The Strategic Business Management And Planning Commerce Essay

This is a study on the high-street retail merchant Marks and Spencer ( M & A ; S ) . Marks and Spencer is one of UK ‘s taking retail merchants of apparels and nutrient. Marks and Spencer has a testimony of success with its well recognized repute for its advanced, quality merchandises and value. This offers clients the value for their money. Marks and Spencer own over 600 UK shops, 300 shops managed under franchise in 40 districts.

Marks and Spencer has launched its Plan A in January 2007 to accomplish 100 marks in five old ages. Mark and Spencer than extend their committednesss to 180 to accomplish by 2015.These committednesss are to go universe ‘s most sustainable major retail merchant.

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The Strategic Business Management And Planning Commerce Essay
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Plan A focal points on following countries

Climate alteration


Sustainable natural stuff

Fair partnership


Mark and Spencer has been really focussed to accomplish their mark and has achieved most of their ends.

External environment of M & A ; S ( PESTLE Analysis )

This portion of the study will look at the external factor that might impact the Marks and Spencer either in good or bad manner. PASTEL Analysis will be the technique that would be used to look around the organisation.


Like all other organisations Marks and Spencer has no control over the political conditions of the states where Mark and Spencer is runing. If the political conditions are better, there would be chances for the organisation. If there is even a alteration of administration there would be menace for Mark and Spencer.


Economic alteration impacts on the organisations. For illustration when value added revenue enhancement ( VAT ) increased the monetary values of goods selling on Marks and Spencer shops increased. So in that manner M & A ; S loose some of its client till their monetary values travel back to on which those clients were paying for M & A ; S merchandises.


Now a yearss being update with manner is mandatory and core component of manner are fabrics and accoutrements. Social behavior of client effected Marks and Spencer. Marks and Spencer no uncertainty produce quality merchandises with sensible monetary value but fail to bring forth more stylish vesture. Rivals of M & A ; S sell more stylish apparels in low monetary value to the clients.


Use of cyberspace and car machines is common in today ‘s market. Customers do like to buy from cyberspace and retail merchant usage latest engineering to bring forth their goods. Mark and Spencer launched their online shopping on their web site in 1999.


Marks and Spencer has to follow legal statements from the authorities in form of Torahs. Marks and Spencer has to follow disablement favoritism statute law, age favoritism jurisprudence and wellness and safety regulations etc.


Climate alteration is cause of planetary heating retail merchants are now utilizing eco friendly natural stuff to bring forth their goods, and besides pressing their clients to recycle the goods decently. In which Marks and Spencer is besides playing it`s function by seeking to cut down the usage of plastic bags alternatively utilizing easy disposable bags made out of fabrics or paper largely cloth bags are acquiring more value because these fabrics bags can be use easy once more if needed and besides packaging of their nutrient merchandises in a manner that left over can be recycled easy.

Internal environment of Mark and Spencer

Internal environment of an organisation is a combination of all the conditions, modules, A events, andA factorsA within an organisation whichA influence itsA activities. In this portion on the study we will look at the strengths and the failings of Mark and Spencer

Experience leading:

Experience leading is Marks and Spencer biggest strength Marks and Spencer ‘s has Marc Bolland Ex-CEO of WS Morrison ( ace market concatenation ) as a captain of the ship. Marc Bolland lift up the gross revenues of Marks and Spencer. ‘s CEO Laura Wade-Gery will besides fall in M & A ; S this summer as executive manager of multichannel and e-commerce.

Men power:

Marks and Spencer has over 70,000 employees to ease 21 million clients sing their more than 800 shops across the universe.

Strong finance:

Marks and Spencer has strong finicky resources. In 2009 M & A ; S closed 27 of their shop in France because of fiscal crisis, But Marks and Spencer recover good and now they are traveling back to France.

Servicess rendered to clients:

A good client service is being offered at all of Marks and Spencer. Employees at Marks and Spencer are ever polite to their clients no affair that how many clip clients bother them for any information or thoughts or advice on vesture. Customer service agents help the client in every possible manner.

No via media on Quality:

Although monetary values of Marks and Spencer are small bit high comparing to its rivals but there is no via media on quality in Marks and Spencer shops. They sell choice merchandises at sensible monetary value if the monetary value is compared to the merchandises quality they are selling.

In shop eating house:

Some of Mark and Spencer Store do hold in shop eating houses. Quality nutrient and vino with first-class service is being offered at all of them in sensible monetary value of lb 10.

Major challenges for Marks and Spencer

In this portion of the study we will look on the major jobs and challenges of Marks and Spencer. Major challenges for M & A ; S are mentioned below


Marks and Spencer has tuff rivals around to vie with such as Debenham and BHS in footings of vesture chiefly and besides they have large rivals like ASDA and TESCO in footings of nutrient. Marks and Spencer has to do certain that they are in front of them in all subdivision from quality to the client service.


