The Ugly Ducking Sample Essay

* Alif as Father Duck / Hunter
* Auzy Yoana Khalisha as Child 3 / “Beautiful” Ugly Duckling
* Desti Kumalasari as Mother Duck / Old Lady
* Fina Salsabila as Animal 2 / Child 2 / Swan 1
* Gita Permata Aryati as Narrator
* Nur Atmi Pertiwi as Animal 1 / Child 1 / Swan 2
* Rani Nuraini as The Ugly Duckling

Narrator: Once upon a clip. in a peaceable river bank. mother duck and father duck is waiting for their eggs to hatch. They’ve been waiting for yearss to play with their darling ducklings.
Mother Duck: “Why my eggs haven’t hatched yet? I want to play with my ducklings soo bad… oh god please hatch them shortly ”
Father Duck: “Be patient favorite. I’m certain they’ll hatch shortly ”
Narrator: And eventually. at one beautiful and cheery forenoon. their eggs started to hatch one by one.
Mother Duck: “Oh my God! Finally! My eggs hatches! Oh my beautiful ducklings. Come. come to Momma! Oh honey. expression! Expression at our beautiful ducklings”

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Father Duck: “Oh my god… Yes darl. our ducklings are soo beautiful…
I’ll go and tell everyone that our eggs have hatched! ”
Narrator: They were soo happy. Father duck instantly went to state everyone. When he goes. mother duck started to number her ducklings. when she realized that one of her egg haven’t hatched yet. It was the last and biggest egg of them all.

Mother Duck: “Hmm… I wonder why it hasn’t hatched yet. Naah. I’ll delay for this one to hatch and so i will certainly play with my childs. But why does this egg looks soo different? Hmm. i hope this egg will be worth the delay. ”

Narrator: Mother duck was confused. But she continues to wait and wait… trusting that this different egg hatches to be the most beautiful of them all. But her hope clangs when the last egg eventually hatched…

Ugly Duckling: “Quack quack! Mother. Mother! ! ! Quack quack! ! ”
Mother Duck: “What the… WHO ARE YOU? ! ”
Ugly Duckling: “Huh? Of class I’m your daughter… quack quack”
Mother Duck: “But why do you… . Nevermind. ”
Narrator: Mother duck was confused. What appears before her is one large. filthy. and ugly duckling with sharp voice. soo different with the other ducklings. Not long after that. Father duck came. Mother duck tried to conceal the ugly duckling. but then…

Ugly Duckling: “Father! Is that my Father. Mom? Quack”
Mother Duck: “Uh… Oh. . Why you. . errrr”
Father Duck: “WHAT? YOU’RE ONE OF MY DUCKLING? Hey you @ # $ % ^ & A ; * & A ; ^ % $ # ! ! ! ! are you holding an matter behind me? ! Why does THAT duckling looks soo ugly? ! She’s non my duckling! ! ! ”
Mother Duck: “No honey no… I will ne’er hold an matter I’m confused as well… there’s no manner that she’s one of our duckling. I refuse to see her as one of my duckling ”

Father Duck: “Is that so? Well… but why does she look so ugly? ! ”
Mother Duck: “How in the universe could i know why she looks like that… I decidedly won’t admit her! ”
Narrator: Mother and Father Duck didn’t realize that the Ugly Duckling is listening to their hateful conversation behind them… the Ugly Duckling felt so sad. It turned out that her parents weren’t the lone 1s who mocked her. The other animate beings. and even her siblings besides mocked her everytime they met.

Animal 1 & A ; 2: “Hey buddies! ”
Ducklings: “Yo what’s up! ”
Animal 1: “Let’s pl… Look expression! Here comes the ugly duckling! Eewww”
Animal 2: “Let’s travel off guys! ! ! Beautiful animate being like us should ne’er hang out with a animal every bit ugly as her! Bye! ”
Duckling 1: “Look! Everyone got off because we’re with you. foul Duckling! ! ! ”
Ugly Duckling: “But. . one didn’t do anything wrong… ”
Narrator: The other ducklings instantly left her entirely. The ugly duckling felt so sad and tired of all animate beings that mocked her. Until one twenty-four hours. she decided to go forth her household. She wanders entirely. non cognizing where to travel and what to do… she was being mocked by all the animate being that she met in her manner. It made her experience more. and more sad. She continues to roll farther until one day…

Old Lady: “Oh expression! What is she making puting in my field? How hapless she is. . ”
Narrator: The Ugly Duckling was found by the old lady while she was kiping in that lady’s field. The old lady so decided to pick up the ugly duckling. thought that she may acquire some benefit by taking attention of the ugly duckling.

