The University of Warwick Essay

The University of Warwick

The University of Warwick is a taking university in England. An constituted member of the celebrated Russell Group ( sometimes referred to as Britain’s version of United States’ Ivy League ) , the University of Warwick is one of the country’s highest executing universities, with the last research appraisal exercising ranking it fifth highest research establishment in the UK. The University of Warwick was besides graded 6th overall in the Times Good University Guide. The university lies on the outskirts of the metropolis of Coventry, lying 5 kilometer ( 3 stat mis ) from the metropolis Centre, instead than in Warwick itself. London is less than two hours off by rail or route. The university offers pupils and visitants first-class academic, athletics, leisure and humanistic disciplines installations and a wealth of celebrated people have studied and taught here.

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Celebrated alumnas of the University of Warwick include: the comic, Frank Skinner ; journalist and broadcaster, Jennie Bond ; 1980s telecasting entertainer, Timmy Mallett ; phonograph record jockey, Simon Mayo ; comedy author, manager and histrion, Stephen Merchant and the Conservative former shadow place secretary, David Davis. Some family names besides teach and research at the University of Warwick, notably the author and feminist mind, Germaine Greer and the popular scientific discipline writer, Ian Stewart.

The University of Warwick is a campus university, established in 1965, which covers 2.9 square kilometers ( 721 estates ) . The edifices are modern ( 1960s ) in contrast to many other universities’ edifices of a classical visual aspect. The campus includes academic edifices, halls of abode, leisure installations, stores, lakes, Parkss and forest. The chief campus is skirted by two smaller campuses, which wholly comprise the university as a whole. The coat of weaponries of the University of Warwick depicts a Deoxyribonucleic acid spiral and atoms of two isotopes of Li, both to stand for scientific discipline. The coat of weaponries besides has images of the traditional Bear and Ragged Staff of Warwickshire and the celebrated Elephant and Castle of Coventry.

The University of Warwick has 29 academic sections and over 40 research Centres and institutes, in four Faculties: Humanistic disciplines, Science, Medicine and Social Studies. In 2008, there are 1,607 academic staff, 844 research staff and 5,168 entire staff. In 2008, the pupil population of the University of Warwick is 16,646. This population is largely undergraduates with a 3rd of pupils being graduate students. The University of Warwick has rather a big per centum of abroad pupils, who make up 25 % of the pupil organic structure as a whole ; there are over 114 states represented at Warwick. The international spirit of the university is enhanced by the fact that many pupils choose to pass a twelvemonth at a European university under the SOCRATES/ ERASMUS exchange strategy.

Equally good as academic excellence, the University of Warwick strives to offer both pupils and visitants to the univerity the highest quality amusement installations. Then university houses the largest humanistic disciplines Centre in the UK outside of London. The humanistic disciplines Centre is situated on the chief campus and its Centre piece is the expansive Butterworth Hall, a 1500-seat capacity concert hall. Besides inside the modernist edifice is a theater, a studio, a film, and the University of Warwick’s ain art gallery, The Mead Gallery. For those who prefer athletics, the university athleticss Centre offers everything from stone mounting and H2O Polo, to judo or crush in the big intent built constructing with fittingness Centre, 25 meter pool, mounting wall, dance studio, squash tribunals and athleticss hall.

The University of Warwick’s cardinal library houses one million books, every bit good as huge archives of diaries and e-journals. Equally good as regular borrowing the library has a short loans collection where books can be borrowed for a shorter period such as 3 yearss or nightlong. External borrowers can besides fall in the library for a fee. The university offer the particular larning grid as an option to the traditional library. The grid is unfastened 24-hours a twenty-four hours and here group work and treatment is encouraged with the proviso of couch and group work countries. The University of Warwick pupils besides have entree to a scope of movie, redacting and presentation equipment available free of charge.

The pupils of the University of Warwick are active culturally and politically on the international circuit and host a immense international event every twelvemonth in January called One World Week. Indeed, the university has many events run wholly by pupils, including, Warwick International Development Summit, People & A ; Planet ‘s Go Green Week, RAG Week, Warwick Student Arts Festival and Warwick Economics Summit. A popular event is the largest student-run Real Ale Festival in Great Britain. This event takes topographic point yearly, organised by the Warwick University Real Ale Society and it allows everyone to savor tonss of beers from around the universe. The University of Warwick Students ‘ Union wholly has over 200 societies and around 70 athleticss nines. The Union has an one-year turnover of around ?6 million and any net incomes are used to supply Union services and to use its staff and Sabbatical officers.

Students coming to the University of Warwick can remain in a room in one of the University’s halls of abode. There are 5,700 suites on-campus and1,500 off-campus. The abodes vary in manner. Some provide en-suite installations whereas others have shared bathrooms ; all have shared kitchen installations and communal countries. Some abodes are really cardinal and sociable, others further off and quieter: there is a manner of adjustment to accommodate everyone. All the halls of abode at the University of Warwick are surrounded by the Parkss and lakes of the picturesque campus.

It is worth stepping outside the university campus to research the local country. The metropolis of Coventry in which the University of Warwick resides, is a mediaeval metropolis. Bombed to desolation in WWII, it was to the full rebuilt, reconstructing the celebrated cathedral. Coventry itself has a population of around 300,000 and has plentifulness of attractive forces, such as the conveyance museum, Herbert gallery, the arresting cathedral and a busy shopping Centre, which includes the old lumber trade stores set out along mediaeval Spon Street. There are plentifulness of other topographic points to research near the University of Warwick. Stratford upon Avon, the birth topographic point of Shakespeare, is merely 15 stat mis from the campus ; Warwick Castle is a all right medieval fortress in first-class status and a immense visitant attractive force ; another palace situated near the University of Warwick is Kenilworth Castle, a arresting ruin, dating from 1120. Nearby Kenilworth is a delicious town with glorious old public houses, and Leamington Spa is a regency watering place town, with niche stores and a ‘trendy’ repute.


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