Marks and Spencer ‘s Selling has been hapless they have been failed to pull the immature coevals. They must hold to alter their Selling scheme.

New manner tendencies:

Marks and Spencer has less stylish fabric for the immature people. As manner is chief consideration of immature people their rivals take advantage of it and pull the immature coevals with more stylish vesture for them.

Keeping company image:

Marks and Spencer is 126 twelvemonth old organisation with a great repute being the UK ‘s largest retail merchants and being called the High Street Giants. Marks and Spencer has a challenge to present quality with sensible monetary value to the clients.

Impact of external environment on M & A ; S scheme

External environment ever consequence the organisation in bad or good manner. External environment of Marks and Spencer effected it allow ‘s hold a expression

Change in Marketing scheme:

Recognizing the importance of good selling Marks and Spencer change its scheme. Marks and Spencer change their old MARKS & A ; SPENCER logo to YOUR M & A ; S to pull younger people

Marks and Spencer besides started nomadic Selling with O2 web.

On-line shopping:

Marks and Spencer were non offering online shopping services to the clients. The tendency of online shopping forced Marks and Spencer to get down online shopping installation. Marks and Spencer started online shopping in 1999 and gain immense sum of money by sell their apparels online. Marks and Spencer now selling more than 22,000 merchandises on-line.

Plan A:

Plan A is besides an out semen of external environment of Marks and Spencer. Marks and Spencer realise their duty being a retail merchant of vesture, they sell 1000000s of apparels every twelvemonth and clients waste them after usage same happens with plastic bags. Marks and Spencer started roll uping used apparels under their Plan A and giving 4 lb verifier to the user, so M & A ; S recycle their apparels. On the other manus they started bear downing 50p for each shopping bag and gathered money is being usage for the charity.

Competitive advantages of Marks and Spencer:

In this portion of the study we will discourse about the competitory advantages of Marks and Spencer. Competitive advantages are the advantages that an organisation has over its rivals that might be in form of its merchandise, monetary values and quality Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s hold a expression on Marks and Spencer ‘s competitory advantages

Marks and Spencer has a background of over 125 old ages. Over 70,000 people functioning it around the Earth, over 21 million clients visit at Marks and Spencer shops hebdomadally, they have close and strong relationship with providers their over 125 twelvemonth repute has worth. Marks and Spencer besides have a cardinal advantage of their name over the providers e.g. If Marks and Spencer goes to new provider and inquire for any finished merchandise or natural stuff and Marks and Spencer will be in place to make up one’s mind the monetary value of that natural stuff or finished merchandise although Marks and Spencer is purchaser but it`s name will give it an advantage on that point. Their repute has an advantage over their rivals.

Marks and Spencer have eco mills that consume less energy and they use InsoliaA engineering to bring forth comfy high heel places for ladies. Basically Insolia engineering is specially working on high heels for ladies as in normal heels organic structure weight is transferred to toes merely but in insolia engineering innersole of heels are use in such a manner that half of the organic structure weight is carried by the heel and the staying by the toes which helps in acquiring rid off from high heels pain. None of their rival has this engineering.


Organizations in this century are really sensitive. Specially when it comes to the Political, technological and economical developments. Global heating is most effectual towards the alteration of the schemes of an organisation. Just like planetary heating forced Marks and Spencer to come up with Plan A to play its portion as being biggest retail merchant of high street. To stay on its place of degree as it is right now Marks and Spencer have to turn to some other issues as good such as monetary value of its merchandises. Marks and Spencer is selling its quality merchandises on a monetary value which is non assisting M & A ; S to cover a really large market. VAT is besides cause of addition in monetary values to the merchandises of M & A ; S but in this place where other rivals are doing money because of their inexpensive monetary values are taking advantage M & A ; S have to cut its net income a small spot in order to maintain its client in their stores on a regular basis. Besides Marks and Spencer have to convey component of new manner in its vesture subdivision specially because in heads of many purchasers M & A ; S is trade name of old people which attracts really less sum of immature people. Marks and Spencer is responding really tardily to its external environment specifically when it comes to its rivals. Like M & A ; S introduced online shopping in 1999 although it was hiking that clip and was good money doing chance but M & A ; S was one of the last large market leaders to present it still it need more alterations like they must now present Virtual interface of online clients to their merchandises. Few old ages back Marks and Spencer had to shut down 27 of its mercantile establishments in France because of fiscal jobs but as they have recovered from those crisis now they must open those mercantile establishments once more ASAP as France is centre of Fashion in the whole universe.

If Marks and Spencer will turn to to these issues so it is expected that M & A ; S can hike up its net income really easy.


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