The Use Of Free Standing Pins Construction Essay

The building industry in considered to be one of the extremely risky Fieldss in the UK, a batch of people involved in this industry have either lost their lives on a hebdomadal footing or suffered from a chronic diseases, like Musculoskeletal upset and Asbestosis and deafness etc. Furthermore, some public passing through or driving nearby a building sites has been besides killed due to inappropriate wellness and safety criterions performed on such sites. ( Introduction to Health and Safety in building by Phil Hughes, Ed Ferrett Third Edition2008 p1 & A ; p17 )

In the UK, it ‘s a jurisprudence for building companies to hold ordinances sing wellness and safetyIn order to be followed by everyone working for those companies so that human death and hurts can be minimised. ( p24 )

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The Use Of Free Standing Pins Construction Essay
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After winning the command to host the Olympic and Paralympics games seven old ages ago, London had to be prepared for the one of the biggest athleticss event across the Earth, this was the flicker to construct the Olympic park. One of the enormous undertakings to change over — -deprived and left countries of — Eastern London to a modern musca volitanss, on the other manus, it would convey prosperity a monolithic advantages to the people of East London.

The concerned house who was responsible for guaranting that everything from bowls to H2O webs were in the right topographic point non merely for the Olympic Games but for the hereafter usage as well is called The Olympic Delivery Authority ( ODA ) .ICE ( 2012 ) ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

The Park has legion installations such as, London Aquatics Centre, Basketball and H2O Polo Arena, bowl and a media Centre ( London Town ) .

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— -Fact sheets

The Olympic Delivery Authority is a public house that is in charge of betterment and building undertakings for the Olympic Games.

Construction and planning such a large undertaking requires a batch of work force and money as there were about 12000 forces participated in this magnificent undertaking.

It was the biggest seting strategy in the history of the United Kingdom as over 4,000 trees, 74000 workss, 60,000 bulbs and around 300,000 wetlands workss were planted along the Park and the small town. ( Tyers, C, Institute for Employment Studies 2012 ) hypertext transfer protocol: //

Redress Scheme

Biological Treatment

Anyone looking at the Olympic Park now would n’t conceive of that the land that it was built on had been waste land before as it was left for chemical waste, industrial waste, groundwater and other waste, in add-ons to it was a — neglected-land. Because of that taint and pollution which had been the characteristic of the mentioned above land.

In respects to that, a major and a important measure had to be taken prior to the beginning of the building work, this is a large wellness and safety issue, as if the construction was built without handling the dirt it would hold been an highly risky in respects to non merely human being wellness but besides carnal life because of the bacteriums and the viruses and all kind of sources already present on the site. So for that ground a dirt infirmary had been put up on the Olympic Park to the full equipped with specialized machineries that treated the dirt from the taint doing taint free stuffs for future usage on the land.

For this intent, Bioremediation had been used in the procedure of dirt cleansing ; Bioremediation means that ; utilizing Biological Organisms to acquire rid of the pollutants on the land, the mechanism of such being is similar to what human being do daily by acquiring energy from nutrient, they analyze pollutant for energy, they take what they need of the dirt and throw back what they do n’t profit of it, doing the dirt safer, that operation had helped to clean a million and a half metric tons of dirt for future usage, these Organisms are normally found in the dirt and can be stimulated by fertilisation or can be added to the wanted topographic point. ( Bristol Natural History, Meet the Species p2 ) hypertext transfer protocol: // sa=t & A ; rct=j & A ; q= & A ; esrc=s & A ; source=web & A ; cd=6 & A ; ved=0CEoQFjAF & A ; url=http % 3A % 2F % % 2Fassets % 2Ffiles % 2FMeet % 2520the % 2520Species % 2FMeet % 2520the % 2520Species % 2520Olympic % 2520Park % 2520Pages.pdf & A ; ei=prB1UNvZI8ix0AWzzYGACw & A ; usg=AFQjCNFGz2NWww28ORYuva3-ZfYQD1Jopw & amp ; sig2=dcarAqzfpAtRtqe8rpL-eg

Groundwater Treatment

In regard of aquifer,

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The land cleansing and intervention procedure was the answerability of ODA non merely for the Olympics and Paralympics Games but besides for the hereafter bequest harmonizing to what had been agreed on between London Development Agency ( LDA ) the land proprietor on which the Olympic Park was built and the ODA. ( Health and Safety International )

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The ODA has fulfilled the Construction Design and Management ( CDM ) 2007 ordinances on the Olympic Park throughout the followers ;

Health and Safety Management

One of the extremely hazardous sectors in the state is the building industry, because of that rigorous wellness and safety has been implemented specially on the Olympic park edifice program as it ‘s considered to be one of the big buildings programs across Great Britain. Lessons have been taken from old undertakings ; therefore ; the wellness and Safety Executive had an of import function to guarantee that wellness and safety ordinances were massively met throughout working with the ODA ( Safety Culture on the Olympic Park p13 )

