it will taking into history edifice defects in the entire care direction. The care directors should hold a strategic map in order to guarantee the direction is expeditiously. Therefore, defect categorization is a good scheme for detect whether the defect is pressing or non really urgent.Normally, the defects of the edifice can act upon the care cost every bit good as users satisfactions. Therefore, it must be managed effectual and expeditiously in order to guarantee the public presentation of edifices.

4.0 Decision

As a decision, care of edifices demands to be kept from impairments, hooliganism, dust and others. There are many schemes that need be implemented in order to guarantee the efficiency in edifice care patterns. The of import to keep the edifice is it can increase the value of the belongings, to minimise incommodiousness and to guarantee safety among the residents. The purpose of care is to showing a good visual aspect and the edifices still have a good status. Other than that, when do regular care it will salvage the cost for fix or redevelopment.


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