The Time Frame Analysis Aviation Essay

A descriptive analysis of factors doing hold of luggage at Terminal 1 C ( Domestic Arrivals ) , IGIA has been done on the undermentioned footing.

To get down with the airside has 152 bays which are divided into 5 rows for domestic reachings and goings.

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Row 1: Bay figure 1 14

Row 2: Bay figure 15 18

Row 3: Bay figure 19 30

Row 4: Bay figure 31 40A

Row 5: Bay figure 120 152

There are presently 9 domestic air hoses runing from DIAL.

Intelligence community: Indian Airlines

Information technology: Kingfisher Airlines

9W: Jet Air passages

S2: Jet Lite Airways

6E: Indigo Airlines

G8: Go Airways

Seaborgium: Spice Jet Airlines

9H: MDLR Airlines

I7: Paramount Airways

The analysis of clip for the luggage from the “Hold of the Aircraft” to the reaching belt had to be analyzed and was done on a row footing.

Purpose of Study

Descriptive analysis of Factors doing hold of luggage at Terminal 1 C, Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Suggestions to cut down the clip taken for the luggage from the aircraft to the luggage interrupt up country and besides to increase the efficiency of the initial public offering machines which are at every belt on at the interruption up country.

Scope of the survey

Detailed survey of incline activities.

The preciseness clip agenda for activities of luggage performed.

Land Support Department.

Vehicles used at Apron for administrative intents & A ; conveyance of work force.

Understanding the assorted activities at the airside.


The airside topography can non be changed.

The vehicles have to follow the paths as per the authorised section and can non alter paths as it is predecided.

SYNOPSIS GMR Delhi International Airport Ltd.

DIAL is a joint venture pool of GMR Group ( 50.1 % ) , Airports Authority of India ( 26 % ) , Fraport & A ; Eraman Malaysia ( 10 % each ) and IDF ( 3.9 % ) . GMR is the lead member of the pool ; Fraport AG is the airdrome operator, Eraman Malaysia the retail advisers and IDF the fiscal investors.

In January 2006, the pool was awarded the grant to run, manage and develop the IGI Airport following an international competitory command procedure. DIAL entered in to Operations, Management and Development Agreement ( OMDA ) on April 4, 2006 with the AAI. The initial term of the grant is 30 old ages extendible by a farther 30 old ages.

Besides upgrading the bing terminuss, DIAL has already commissioned a new track 11 29 at IGI Airport on September 25, 2008. The commercial operations has besides commenced at new Domestic Terminal from 19th April, 2009.

The modern domestic terminus ( Terminal 1D ) characteristics several new installations which will better the travel experience of domestic going riders winging out of Delhi. It raises domestic going capacity of IGIA to 10 million riders per annum and has modern 4 degree in line luggage managing system to extinguish luggage X beam prior to look into in. The new terminus besides has 72 cheque in counters & A ; 14 security channels that will guarantee speedy processing. It is besides provided by broad security hold country with extended seating, rider comfortss like Lounges, F & A ; B and retail.

In add-on, the building work on an integrated rider terminus ( Terminal 3 ) is afoot. The first stage of the airdrome is designed to manage 60 million riders per annum ( mppa ) . This stage will be completed and to the full operational before the Commonwealth Games in 2010.

This development would organize merely the first stage of the airdrome enlargement. In subsequent phases, the airdrome will be further developed with the addition in passenger demand and more terminuss and tracks would be added in a modular mode to organize a U shaped complex with an ultimate design capacity of 100 million riders per annum.


Third track, amongst the longest in Asia, has started operations in 2008 and is capable of managing A380 sized aircraft.

Commercial operations commenced at new Domestic Terminal from 19th April, 2009.

State of the art integrated terminal to be ready in 2010.

Terminal 3 would be a province of the art composite having Common Use Terminal Equipment ( CUTE ) and an advanced 5 degree in line luggage managing system with explosive sensing engineering for greater efficiency and security. The cheque in country would have more than 160 cheque in counters. Passengers would greatly profit as cheque in and security clearances would be faster and less noticeable. For international riders more than 90 desks would ease in-migration processs. In add-on, the terminus would besides have 48 contact bases and 75 aerobridges with 9 distant bases for aircraft.

