The State of Philippine Education: a View from a Filipino Youth Essay

Going to school has been an everyday life of students ages 4 to 24. In this everyday activity they are nourishing themselves with the needed and handed off education. But what is the state of education if the Philippines? Is it able ti give the required knowledge and more? well, it is in the middle of the shade and the sun: not impressive nor disappointing. The government has done all it can to make education helpful but incapable of giving the children the required and exquisite knowledge and in equipping the with the right values. Nowadays, our country produces college graduates that are of high quality.

Some were even fortuitous enough to work overseas but more students were not even able to receive a college diploma. Sad it may seem but it makes our government produce an option of sort, to add two more years to high school and grade school curriculum. At first the government suddenly thought that the students jest need more mastery of the lessons. But how about those who already became successful and also a living proof to how effective our system off education was? The answer may be found on the teachers . Fortunately, we were granted by such excellent teachers.

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The State of Philippine Education: a View from a Filipino Youth Essay
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Sadly, not all teachers are that excellent or not that competent in nurturing the youth. Again these said teachers are also products of education made and shaped to also teach education. Moreover, with state of education improving and deteriorating at the same time it is able to produce beautiful stones. Again, it is due to the teachers who gave their heart to teaching that got their love. The curriculum for students is improved by the DepED year by year but only little by little. Some of the lessons are not that helpful due to the commonness of the lecture.

So the teachers were forced to produce own lessons borrowed from college books so that the students will be able to compete with students of other schools and hopefully schools of other countries. On the other hand, giving a student a good quality of education is of the same importance with giving a student the required moral values and philosophies to live by. There values are usually forgotten by the very teachers. Also, these values teaches a person how to cope and adapt in a given situation thus helping him to continue living.

It is important because students tend to lose their morale through the years of studying, grabbing their attention by what they thought is of more importance. Because of their young age and immature minds they are often loitering on the wrong path. Briefly, the state of education really is good but is could have been better. All our country need is it to improve the bitter points of our education’s system. If these points are turned to and given attention by those officials then we will be able to produce students of high standards thus making us able to compete nationally and globally.


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