Not merely The Olympic Delivery Authority ( ODA ) were in charge of doing certain that wellness and safety were met by the contractors but it was besides the Delivery Partner ‘s ( DP ) answerability which has been offered the chance to put to death the bulk of the work. The building programme was besides assigned to the Delivery Partner by the ODL, the latter was obliged to ODA to do certain that the edifice procedure was finished on agenda, non merely that, the DP had been assigned as a primary contractor for specific countries of the Olympic Park. ( Occupational wellness proviso on the Olympic Park and jocks ‘ small town concluding study )

Health and safety were meant to run into extraordinary public presentation on site as announced by the ODA, every bit good as doing certain that the contractors follow wellness and safety demands. Health and safety counsel and wellness advice programmes for contractors and people working for them were besides set as requested by the ODA ( Occupational Health Provision on the Olympic Park and jocks ‘ small town p14 ) .

Food Health and Safety

Food is considered to be a nucleus factor of the wellness and safety on large building programs, run intoing London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games was the duty of ( ODA ) , refering this issue the minimal criterions were met by ODA, although at was n’t at optimum degree as each contractor was taking attention of his ain public assistance. ( p1 )

Food wellness and safety can be looked at through the undermentioned two points:

Contractor position

Not a batch was seen through a contractor position as there were no outside nutrient and safety — -expertise-to go through the catering processs, nevertheless, contractor ‘s ain safety experts were appointed to see through the canteen -facilities.

Workers Perspective

Harmonizing to a study performed on three canteens on site, the bulk of workers were purchasing their nutrient off the canteen every twenty-four hours ; it appeared that the canteen was an country where everyone communicated to each other. The contactors dictated that workers should merely utilize the canteens available on site or conveying their ain nutrient in as it makes it truly hard traveling out to eat out due to the massively large site ( bigger than Hyde Park ) . More than 90 % evaluated the scope and assortment of nutrient to norm.

In respects to eating healthy, the workers were advised to hold five fruits and veggies a twenty-four hours in a signifier of bill of fare which met the NHS advice on healthy feeding.

Workers who ere surveyed besides stated that, the had been given negotiations refering the Tool Box, besides the advices given had a god influence in altering worker ‘s nutrient options in a healthy manner. ( Learning Legacy P 11,13,15 Food safety )

The usage of Temporary Bridges

The design of Bridgess had been reassessed and adjusted to understate the Occupational wellness jeopardy. One contractor had been appointed to construct five impermanent Bridgess to entree the building site and the nearby locations, these Bridgess were made of wood alternatively of asphalt, in fact it had to be a wooden decking as they were meant to be impermanent, however, some of those Bridgess were to be solidly powerful in order to transport heavy vehicles such as fire engine in instance a fire happened, accordingly, about 16,000 holes were made on the decking base, this will certainly affect a batch of boring action every bit good as vibrating tools, here we can place the hazard as utilizing such tools can take to likely hand-arm quiver, therefore, taking to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome whom two workers suffered and had to describe to the Doctor on site. ( Learning Legacy Temporary Bridge p1 ) hypertext transfer protocol: //

The usage of free standing pins

Installing curb lines usually means the usage of boring steel pins into the land, nevertheless, such attack incorporates a cardinal danger because of the inhumed services, because of this, the free standing pins can assist to understate the wellness hazard.

Using this technique has many positive factors in footings of understating wellness and safety jeopardies such as ;

It can be merely and quickly installed

It is economically effectual method

It has no possible overseas telegram work stoppages

( Learning Legacy, free standing pins )


Although there had been a batch of — concerns — sing conveyance and security issues at the beginning of the undertaking, the careful planning and wellness and safety steps used earlier, during the building period had washed off all the badgering.

Institute of Occupational Safety and Health ( IOSH ) states that no 1 had died and over ?7 1000000s had been saved because of the antic Occupational hygiene performed by the ODA. ( IOSH ) hypertext transfer protocol: //

On the other manus, concerns have been raised sing the radioactive waste ( including Uranium ) which was detected on the Olympic Park site, harmonizing to wellness experts such waste considered to be extremely unsafe, so the waste were put in particular radioactive containers but so once more non far from the Olympic Park and Stratford Station, harmonizing to ODA these containers can hive away safely the radioactive waste for more than 900 old ages. Analyzing the Earth underneath had non been absolutely done by the ODA due to the demand of run intoing the rigorous building clip agendas.

Furthermore, many occupants who live near to where the work was taken topographic point had expressed their bitternesss of dust and this proves the unsuitable dust control demands. ( Mike J Wells 2009 )

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