The two tier terminus edifice would have the going composite on the upper degree and the reachings on the lower degree. The roof of the edifice will hold stylized scratchs to let daytime, but will be angled to protect the inside from direct sunshine. The consequence would make a unagitated environment and maximise the sense of volume, infinite and light indoors. The usage of natural visible radiation would cut down the dependence on unreal visible radiation during twenty-four hours clip.

The reaching hall will have both standard and broad organic structure luggage reclaim belts, Passengers will emerge from bag reclaim into the Internal Landside Arrivals Concourse from where theodolite riders would utilize lifts to continue to the Departures degree. 4 wharfs will supply entree to the aircraft from the terminus.
Entree to the new terminus would be via a 6 lane attack route. The Airport would besides be connected via dedicated high velocity Metro line linking to the metropolis Centre.




16 kilometer / 10 stat mis from metropolis Centre




11 29 ( 4430m / 14619 foot )
10 28 ( 3810 m / 12573 foot )
09 27 ( 2813 m / 9282 foot )

Sum Terminal

Terminal 1 – Domestic ( T1A/T1D Departures, T1C Arrival )
Terminal 2 – International
Terminal3 – Under Construction
Haj Terminal ( for usage during Haj season )
International Cargo Terminal

Entire PASSENGER TRAFFIC ( 2008 09 )

22.84 Million


0.23 million


0.43 Million Tonnes ( MT )

ILS Category

CAT IIIB on tracks 11/29 and 28


GMR Group

GMR Group is a Bangalore headquartered planetary substructure major with involvements in Agri concern Airports, Energy, Highways and Urban Infrastructure ( including SEZ ) . Founded in 1978, by its Chairman G.M. Rao, the Group has grown into a well diversified and professionally managed organisation. Using the public private partnership theoretical account, the Group has successfully implemented several substructure undertakings and is in the procedure of developing several others, both in India and abroad.

The Group has three operational power workss and seven workss which are under assorted phases of development. In its main roads concern, of the six route undertakings, five are operational and one is fast nearing completion.

The Group is responsible for the development and direction of the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport ( RGIA ) , Hyderabad and the Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. The Hyderabad International Airport built by the Group along with its pool spouses, is the state ‘s first Greenfield airdrome, which commenced operations on March 23, 2008. The Group is besides overhauling the IGI Airport in clip for the Commonwealth games in 2010.

The Group has besides ventured into the country of Sports by advancing the Indian Premier League squad cricket squad – ‘Delhi Daredevils. ‘ Through this enterprise, it is committed to advance the popular athletics of cricket at the grass root degree.

After holding established its certificates as a taking substructure company within the state, the Group is now looking at spread outing its concern globally. Its first planetary venture involves edifice, and runing the Sabiha Gokcen International Airport in Istanbul, Turkey for a period of 20 old ages, along with its pool spouses. The Group has besides acquired 50 % interest in Intergen a taking planetary power coevals public-service corporation. The International Business Division ( IBD ) headquartered in London and manages these undertakings.

The Group is besides active in the country of Corporate Social Responsibility through its CSR arm, the GMR Varalakshmi Foundation. The Foundation ‘s authorization is to develop societal substructure and heighten the quality of life of communities around the concern operations at all the locations. It focuses loosely on instruction ; wellness ; hygiene and sanitation ; authorization and supports ; and community development. Today, the GMR Varalakshmi Foundation has a presence at over 15 locations across the state.

Airport Authority of India

AAI is responsible for the proviso of airdrome substructure, airdrome care and air traffic control services in India. AAI is constituted under the Airports Authority of India Act, 1994 and is responsible for civil airdromes and civil rider enclaves at defense mechanism airdromes.


Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide is a planetary airdrome operator that offers comprehensive airdrome direction services including terminal and traffic direction, luggage and lading handling, air power land handling, air power security and consulting. It operates airdromes in Germany, Turkey & A ; Peru. Its flagship Frankfurt Main Airport is ranked amongst the top 10 airdromes in the universe.