Old lady: “Come. come… Eventhough you’re ugly. i’m certain you will be utile for me. ”
Ugly Duckling: “Quack. quack… What a nice old lady she is… at that place has ne’er been person that of all time wanted to take attention of me…”
Narrator: The old lady so conveying the ugly duckling into her hut. where they were greeted by the old lady’s 3 granddaughters. Her granddaughters were so aroused cognizing that their grandma brought them a duckling

Old lady: “Hello kids! Look what i brought for you all! ”
Child1. 2. 3: “What grandma? ”
Child 1: “Is it flower? ”
Child 2: “Is it barbie? ”
Child 3: “Is it prince capturing? ”
Old Lady: “No. no. no… Tadaaa! ”

Ugly Duckling: “Quack… quack… hullo at that place! Quack… quack…”
Child1. 2. 3: “Whooah! ! ! What an ugly duckling! Thank you granny! ”
Child 1: “Come here. come here! Let’s drama! ”
Child 2: “Look at how bantam she is! ”
Child 3: “But why is she ugly and entirely? ”
Child1. 2. 3: “Don’t concern. we’ll accompany you. ”
Old Lady: “Remember to take good attention of her and don’t forget to feed her every bit good. ”
Child1. 2. 3: “Yes grandma! ”
Narrator: Now. the ugly duckling is no longer lonely. The kids ever play with her. But as the clip base on ballss by. they got bored with her and even tortured her. The Old lady besides didn’t attention about the ugly duckling any longer. she even wanted to cook the ugly duckling!

Child 1: “You ugly duckling! Why are you so tiring? ”
Child 2: “Yeah! All you can make is merely quacking! ”
Child 3: “Yeah! ! Even your quack is ugly! ! ! ”
Child 1. 2. 3: “Huaaaa grandma! ! ! We don’t want this ugly duckling! ! We want new toooy huaaaa”
Old Lady: “Yes my dear… i’m acquiring bored with this ugly duckling every bit good. She couldn’t produce any egg! And she’s non even any good looking to eat! What should we make with her? ”

Ugly Duckling: “B. . BB. . but… I didn’t do anything wrong… quack. . quack. . drama with me. play with me! Quack quack! ! ”
Narrator: The hapless ugly duckling kept on quacking. Her awful voice filled the whole room. and it made the old lady every bit good as her granddaughters become really. really irritated!
Child 1. 2. 3: “SHUT UP YOU UGLY DUCKLING! ”
Old Lady: “Huh! I couldn’t stand it any longer. this raging duckling. It
turns out that picking you up is a error! Get out of this house! ”

Ugly Duckling: “B. . bbb. bbut you guys were so nice to me before… quack… don’t acquire me out of this house… noooo! ! ! Quack! ! ”
Child 1: “Granny. why does this stupid duckling quack got even louder? It’s annoying my ear! ”
Child 2: “Granny. please throw her off! ! ”
Child 3: “Yes grandma! Please! ! ”
Narrator: The old lady was merely about to kick the ugly duckling out from her house when the ugly duckling all of a sudden ran off through the opened window nearby and shout all the manner out. Now. the ugly duckling travels entirely. once more. On her manner. she saw a group of beautiful swan rolling their wings.

Ugly Duckling: “Oh God… why am I this ugly? God… I want to be every bit beautiful as those swans… ah… it’s no usage wishing that. . it’s a want that would ne’er came true…”
Narrator: The ugly duckling continues to roll entirely. Days turns to hebdomads. hebdomads turns to month. and on one bright twenty-four hours. something shocked the alone ugly duckling.
Hunter: “HA! I got you beautiful! ”
Ugly Duckling: “Huh? Haaa? What’s this thing around me? ! Aaa aid! Aid! ! Quack quack~ ! ”
Hunter: “Be quiet you duckling! Hahaha let’s travel place! ”
Ugly Duckling: “Quack quack… delay. didn’t he name me beautiful? Quack quack… this cat must be blind… but thank you sir. you’re the first 1! ! Ah. he must be really nice! ”

