The Superardos Cultural Web Commerce Essay

The instance describes the jobs many companies may confront during the recession. Superficially, it is the job that whether Superado should maintain giving fillip to its employees in the tough times ; so, it is more related to complex footings, such as leading, organisational alteration and civilization. Because whether giving fillip or non, the job of Superado will non be solved.

If it pays the fillip to its employees, the job still exists or may be even worse in following twelvemonth: can the company survive from terrible economic times with go oning such fillip system? As the instance cited, “ Anything we paid out now would hold to be made up following twelvemonth by raising monetary values, which would direct our clients running to Grandplace or other rivals. That would intend even worse consequences ( pp.154 ) ” . On the other manus, if Superado does non pay the fillip, the employees would be disappointed. Decidedly, their work public presentation will be affected. This may take to even worse organisational public presentation in the following twelvemonth.

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As mentioned before, though the instance Superado is related to many complex footings, this article will concentrate on one term – civilization. Burke and Litwin ( 1992 ) defined organisational civilization as ‘the aggregation of overt and covert regulations, values and rules that guide organisational behaviour ‘ . The key to explaining civilization is to understand the history, usage and pattern of this organisation ( Schein, 1983 ) . In the instance of Superado, the civilization is strongly connected with its history. Superado has been governed by Luisa ‘s male parent for more than 30 old ages. He had his ain direction rules, and such rules worked rather good during past 30 old ages, which kept the gross revenues increased. The fillips have non stopped for over 30 old ages. This has about been a portion of Superado ‘s civilization. The organisational system, patterns and values has been worked successfully for over 30 old ages so that members in the organisation do non prefer to alter. However, during the recession today, such strong civilizations may go the barriers to cover with the fast changing universe.

Figure 1 shows the cultural web, which is presented by Johnson and Scholes ( 1999 ) , enables people to understand the civilization of an organisation. The paradigm in the Centre refers to normally keep beliefs and values of the organisation. Around paradigm, there are six elements which are inter-linked to reenforce the paradigm. It is a utile and ideal tool to do links with the political, symbolic and structural facets of the organisation ; it can steer the development of scheme ( Sun, 2008 ) .

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Figure 1. Cultural Web ( Johnson and Scholes, 1999 )

Based on the information provided by the instance Superado, the author summarizes seven elements harmonizing to cultural web. Figure 2 shows the Superado ‘s Cultural Web.

Figure 2. Superardo ‘s Cultural Web

Figure 2 provides a clear map of assorted cultural elements in Superado. Among six elements around the paradigm, three of them are important: narratives, ritual and modus operandis, control system. From the narratives perspective, it is obvious that the members of Superado are proud of its history – successful scheme and good public assistance over 30 old ages. It is besides possible that its members rely on such traditional scheme and experiences. Furthermore, employees are used to have the fillips. As the instance cited, “ everyone thinks of the fillips as portion of their wage ( pp.154 ) . ” These all become the barriers when Superado face the alteration times.

In the portion of ritual and modus operandis, it seems that all the content simply follow what Lusia ‘s male parent ( ex-CEO ) did: Chief executive officer ‘s everyday circuit, park in the dorsum, client foremost, and steady monetary value. Those ritual and modus operandis are established by ex-CEO and worked for over 30 old ages. It is the tradition of Superado. Though new CEO, Luisa took over the company, she “ vowed to go on the tradition ” ( pp.153 ) . It is likely that Luisa did non take many new actions to cover with tough times when she took over Superado. The old ritual and modus operandis contribute to determine the traditional and conservative civilization. Obviously, during the recession, superado did non fix good.

As the CEO of Superado, Luisa has the power to advance the alteration. Unfortunately, she did non. Her conservative direction thrusts Superado to a fillip quandary. Schein ( 2004 ) says that ”leadership and civilization are two sides of the same coin ” , the organisational civilization can be shaped by leading behaviour. If the organisation ‘s being is endangered, it is the duty of leaders to be cognizant of it and take action about the state of affairs ( Altman and Conceicao, 2011 ) . However, the leaders of Superado, Luisa ( CEO ) , Maria ( frailty president for finance ) , and Rodrigo ( frailty president of human resources ) even did non make an understanding on alteration. Though they already knew the times had changed, they did non pass on adequate to calculate out the new schemes. Their treatments stay in a superficial facet: whether giving fillips or non.

