The Ultimate E-Business Essay

With the creative activity of the internet tradition concerns have taken on a new signifier and has allowed new channels for carry oning concern. Since the birth of the internet e-commerce and e-business have developed into a comparatively new manner of developing a concern theoretical account. One such successful online auction endeavor, known as eBay, is the universe ‘s largest and most popular person-to-person trading community on the cyberspace. Within the following few pages, this paper will analyze the usage of e-commerce and the consequence it ‘s had on eBay, eBay ‘s schemes and concern theoretical account and eBay ‘s internal analysis of their strengths and failings and an external analysis of their chances and menaces.

EBay is a company that could non be without the cyberspace and has succeeded in making a new manner to make concern. Having an on-line auction site where 1000000s of purchasers and Sellerss can interchange about any point, eBay has survived and even thrived in this new electronic market germinating and turning its concern devising eBay the go-to topographic point on the cyberspace.

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EBay has been able to keep its ruling place in the e-marketplace for several grounds. For one, they are a really diverse company. They provide a really appealing service non merely to single clients, but big corporate concern as good which differentiates them from the competition. From aggregators to insouciant Sellerss, eBay ‘s client base is every bit diverse as the merchandises that are offered on the eBay web site. In add-on to diversifying their clients and their merchandises, eBay has expanded their concern globally by ramifying out into over 30 states and an estimated 181 million users. ( Gottlieb, 2006 )

Financially, eBay has zero debt and hard currency flow coevals rate of $ 3 billion yearly with $ 3.7 billion hard currency in manus. ( Moritz,2008 )

The manner eBay stays on top of its industry is by utilizing a wide distinction scheme. They have created value that entreaties to their clients through several ways. The first is with offering a assortment of merchandises that clients can seek the site and happen virtually anything.

EBay has done a good occupation to shut the spread between concern and clients by leting them to experience like they are a portion of a community. With the ability to see feedback, sentiments, and feelings of other users has become a powerful tool that builds client relationships.

A 3rd scheme is the creative activity of a alone and user friendly web site that sets them apart from other sites. Along with the web site comes the creative activity of the catchy eBay trade name name thats evolved into the common family name when speaking about online purchasing which gives eBay a distinguishable advantage over other on-line auctions.

Last, eBay ‘s planetary expanding and big transnational client base is surely unmatched by its challengers.

EBay has besides played out three chief from the execution their concern theoretical account. They started out by constructing strategic partnerships and so looked for client feedback to invariably do alterations and betterments. Last, they monitored its internal and external environments for possible chances.

In sing these internal and external analyses of eBay, a step of how all factors, both positive and negative, are provided to give a clear image of the current province of this concern.

The strengths of eBay would include that they are the largest on-line auction and customer-to-customer trading in the universe with a extremely recognizable trade name name. They offer a sense of community while holding a planetary range with over 250 confederations with some of the largest companies in the universe. This so creates more chances to publicize and make many more clients.

EBay does utilize a really good hunt engine that helps clients find precisely what they are looking for with a really entertaining site with good over 27,000 different classs for clients to shop from. Even with all the different classs, eBay has zero stock lists and does non utilize a tradition gross revenues force.

EBay, merely like any other concern, has failings. The most outstanding failing would be eBay ‘s inability to supervise all illegal activity. EBay has tried to take as many safeguards to forestall illegal activity on their site, but this is no perfect solution to this job.

With runing an e-business there is ever engineering bugs or possible plan jobs and hackers that dissuade clients from utilizing it. EBay needs to take steps to heighten their system and engineering to forestall jobs and besides work with more internet security bureaus to construct a safer wall of protection against client ‘s private informations.

The last failing would include eBay ‘s inability to hold in depth descriptions for merchandises. Even though this procedure does fall on to the marketer, there tends to be factor in forgery and ill identified merchandises sold to clients.

Traveling into chances, eBay has to go on its growing throughout the Earth and enter desirable international markets. The U.S. market has the largest eBay registered users and it ‘s critical for eBay to make international clients.

EBay has a great potency to spread out by the acquisitions of other companies. EBay purchased Skype Technologies for $ 2.6 billion in 2007. EBay has been purchasing up houses – including on-line payment company PayPal – in an attempt to increase the figure of services it offers to assist spread out its market portion and to assist maintain its net incomes turning. ( Bloor, 2008 )

As new engineering expands and broadens the usage of the cyberspace non merely provides new chances, but besides many menaces. There are more and more rivals come ining the e-business universe that offer similar merchandises and services such as, uBid, and ePier.

Traveling planetary does hold its effects with international rivals viing in their ain markets may hold the cultural experience that could give them a competitory advantage over eBay.

There will ever be the menace of fraud and illegal actions in on-line shopping. Computer hackers and stealers will ever happen new ways to flim-flam honest shoppers no affair how many safeguards eBay takes.

In measuring eBay ‘s concern, it could be observed that utilizing information engineering has enabled eBay to be one a leader in this new e-business universe. EBay ‘s has become a diversified concern, but non merely the merchandises they offers but besides their client base and planetary extent. By eBay utilizing distinction scheme eBay offers a client a one halt store for anything you are looking for. EBay has become a really successful e-business and is on the right path for convenience, assortment of goods and services, security of minutess and handiness in all signifiers, while run intoing its client ‘s demands better than any viing service.

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