The Understanding Of Market Opportunities Fashion Essay

In order to be successful in concern, it is of import to analyze the available market chances and bing rivals so that one can give accurate net income projections. Analyzing the possible market is really of import since market schemes are formed on the footing of market survey. There are assorted facets in the macro-environment which are assessed in order to accurately understand the market. These include forces such as macroeconomic forces, demographic forces, natural forces, political forces, cultural forces, economic forces and technological forces. These forces will be studied in relation to the interior decorator vesture shop and its mark market. This will give an penetration on market chances present and schemes which should be used to work these chances.

There has been a gradual addition in ingestion of vesture non merely in the US but globally. Harmonizing to the Fashion Products Website ( 2010 ) , the dress market has grown steadily and will be deserving over $ 1.78 trillion by the terminal of 2010. In 2006, the value of the dress industry in the US was $ 500 million. The interior decorators vesture markets is besides turning steadily since consumers have information on market tendencies and are cognizant of what they want. There are certain challenges which face the vesture industry. The demand for merchandises is greater than the supply, and this is a challenge confronting manufacturers. In add-on to this, the production costs are higher in the US, and many houses are relocating production centres to Asiatic states where labour is cheaper.

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The Understanding Of Market Opportunities Fashion Essay
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Macroeconomic forces

Demographic forces

Demography represents the different features of the population which constitutes the mark market. The bulk of clients are adult females followed by kids and work forces severally. Harmonizing to Miller ( 2003 ) , cognizing these features determines the measures of vesture which will be stocked. They besides enable the concern to develop appropriate advertisement schemes which will provide for the different age groups. Since the bulk of our possible clients are adult females in the in-between age, this will enable us to hold merchandises which are consistent with their demands such as interior decorator pocketbooks, apparels, places and others.

Natural forces

Natural forces have a minimum impact on the interior decorator vesture industry. This vesture industry targets the upper societal categories, and these people are normally safeguarded against assorted types of hazards. Measures such as security, insurance and others are taken by the possible mark market, such that hazards are mitigated once they occur. This restores the possible clients to their fiscal degree before the happening of the hazard, which ensures a steady demand of interior decorator vesture by the upper societal category. In add-on to this, the United States has advanced sensing equipment for natural catastrophes, and these are normally predicted and steps taken early to extenuate losingss.

Political forces

The United States is stable politically, and there is really low hazard of political forces interfering with our mark market. Political uncertainness causes panic in the market and consumers are wary of passing big sums of money. They alternatively prefer to salvage it as they assess the political environment. However, since the United States is politically stable, this will hold a really low impact on the mark market.

Cultural forces

Culture is one facet which influences market penchants and trade in general. Different people have different cultural backgrounds and these steer them in determinations doing. It is of import to analyze the civilization of the possible market in order to offer merchandises which are acceptable to their beliefs and civilization in general. The mark market is preponderantly Protestant. A big proportion of vesture stocked will be nice and a type which members of this community would be comfy with. However, clients with different gustatory sensations and penchants will besides be catered for since they are every bit of import to the concern.

Economic forces

It has been discussed that the vesture industry, and specifically the interior decorator vesture industry is turning at a fast rate. There has besides been an addition in famous persons who endorse interior decorator vesture or fabricate their ain labels. This shows that there will be an addition in the market for interior decorator wear in the long tally. However, the planetary economic crisis may adversely impact the purchase of interior decorator wear by the market. The fiscal crisis has reduced disposable income and many people forego luxury goods. Since our concern targets the wealthy, the planetary crisis will hold a lower impact on the interior decorator wear vesture industry.

Technological forces

Technological forces greatly affect many industries since they influence invention. Invention is one of the best schemes of pulling possible clients. The interior decorator vesture industry requires innovation since merchandises are tailored harmonizing to client ‘s gustatory sensations, and they should stand for quality, clannishness and comfort. The industry requires engineering which improves quality of merchandises and reduces production cost. Since the current technological universe is altering in a rapid gait, engineering will act upon the ability to remain in front of competition.


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