In another portion, control system of Superado besides reveals some drawbacks. Control system refers to stressing what is of import to supervise in the organisation ( Johnson and Scholes, 1999 ) . The control system of Superado over emphasizes the seeable net income: public presentation mark ( net income for company ) and fillip ( net income for employees ) . It leads directors and employees concentrate excessively much on the seeable net incomes. This may be portion of grounds why its employees pay so close attending to its fillips. It is its control system tells them that the net income is the most of import thing to supervise in Superado. Indeed, presents, there should be some other of import standards to supervise in Superado, such as creativeness and invention. These are unseeable net incomes for the company. If the company wants to last from the recession, its civilization should be more originative and advanced ( Signh, 2011 ) . In the instance of Superado, the employee Rosa comes up with originative thoughts for increasing gross revenues, but she merely acquire unwritten congratulationss but without excess wagess. It is obvious that in Superado, the motives for bring forthing originative thoughts are non sufficient. Another drawback of control system is its fillip system, which is designed for benefit about all employees. This possibly work in the past 30 old ages, but it does non today. In the recession, gross revenues are decreased ; accordingly, there is non so much excess money for fillips. However, leaders still maintain this system to follow the tradition.

All the elements discussed earlier revealed two important points of Superado ‘s civilization: traditional and conservative. Leaderships prefer to follow the history instead than coming up with new schemes. Employees prefer to keep the present position and receive fillips. Such consistence of behavior benefits the organisation when it faces a stable environment. However, when confronting rapid alteration environment such as recession, such strong civilizations will burthen the organisation and do it hard to react to alterations in the environment ‘ ( Robbins et Al, 2010 ) .

Part 2: Recommendations

To work out the job facing Superado, one available solution is altering its civilization. Many literatures have signified the of import influences which civilization could convey to the organisation public presentation ( Brown, 1998 ; Burke and Litwin, 1992 ; Dwivedi, 1995 ; Johnson, 2001 ; Robbins et Al, 2010 ; et Al ) . Alvesson ( 2002 ) summarizes the most common thoughts steering organisational analysis as ‘culture is a sort of tool, societal gum, need satisfier, or regulator of societal dealingss ‘ . Supportively, in some organisations, scheme is a merchandise of the civilization, and in consequence, the civilization is pull offing the scheme instead than the director ( Johnson, 2001 ) . Furthermore, Goff and Johns ( 1998 ) claims that ‘there is no 1 best civilization, merely appropriate civilizations for a peculiar set of fortunes ‘ . In the instance of Superado, one appropriate civilization is an advanced and originative 1.

In today ‘s competitory markets, invention is recognized as one of the premier drivers for company to derive long-run success ( Baker & A ; Sinkula, 2002 ; Lyon & A ; Ferrier, 2002 ) . Invention in the organisation refers to anyone with a desire for alteration and a willingness to dispute bing ways of working ( Endsley et al. , 2005 ) . It is non simply contriving new merchandises or establishing new services, it should be a positive, constructive, and productive alteration ( Singh, 2011 ) . To derive organisation invention, obtaining an innovation- supportive organisational civilization is necessary ( Aiken & A ; Hage, 1971 ; Burns & A ; Stalker, 1994 ) . There are several features for such civilization: ‘engaging people to value creativeness, hazard pickings, freedom, teamwork, value seeking and solution-oriented, communicative, instil trust and regard for each other, and be speedy to uptake in doing determinations ‘ ( Dobni, 2008 ) . Unfortunately, Superado ‘s civilization seems non rather innovation-supportive. It is conservative and traditional, as mentioned before, most of its directors and employees are prefer steady, merely like its monetary value puting rules in Superado.

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