The unified process Essay

Question: The Unified Process ( UP ) was first developed by a company called Rational, which is now owned by IBM. On the IBM web site find any information about UP tools available through IBM/Rational. Describe what you find.

Below show some of the UP tools extracted from the IBM web site with descriptions included

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The unified process Essay
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RUP Tools:

Rational ClearCase:

  • Provides sophisticated ramification and graphical merge tools enable coincident entree to files and efficient usage of clip
  • It has flexible out of the box use theoretical account based on proved best patterns that increase squad productiveness and efficiency
  • It allows crystalline existent clip entree to files and directories virtually anyplace in the organisation.
  • Scales to any size squad from little workgroups to distributes enterprise squads to back up germinating organisational demands

Rational ClearQuest:

  • It tracks alterations, procedure mechanization, coverage and lifecycle traceability for better visibleness and control of the package development lifecycle.
  • It provides existent clip coverage and prosodies improves project visibleness and determination devising.
  • It has an out of the box Application Lifecycle Management ( ALM ) template that provides a solid foundation for ALM best patterns.
  • It has Integration with demands, development, physique, trial, deployment and portfolio direction tools that facilitates rapid response to alter

Rational RequisitePro:

  • It manages complexness with elaborate traceability positions that display parent- kid relationship
  • Mitigate undertaking hazard with show of demands that may impact by upstream or downstream alterations of demands
  • Align concern ends and aims with end deliverables through integrating with multiple tools in the IBM Rational package development and bringing platform
  • Improve productiveness by tracking alterations utilizing undertaking version comparings with XML-based undertaking baselines

Rational SoDA

  • Provides a individual interface that aids good known power publication tools
  • Generates paperss by pull outing the requested informations straight from the tool ‘s information depositories
  • Offers templets to promote the standardisation of papers types within a undertaking or throughout a company which customizes to follow with single undertaking ‘s criterion
  • Regenerates precise and up to day of the month paperss easy and preserves extra informations entry straight into the papers

Rational PurifyPlus

  • A dynamic package analysis tool designed to assist developers to compose faster and more dependable codifications
  • Includes four capablenesss which is memory debugging, memory leak sensing, public presentation profiling which high spot constrictions and codification coverage which identify untested codification with line degree preciseness

Rational Rose

  • Support decomposition of the theoretical account into versioned units called controlled units
  • Licenses theoretical account files and controlled units to be moved or copied among work countries by utilizing practical way map mechanism
  • Provides a separate tool called Model Integrator to compare and unify controlled units

Rational Method Composer

  • A flexible procedure direction platform with the comprehensive tooling and procedure library to assist companies implement effectual procedures for successful package and IT undertaking
  • Identify needed promotions by mapping patterns that can be incrementally adopted and improved for concern aim
  • Features over 100 selectable and customizable procedure counsel for work outing common concern, direction or concern jobs
  • Allows direction, authoring, germinating, mensurating and deploying effectual procedures tailored to project demands with an industry taking occultations based tools.
  • Provides the capableness to gaining control and keep your ain patterns and combine with IBM ‘s patterns and procedures for the best consequences

Rational Robot

  • Is a trial mechanization tool for functional testing of client waiter applications
  • Allows trial mechanization applied scientists to happen defects by widening trial books and to specify trial instances
  • Offers test instances for common objects and specialised trial instances to development environment objects
  • Aids in defects tracking, direction changing and demands traceability

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