The Unforgettable Day Essay

Know the events of Thursday June 28 2001, would forever change my life. This Is how It all started. Oh my Gosh! I had over slept and my friend, Jamie, was at the door knocking. We were supposed to go to Six Flags for my first time. I got up to let her in and hurried around to get ready. As a usual early morning tradition, I headed straight for the coffee pot, and I realized the coffee was still hot. Mom must have had a cup of coffee when she came In that morning. I woke up my roommate, Eddie, by scrounging around for a coffee cup. Jamie blurted, “Hurry up girl. We have to meet my sister at the school in twenty minutes. I replied, ” Okay. Be quiet so you will not wake up my mom. She just got home from work. “O As I turned to take a quick shower I went into my mom’s room, but she was not there. It was ten o’clock. She should have been home by now. Went to the kitchen table where she usually put her nursing bag down. Her bag was nowhere to be found. This caused me to get an unbelievable sick feeling In the pit of my stomach, although, as a nurse she occasionally works late. I turned to Eddie and asked if mom called or came home. Eddie said “no. “O I picked up the phenomenon to call the hospital to she if she worked late.

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The Unforgettable Day Essay
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Before I even had a chance to call, a Sheriffs car pulled up. I got a gut feeling that something was wrong and I felt sick and frightened. I picked up the phone and the phenomenon and ran to my mother’s room where I sat on the bed and waited. Jamie went outside to talk to the sheriff and I waited with such anticipation that I broke Into a cold sweat. I heard the door open and those seconds felt Like an eternity_ Jamie walked through my mother’s door with such a look on her face that it sent chills through out my body. My stomach was in my throat, but I was able to choke up the words to ask Jamie if everything was okay.

Jamie could not speak and her face was as white as a ghost. She looked like she was about to faint. I pleaded with her to tell me what was wrong, but she was unable to say anything. The only thing she could do was to motion for me to come here. I would not budge until she told me what was wrong. ” Is It my mom? Is she okay? ” I asked. Jamie slowly opens her mouth and says, ” Yes It Is about you mom. Come on baby, the sheriff wants to talk to you. “O I looked at her and asked one more time, “is she Jamie simply replies, “no. “O I slowly walked down the hall to the living room where the sheriff’s waiting for me.

As I saw him my heart immediately sank, and I froze in my spot. I did not want to hear those dreadful words that were for coming. The officer started to tell me something. I saw his mouth move but there were no sounds coming out. Could I not hear him? I felt something warm run down my face. I was crying, but I did not understand why. What has happened? The officer repeated himself; ” Your mother has been in a car accident on highway 31 in Morison, mama. I am sorry, but your mother has passed away. “+ I felt my blood turn cold as ice and drain from my body. I collapsed on the floor. This must be a dream.

I cannot believe that my mother, my best friend, could leave me. I regained use of my legs and sprinted to my mother’s room. I grabbed her perfumes and know why! I could not move or breathe, and my heart was in pieces. My mother, who was my best friend, the reason I felt I belonged had been taking away. So, what did I learn from that day? I learned never to leave things undone if all possible, that my mother gave me a lot of strength to make it in this world, and that life is to short not to love. I also learned not to live in the past, but live each day to the very fullest because you never know what each day might bring.


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