Eraman Malaysia

Eraman Malaysia is the retail arm of Malayan Airport Retentions Berhad ( MAHB ) . It is largest airdrome retail and commercial belongings developer in Malaysia. Eraman has more than 40 mercantile establishments at assorted international and domestic airdromes across Malaysia, including universe celebrated Kuala Lumpur International Airport ( KLIA ) .

India Development Fund

IDF is India ‘s largest private equity fund focused on substructure development in India with a principal of Rs. 8,437 million. The chief investors are Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation ( IDFC PE ) , Life Insurance Corporation of India, State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda and Union Bank of India.


The undertaking states that an analysis of the luggage clip has to be done from the aircraft until it is cleared and besides observing the usage of the iPOS machines.

There is a format as to how the full analysis is carried out.

Equally shortly as the aircraft is ONBL ( On Block “Chokes On” ) the analysis of luggage starts from that clip till it arrives on the conveyor belts at the BBA ( Baggage Break up Area ) and cleared.

The things to be taken into consideration are as follows:

Bay figure

Flight figure

Type of Aircraft

Number of streetcars

Number of tractors

Number of staff


On Block Time

First bag from Aircraft

Last bag from Aircraft

First bag on belt

Last bag on belt

I POS usage

Entire clip taken

All these activities are carried out on the airside and this is done on a row footing.

At the same clip the facilitation of the initial public offering is besides done.

Row 1:

Baies: 1 14

Row 3:

Baies: 19 30

New rider terminus edifice 1 D.

General Aviation:

Baies 156 168

Row 5 has three lanes/stands:

Baies: 121 132

Baies: 134 142

Baies: 143 152

This is the BBA where the conveyor belts are present every bit good as the initial public offering machines

Row 4:

Baies: 31 40 Degree centigrade

Row 2:

Baies: 15 18

*There are presently 3 tracks and 5 taxi strips at DIAL.

A typical position at any Ramp Operations would look as follows:

Ramp: Region of aircraft motion and parking.

The airdrome incline or apron is portion of an airdrome. It is normally the country where the aircrafts are parked, unloaded or loaded, refueled, boarded, etc. Although the usage of the apron is covered by rigorous ordinances to guarantee safety at the operational side, such as illuming on vehicles, it is typically more accessible to users than the track or taxi strip. However, the apron is non normally unfastened to the general populace and a licence may be required to derive entree.

The usage of the apron may be controlled by the apron direction service ( apron control or apron advisory ) . This would typically supply a coordination service between the users.

The words “ apron ” and “ incline ” are used interchangeably in most fortunes. By and large, the pre flight activities are done in inclines ; and countries for parking & A ; care are called aprons. Passenger Gatess are the chief characteristic of a terminal incline.

The study focuses on the kernel of ‘BAGGAGE TIME FRAME FROM THE RAMP TO THE BREAK UP AREA ‘ and to understand and advise of the cognition of operations and activities carried out at the incline.

The apron is designated by the ICAO as non being portion of the maneuvering country. All vehicles, aircraft and people utilizing the apron are referred to as apron traffic. This apron traffic has to be kept in control and should be stipulated to a minimal figure in order to guarantee easy flow of apron traffic, guarantee ramp safety.


The full signifier of APRON is Accident prone country.

This is the country where the aircraft Parkss and boarding and debarkation of riders and lading takes topographic point.

The vehicular lane is non straight- Zig zig paths for vehicular motion ‘s leads to more travel distance, therefore more travelling clip.

Vehicular lane is same for reaching and going motions.

New tractor drivers take clip to acquire familiar with the exact location of bays, particularly at dark.

Vehicular lane is narrow between bays 125 & A ; 126. When aircrafts are parked between both these bays, traffic motion is obstructed.

Besides a cheque on the use of the iPOS machines installed at the BBA was to be done.

DIAL has introduced the iPOS machines at the BBA ( Baggage Break up Area ) in Terminal 1 C ( Domestic Arrivals ) with consequence from 9th April, 2009.

These systems stand at every belt country in the BBA.

