The Things the Government Shoud Do to Help Poor Students Essay

Education is the top national policy in many countries all over the world. Why is that? Because maybe everyone realize that students are the real owners of country in the future. Nevertheless, most of students have to face some difficulties in their school–life such as, homesickness, study and financial problems. Therefore, the government should find some ways to support about school – fee, dormitories, study means or part – time jobs. First of all, paying school – fee every year is really a burden of many families, especially poor family in the countryside.

Indeed, many good students have to quit school and their dreams because they do not have enough money to pay for their school–fee. Instead of going to school as their friends, they have to earn money soon to help their family. Therefore, the tuition fee should be reduced even free for poor students. The second problem is the place to live during their study time at school. More dormitories should be built for students who live far from home. Most of universities have dormitories, but it is not enough for students.

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The Things the Government Shoud Do to Help Poor Students Essay
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If there are enough dorms for students, they do not have to pay much money for housing. Moreover, the cozy atmosphere in dormitory can help them partly forget the homesickness. Besides that, more modern school libraries should be built, and equipped so far more books and materials so that they will not have to spend money on books. These things are necessary because they will help students to study well. In addition, students have good studying-place, too. Finally, there should be more offices to help students find good and suitable part-time jobs.

The part-time jobs are variety, so they have many choices that suit their personal. Then, they can earn some money for school supplies and daily personal expenses. They will more adult and independent. Thanks to part-time jobs, their families’ burden may be reduced and they get experiences for life. Hopefully, not only the government but also patrons should help poor student overcome their challenges in life so that they can continue their studying effectively. Besides, students also try to overcome difficulties by themselves as studying excellent to give scholarship.


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