The swedish school of textiles Essay


Sweden is home to a figure of first universities. The Swedish universities offer assorted programmes in Engineering, Management, Technology etc. One of the most popular institutes of Sweden is The Swedish School of Textiles or Textilhogskolan ( THS ) which is portion of University of Boras located in the western portion of Sweden. Located in the modern surrounding of Boras municipality, THS provides workshops and labrotories for research and developmental work in planing, fabrication. What makes THS unique is that it one among the really few establishments in the universe that has, within its faclities, a all-out fabric fabrication environment. THS is a topographic point where creativeness and theory are combined with practical work in the Fieldss of design, engineering and direction. THS is a topographic point where the fabrics of the hereafter are made. Many of the well reputed manner creaters and desginers have received their instruction from THS. The THS pupils participate in many of international exibitions and competitions and frequently win awards and acclamations. THS is considered as a premier finish to pupil from all over the universe. THS offeres 4 different maestro programmes in

  • Fashion & A ; Textile Design
  • Applied Textile Management
  • Applied Textile Technology
  • Manner Management

Strategic Objective:

The strategic aim is to pull pupils from India to fall in the Masters plan in Fashion Management at the Swedish school of fabrics.

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The swedish school of textiles Essay
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Potential Problems:

Analyzing abroad is a fad among the Indian pupils. After finishing the unmarried man surveies, many pupils are willing to transport on their higher surveies abroad. The Indian pupils largely prefer countires such as USA, UK, Australia etc. Harmonizing to the latest statistics there are more than 100K Indian pupil in each of these states. The ground buttocks is that all these countires are English speech production and there is a high chance of acquiring a occupation after finishing the surveies. Cashing this fad are the foreign unversities that send their representatives who in bend attempt to market their universities and enticement possible aspirers. Though Swedish unversities are every bit compitent as the universities of USA, UK, Australia, they lack many things which do non do them a preffered finish among Indian pupils. Some of these issues are discussed below

  • Most of the Swedish universities lack is awareness among the Indian pupils. The lone one thing the Indian pupils know about the Swedish universities is that they offer instruction at free of cost. One manner this is good but most of the pupils are incognizant of the instruction criterions of Swedish unviersities.
  • The Swedish School of Textiles do non follow any kind of marketing tactics to pull Indian pupils. None of the representatives go to India and do the selling and advertisement of the school.
  • The Swedish school of Textiles do non hold any sort of affiliations with the Indian universities or colleges.

Proposed Schemes:

The most of import thing that THS should concentrate is Image, Branding and Positioning. Brand image is something which is really seeable and the perceived value will do the pupils to acquire asociated with THS and this will let in positioning THS in the Indian market. The best manner of making this is to hold affiliations with the local universities of India. THS has partnered with many univesities from Europe, Honkong, Korea, Taiwan, Pakistan etc. But they do non hold any spouse universities in India. So it is really of import for THS to spouse with and Indian institute. The partnering should be done with an institute which should be every bit competent as THS. One of such institutes are National Institute of Fashion Technology ( NIFT ) , New Delhi and National Institute of Design ( NID ) , Ahmedabad.

National Institute of Fashion Technology ( NIFT ) was established in the twelvemonth 1986 in New Delhi under the auspices of Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. It shortly established itself as a premier institute of of Design, Management and Technology. Many of NIFT pupils have excelled themselves into assorted leading places in the planetary manner concerns. NIFT has a web of 12 professionally managed domestic centres which cater pupil from all corners of India. The institute allows the common infinite for manner instruction, research and preparation. NIFT offeres assorted undergraduate and graduate programmes in Design, Production, Communication, Management and Technology.

National Institute of Design ( NID ) is an internationally recognized establishment which offeres instruction in the field of design and research. The institute maps as an independent organic structure under the section of Industrial Policy & A ; Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & A ; Industry, Government of India and has the position as the scientific and industrial design organisation. Recently, It was listed among the top 25 European & A ; Asiatic institutes in the universe. NID ‘s alumnuss have made their grade in cardinal Fieldss such as commercialism, industry and societal development by taking function of accelerators and through thought leading.

As per the NIFT home page, THS & A ; NIFT have a Memorendum of Understanding ( MoU )

As the pupils get to cognize more and more about Sweden they even get to cognize about the Swedish universisties. It is really of import to


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