These are synergistic touch screen systems designed in such a manner that every bit shortly as the luggage enters the BBA ( via streetcar ) and the 1st bag is loaded on the belt there is an interface on the system which shows the position of the flight and the first bag luggage position ( which has to be clicked every bit shortly as the luggage is loaded on the belt ) .

The same has to be done for the last bag every bit good.

The Domestic Arrival hall of DIAL has 8 conveyor belts for luggage.

The BBA besides has 8 operation initial public offering machines attached at every belt.

A day-to-day study is car generated at 3 a.m via electronic mail.

initial public offering are the machines that have been provided to GMR DIAL by “AGS InfoTech” who have their central offices at Lower Parel, Mumbai.

AGS InfoTech was set up in 2003 as a chief distributer for Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH and Postec. The company offers engineering based solutions for the Banking, Petroleum, Retail and Postal sectors.

AGS provides the following for the retail industry:

Offers retail POS, Store Automation Peripherals, Store Automation Solutions, Information Kiosks, Utility Payment Kiosks, Internet Kiosks, Photo Kiosks, Multimedia Music Kiosks, Check in and Check out Kiosks, Airline Kiosks and many other Customized Application Kiosks.

What is iPOS?

There is no such full signifier of initial public offering. It is merely a theoretical account name by AGS InfoTech who is the chief distributer for Wincor Nixdorf International.

It is known as Beetle initial public offering which is the latest compact retail workstation that meets the of all time altering demands of both the cordial reception and the retail market.

With its little footmark, the Beetle initial public offering can accommodate to any environment without dearly-won redevelopments to the bing checkstands. It comes in both compact every bit good as modular theoretical account. With the compact design, one can optimise investings without restricting the peripheral picks or enlargement slots.

The Beetle initial public offering supports most Microsoft runing systems like DOS, WIN 95/98, WIN NT and WIN 2000.

The Beetle initial public offering fits seamlessly into the unfastened criterion scope of the Beetle POS Family. It can br configured with easiness, therefore doing it of one of the most efficient POS in its category.

With its low cost monetary value characteristic, the Beetle initial public offering is packed with characteristics runing from RF LAN to Dual Screen capablenesss. Processor offerings start from Intel Celeron up to Pentium III 1 Ghz. Base memory is offered at 64 MB up to 512 MB.

The Beetle initial public offering is an ideal mechanization solution for retail operation demands, merely because it:

Maximizes selling chances at the point of gross revenues.

Retail huskiness and dependability cut down the cost of downtime and care.

Can be optimized without restricting peripheral picks of enlargement options.

Open architecture for seller independency.

Less migration concerns with debut of new engineering.

Familiar runing system environment for lower preparation and support cost.

How to utilize the initial public offering?

Click the FIRST BAG button before off lading the luggage on the belt.

Enter the base on balls codification 1234 on this screen, and so snap OK.

Check that the position alterations to FIRST BAG.

After the last bag is away loaded on the belt, click the LAST BAG button.

Enter the base on balls codification 1234 on this screen, and so snap OK.


To analyze the factors doing hold of luggage at Terminal 1 C ( Domestic reachings ) at IGIA and suggest betterments ( if any ) .

To guarantee right use of IPOS is done for all flights, viz a viz the following parametric quantities:
All Flights are punched on IPOS machines.
Entries for Both first Bag & A ; Last Bag are punched.
The entries are as per the existent luggage offloading timings.

To Increase the adaptability of air hoses forces in utilizing IPOS at Terminal 1 C, IGIA.

*A correct use will guarantee coevals of dependable studies which can be used for farther determination devising.


Primary information was collected utilizing samples.

All the 152 bays were divided into 5 rows based on their propinquity to the terminal edifice. Random Samples are taken from each row of bays.

Data was collected on Following Parameters:

Bay Number

Staff available at Ramp

Time taken to offload First Bag ( from Aircraft )

Time taken to offload Last Bag ( from Aircraft )

Time taken for Tractor / Trolley motion

Staff at BBA

A sample of the manner informations was collected is shown:



Staff AT

Bay no.

