The Solar Water Heating Units Construction Essay

Economies globally have been keeping focal point on the use of sustainable and alternate energy resources so as to cut down the inordinate development of conventional energy beginnings. Furthermore this measure has been taken for cut downing the costs associated with relevant activities and besides for minimising the negative impacts witnessed on the environment. The Emirati authorities has initiated its attempts for advancing and promoting the usage of green patterns for guaranting the preservation of the resources. From a concern position, the range for the solar H2O warmers in the UAE is extremely profitable chiefly due to the fact that the part has abundant sunlight all twelvemonth unit of ammunition. The Dubai Government has besides initiated a ordinance wherein the Dubai Municipality would non O.K. any edifice licences after 4th March, 2012 unless the edifice program is equipped with a proviso for implementing solar H2O warmers. This is the standard standard that is being levied on all the new buildings and edifice developments which are being undertaken in the part. In maintaining with the expected addition in the use of solar based energy beginnings, the prospective of set uping a solar H2O warming undertaking has high commercial feasibleness ( Dubai: Solar warmers must in all new edifices, 2011 ) .

Choice standards:

The decrease in the energy ingestion along with the decrease in the emanations have provided solar H2O warmers as a feasible commercial tool particularly in a part like the UAE where the preservation of resources has assumed extreme national attending among the people. These concerns are non merely restricted to the UAE, but they have planetary deductions besides ( Todorova, 2009 ) .

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The Solar Water Heating Units Construction Essay
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The ground for choosing the solar H2O warmers is due to the convenient feasibleness of implementing the system, particularly in a part like UAE. With regard to this undertaking, the convenience of the feasibleness of execution may be attributed to the undermentioned facets:

The UAE has preferred environmental conditions such as abundant sunlight which forms the bulk of the resources required for keeping effectual operations of the unit.

The investing sector in the state is at good degrees which mean that the possibility of obtaining investings in the undertaking is comparatively convenient.

Due to the authorities & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s direct engagement in promoting green patterns among the people, the undertaking is guaranteed operational success in the close hereafter where the part of the solar energy sector would be expected to be at least 5 % by the twelvemonth 2030.

The UAE has limited energy resources and the authorities intends to promote a drawn-out use of these non renewable resources so as to supply equal resources for the future coevalss. In order to accomplish this, alternate renewable resources need to be identified and implemented in maintaining the possible growing countries in the state. In this instance, the use of solar panels for H2O warming would turn out to be a extremely feasible option.

In visible radiation of the recent economic recessions and rising pricess, the decrease in energy costs provided by the solar panels for warming H2O would turn out to be a possible benefit for the people who would incur fewer costs in comparing to the use of conventional energy beginnings ( Todorova, 2009 ) .

Scope Statement:

The solar panel undertaking for heating H2O would be developed in entirely maintaining in with the UAE environment. All the proposals which would be made in the research would be based on the current environmental conditions and economic tendencies being witnessed in the state. The current every bit good as projected market tendency would besides be analyzed for placing the prospective steps which need to be taken to guarantee that the aims of the undertaking are punctually fulfilled. Subsequently, the recommendations for the execution of the solar H2O heating unit would be provided in maintaining with the kineticss of the Emirati Environment ( Todorova, 2009 ) .


The research survey would take at accomplishing the undermentioned aims:

Identifying and analysing the current scenario for solar H2O heating engineering in the UAE and globally.

Identifying the demand for the solar H2O heating units in the UAE.

Identifying the legal and governmental models which promote the acceptance of solar based operational units in the part.

Analyzing current and future market tendencies for placing the possible solar H2O heating executions in the part.

Identifying the possible hazards associated with the execution of Solar Water Heating systems.

Supplying suggestions for the effectual execution of Biofilter based systems in the UAE.


The chief purpose of the undertaking program is to measure the current and future technological developments in the UAE and correlating it with the resource strength of the part for finding the specifications of the solar H2O heating unit that is to be implemented in the part.


In order to place the execution demands of the solar H2O warming system, the market would be analyzed exhaustively in footings of the handiness of the resources for implementing this undertaking and the consumers & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ penchants towards the solar H2O heating units. The analysis of the market would be done in two phases with the first phase affecting the current market and environment scenario and the 2nd phase comprising of the hereafter markets tendencies and scenarios. Primary research methods would be used for obtaining consumer penchants while the market analysis would entirely be based on secondary informations beginnings.

Expected Challenges:

Frequent developments in the engineering can supply troubles in accommodating to the new engineering as it would necessitate alterations in the cardinal design and the constituents of the system.

Obtaining the needed investings for the engineering would be a ambitious undertaking as the acceptance of solar energy on a commercial footing is a comparatively new tendency.

Expected Results:

Creation of an industrial graduated table solar H2O heating unit.

Reduced costs ( operational every bit good as overall costs )

Reduced emanation degrees from the H2O heating systems.

Undertaking Gantt Chart:

The undermentioned Gantt chart provides an overview of the assorted phases associated with the undertaking by agencies of which the advancement may be monitored and tracked. Any holds in a peculiar procedure can be compensated by suitably pull offing other procedures.


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