Hunter: “QUIET! ! ! ”
Narrator: It turned out that the ugly duckling got caught by a huntsman. What she didn’t know. is that the huntsman is non a good adult male. and he is besides a chef!
Hunter: “Hohoho! Welcome to my beautiful sign of the zodiac. beautiful! Here. you could wait here… be a nice miss okaay! ”
Ugly Duckling: “Whoa! ! ! A aureate coop! ! This cat is certainly a nice cat! Thank you sir. thank you! ! Quack! ”
Narrator: The ugly duckling was fascinated by the epicurean installations she got in the hunter’s sign of the zodiac. She was being fed mundane with ace delightful nutrient that the huntsman made. She doesn’t know that the hunter’s true purpose is to cook her!

Hunter: “Mwahahaha! I believe this duckling is already chubby plenty. Huff. I can’t delay to savor it’s stamp meat inside my mouth… hmmm sooo delightful! ! ”
Narrator: The huntsman so continues to read the recipe book as he prepares to cook the ugly duckling. He forgot to lock the ugly duckling’s coop and didn’t realize that she was descrying on him!
Ugly Duckling: “Oh there you are my maestro! Hmmm… what a nice odor! What is he traveling to cook following? I can’t wait quack! Oh there’s a image! Wait… the image somehow looks similar with someyhing… hmm… WAIT. IS THAT ME HE’S GOING TO COOK? ? QUACK QUACK QUACK! ! ”

Hunter: “Oh hello there my dinner! Mwahahaha! Don’t run off from me! ”
Ugly Duckling: “I thought you’re nice! Quack! I am sooo traveling to acquire out from here! ! ! Quck Quack! ”
Hunter: “Hey you! Don’t run off! ! Hey! ! You’re my dinner! ! Come back here! ! ”
Ugly Duckling: “Kyaaaa! Quack quack! ! I must salvage myself! ! ! ”
Narrator: The ugly duckling run every bit fast as she can. She ran soo fast and acquiring farther from the hunter’s house. She felt really sad to be back in her alone journey
Ugly Duckling: “Huh… there’s truly no 1 Nice to me in this universe. Everyone is bogus. Is this my destiny. being a lone wolf like this? Oh God…”
Narrator: While she was speaking to her ain ego. a group of beautiful swan is playing in the nearby pool. When she passes them. suddenly…
Ugly Duckling: “Ah. those beautiful swans again… it must be nice being them. got praised by everyone in the world… non like me…”
Swan 1: “Hey beautiful. where are you traveling? ”

Ugly Duckling: “Eh? Are you speaking to me? ”
Swan 2: “Who else could she be speaking to? Ofcourse she’s speaking to you! Hahaha”
Ugly Duckling: “But… i’m non beautiful… non like you guys…”
Swan 1: “What? Are you pull the leg ofing me? Hey! Come here…”
Narrator: The swans asked the ugly duckling to come closer to them. Near adequate to see her ain contemplation in the pool. And what appears before her surprises the ugly duckling. No. she’s no longer a ugly duckling! A beautiful white feathered swan is what she saw as her ain contemplation!

Swan 2: “See? Who said you’re ugly? ”
Ugly Duckling: “But… I was… who… WHO’S THAT? Is. . is it truly me? ? ? Oh my god… God! You hear my supplication! ! ! ”
Swan 1: “Hahaha you’re good story! Are you entirely? If yes. you could fall in us! ”
Ugly Duckling: “Rr…really? I could fall in you ridicule? ? You don’t count? ? ”
Swan 2: “Ofcourse you can. why non? Hahaha semen. let’s travel! ”
Narrator: The ugly duckling became the member of the beautiful swan’s group. She’s no longer the ugly duckling that used to be mocked by everyone. Now. everytime she’s about. everybody praised her. adoring how beautiful she is. What we can larn from this narrative is to be proud of who we are. Because God created us for a ground. and will ne’er give us nil but the best. We can besides larn non to judge a book by it’s screen. Which means we must non judge people merely because of their visual aspect. because visual aspect doesn’t ever reflect the individual they truly are.


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