The Things I Treasure Most in My Life Essay

Does one not really sit down and question oneself? What is it that I hold precious? It is a difficult question to answer because one takes so many things for granted and yet even if one of them was removed we would miss it terribly. Many people cannot do without money or the comforts which money can buy; but I think in the long run these are the things one may manage without. There are other things which are indispensableand which are precious in life. Health is the foremost amongst them. One cannot enjoy anything without health.

One thing is more important than health and that is positive outlook. A positive outlook is the basis of all that makes a good life. It makes a person warm and understanding, outgoing and likeable. It helps one to win friends. It is on this base that one can build a structure of those values which have meaning in life. It is self-respect and sincerity which are important. I value my self-respect. If one lacks this respect for one’s inner self, one may stoop down the worse possible things.

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The Things I Treasure Most in My Life Essay
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The claims of one’s conscience, the necessity of facing one’s own self and cultivating and maintaining a sense of integrity ), of responsibility, of truth these are valuable in life. Take away self-respect, destroy a man’s conscience and he is no better than a beast. A man without a conscience may well become ruthless, brutal and immoral for he never feels the necessity of self-examination. Or he may stoop down to the level of self-abasement and be abject and servile. I value my self respect for it keeps me upright and any day I can confront my inner self without any hesitation or qualm.

Another thing I value is the feeling of doing something worth-while; to have a sense of satisfaction at doing or having done a job well. It is immaterial what we do; what matters is the amount of involvement and sincerity we bring to it. And finally the amount of satisfaction we derive from having done it well. I also have intellectual curiosity. It is necessary to have it in some measure so that one can keep on growing and not remain stagnant. If one wants fulfilment and purpose it is impossible to derive it from a limited, daily routine.

Intellectual curiosity leads to involvement and to a widening of interests and the need to meet challenges in life. To continue living day after day in the same limited pattern is a difficult and suffocating experience. Intellectual curiosity is accompanied by intellectual alertness and a keen power of observation. There is great beauty and great wealth in the world of nature; one needs only to be gifted with the capacity to observe to enjoy it. Given these gifts one should be able to have the warmth of friends and a happy family life and these are things that I value in life.


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