Flight no.

Type of Aircraft



No. of Tractors



Constraint ( s )

initial public offering use






First Bag

Last Bag

Trolley Left At


Trolley Reached

First bag

Last Bag

Entire clip taken

This analysis is done from the Bay ( incline ) to the BBA in the undermentioned mode:

The “May Fly” ( Staff Pages ) for the reachings is taken from the AOCC ( Airport Operations Control Centre ) which lists the aircraft timings ( ETA Estimated clip of reaching ) and bay allotment Numberss.

By acquiring the above inside informations one can take the undermentioned steps at the incline to analyse the information after the ATA Actual clip of reaching of the aircraft.

The Bay Number is noted.

The figure of streetcars, conveyor belts and staff are noted.

The ONBL ( On Block “Chokes On” ) clip of the aircraft is noted.

The Type of Aircraft.

The Flight figure of the several air hose.

First bag & A ; Last bag clip from the aircraft clasp.

The clip at which the tractor left with the streetcars.

Constraints if any.

*All these exercisings are carried out merely at the ramp country.

At the BBA luggage interruption up country the followers has to be noted:

Number of staff nowadays at the belt country.

Time at which the streetcar reached.

Time at which the first bag was loaded onto the belt.

Time at which the last bag was loaded on belt.

Check whether or non the first bag has been punched on the initial public offering by the luggage helper at the clip of lading it onto the belt.

Check whether or non the last bag has been punched on the initial public offering by the luggage helper at the clip of lading it onto the belt.

Calculate the entire clip taken from the first bag and last bag on the initial public offering every bit good as the clip the first bag and last bag ranges from the aircraft.

Constraints if any.

*All these exercisings are carried out at the interruption up country merely.

Average First Bag Time from ONBL

Row Numbers:


Row 1


Row 2


Row 3


Row 4


Row 5


Average Last Bag Time from ONBL

Row Numbers:


Row 1


Row 2


Row 3


Row 4


Row 5


Congestion AT THE BBA

Congestion at Baggage interrupt up country is another major cause for the hold of luggage.

Following factors contribute to congestion:

Unmanned empty streetcars restrict the infinite for motion of tractors.

When two flights are allocated on the same belt and the luggage arrives at the same time.

Belt Numberss 6 and 7 have a narrow facia, so merely one streetcar can be offloaded at a clip.

Overloading by off stevedores:

Baggage streetcars are frequently overloaded, therefore return of falling of luggage additions, which is unsafe every bit good as clip consuming and besides contributes to farther luggage holds.

Other grounds for the hold of luggage at the reaching belt country

If the tractor drivers transporting luggage disobey the apron drive regulations, they are fined on the topographic point by Follow Me inspectors which lead to holds.

VIP Motions:

Vehicular motions are wholly stopped during VIP motions.

Ill maintained tractors tend to breakdown therefore taking to holds.

Some air hoses use a individual off stevedore at the BBA to murder load luggage from the streetcars, which lead to an increased offloading clip and therefore more belt tenancy times.

*For every individual luggage streetcar there can be a possibility of three stevedores to off burden an burden the luggage on the belt at a clip.

Rollers at Ramp matching to belt figure 7 are non working decently, taking to requirement of more work force and wastage of clip.

Potholes at the BBA leads to falling of luggage.

Air India ‘s vehicles parked in the BBA attention deficit disorder to infinite restraint.

Airlines park their tractors and streetcars in the BBA attention deficit disorder to infinite restraints.

Use of truck by Jet Airways to offload Baggage at the BBA besides adds to infinite restraints.

Facilitation OF THE initial public offering MACHINES

As all the above mentioned is being carried out the usage of initial public offering has besides to be monitored in order to see the first bag and last bag clip difference at the belt country.

Equally shortly as the aircraft arrives and its belt is allocated at the reachings the same is displayed on the iPOS machines and on the assorted FIDS ( Flight Information Display System ) at every belt inside the reaching hall.

So every bit shortly as the 1st bag is punched on the initial public offering machine the position on the FIDS web besides changes to “Baggage Arrived.”

And every bit shortly as the Last bag is punched on the initial public offering machine the position on the FIDS web alterations to “Baggage Cleared.”


Monitoring of the clip utilised to travel through the procedure of luggage distribution.

IPOS updated show screens helps in helping riders.

Data supported studies.

In instance of any hold in luggage bringing prompt action could be taken.

Improvement in Airport service quality evaluation.


Reluctance of Airlines forces in utilizing IPOS systems.

Some minor defects in design which lead to human mistakes while use.

False punching by air hose staff which leads to coevals of undependable studies.

Unserviceability of IPOS machines.

Comparison of I Pos Use for the Past three months:


Code of Airline

Entire Flights

I pos Used ( SP )

I pos Used ( DP )

Percentage ( SP )

Percentage ( DP )

Information technology




































Intelligence community















Key: **SP=Single Punch ( First Bag ) DP=Double Punch ( First Bag & A ; Last Bag )

Percentage Colour Word picture

Below 60 %

60 % 80 %

Above 80 %


Code of Airline

Entire Flights

I pos Used ( SP )

I pos Used ( DP )

Percentage ( SP )

Percentage ( DP )

Information technology




































Intelligence community















Key: **SP=Single Punch ( First Bag ) DP=Double Punch ( First Bag & A ; Last Bag )

Percentage Colour Word picture

Below 60 %

60 % 80 %

Above 80 %


Code of Airline

Entire Flights

I pos Used ( SP )

I pos Used ( DP )

Percentage ( SP )

Percentage ( DP )

Information technology




































Intelligence community















Key: **SP=Single Punch ( First Bag ) DP=Double Punch ( First Bag & A ; Last Bag )

Percentage Colour Word picture

Below 60 %

60 % 80 %

Above 80 %

Graphic Representation of Usage of I Pos ( SP ) :


These include the clouts merely of the first bag on the iPOS machines.

Graphic Representation of Usage of I Pos ( DP ) :


These include the clouts of the first and last bag on the iPOS machines.


A pictural representation of operating instructions should be pasted besides each initial public offering machine.

A ‘Demo ‘ manner option could be proposed for each initial public offering machine.

iPOS machines should hold bigger keys in order to do it easy for users to plug it the base on balls codifications.

Alternatively, the Pass codification option can be eliminated from the package. ( Since the base on balls codification is same for all air hoses and there are no security / confidentiality issues. )

initial public offering screen visibleness drops significantly due to contemplation of sunshine, hence, a shed should be installed ( re installed ) over each machine.

The first and the last luggage entry on the initial public offering should be reflected/connected straight to the computing machine system at the help desk at Terminal 1 C in a specified format which would be monitored by the CSC ‘s i.e. whenever any entry is been made on the initial public offering it depicts on the computing machine screen wherein the CSC ‘s allocated there can supervise the anomalousnesss and advice the concerned air hoses at that place and so for disciplinary action heightening the use of initial public offering system.

In order to increase efficiency of the initial public offering machines the followers could be done:

Equally shortly as the first bag is punched merely so will the conveyor belt start.

And every bit shortly as the last bag is punched so merely will the conveyor belt halt.

In instance there are two reachings taking topographic point on the same belt and machine so every bit shortly as the last bag of the 2nd arriving flight is punched so merely will the belt halt.

In instance the last bag has been left unpunched so there could be an machine-controlled system which will close down the belt in some given clip.


The undertaking was for a period of 1 and a half month.

The analysis done was merely this clip.

A presentation for the same was given at GMR DIAL.

The analysis of luggage and of initial public offerings were submitted and there was action taken

Namely: For initial public offering:

The keys were font size was changed when a suggestion was made the same.

The information sheet that is generated daily for initial public offering at 3 a.m was besides changed as per the suggestions given. The 1st bag clip & A ; last bag clip from ONLB ( ON Block ) and the clip difference for both have been included.

After proposing that there should be a instructions exposing how to utilize the initial public offering the same was done.

The full observations at the airside was taken down with the aid of the “Follow Me” inspectors who made it a point to take me to the assorted bays and convey me back.


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