The Use Of Labor And Trade Unions Essay

Labor brotherhoods, or trade brotherhoods are those workers who works in an organisation who fight for their rights and demands which are the so called working conditions. These on the job conditions would actuate employees to work hard and assist to accomplish organisational ends. There is ever a leader in labour brotherhoods and these leaders would ever contend for their rights in an organisation and this may include the dialogue ofA rewards, working regulations, ailment processs, regulations regulating hiring, firing and publicity of workers, benefits, workplace safety and policies.

Everyone knows that labour brotherhoods help employees to contend for their rights. Most people think that the being of labour brotherhoods is to against organisations and employers. Employers ever find ways to eliminate or to forestall the formation of labour brotherhoods. However, non many people recognize that the being of labour brotherhoods may profit the company. Even some employers agree that labour brotherhoods help them to forestall or to some issues sing employees. Is it a good things to hold a labour brotherhoods in the company? One of the most successful retail company in the world- Wal Mart, which have two 1000000s employees all over the universe has been criticized because of their policies against labour brotherhoods.

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The Use Of Labor And Trade Unions Essay
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Their used managerial surveillance and forces the employees in the section to vacate or closed the full section to avoid the employees fall ining or organizing any labour brotherhoods. The anti-union actions of Wal Mart has been criticized by all the labour brotherhoods expert and besides the program of opening new shop in other state is more hard due to differ to organize a nonionized work force. Harmonizing to Wal Mart they are non anti-union company but more to pro-associate. They think that employees do non necessitate to travel through a 3rd party to settle their in house issue which is a big disbursals. They said that, they welcome thought and treatment from employees and even implent profit-sharing with employees to carry them from fall ining labour brotherhoods. Why is Wal Mart making that? Can the direction settle all their labour issue without labour brotherhoods? What is the impact of labour brotherhoods if they do be in the company? Below are the advantages and disadvantages of holding a labour brotherhoods in the company from the position of employers.

Advantages of Labor Unions

Contract Issue

Having labour brotherhoods in organisation can cut down the issue of contracts when they are structured. Well structured contracts are the BASIC of holding a good relation between employees and employers. Labor brotherhoods in a company aid to supervise the regulation and ordinance when the contract was assigned. This can forestall employers taking advantage over the employees and to protect their benefits at the same clip. Employer can avoid acquiring involved in unethical issues due to building hapless contracts. Besides that, employers can salvage a batch of clip to reexamine the authorities policies when building employees ‘ contracts. Whenever employers have uncertainty sing contract policies or authorities policies, they can confer with the labour brotherhoods which will supply them utile information as non every employers have the cognition to cover with labour Torahs. This helps employers to salvage a batch of clip and costs.

Qualified Labor Force

Disgruntled employees, bad attitude, deficiency of motive are some of the common job organisations face with. These employees may be one time the best employees in an organisation. However, deficiency of preparation, ill-defined company ‘s end, unmotivated have cause these jobs to happen. Finally, they will take to hapless quality of end product due to unqualified labour force, hence, organisations ‘ images and profitableness will be affected. When there is nonionized work force in an organisation, the quality of labour force can be ensured. For illustration, one of the duty of labour brotherhoods is to supply high quality work force. Therefore, the quality of employees is ever under the surveillance of labour brotherhoods. Research on quality of employees should be done in certain periods to detect and guarantee that they are ever in the best status. Employers besides can reassign the costs of developing to labour brotherhoods and this helps to cut down the organisation ‘s disbursals while keeping high quality work force. This fact besides proves that labour brotherhoods do non merely supply protection to the employees merely but they are besides capable of making the same for employers.

Employee Satisfaction

It is undeniable that a nonionized work group will be an organisation to pay more wages and other benefits. Labor brotherhood will continuously seek to dicker the best wage rate for their members. However, if we look at the affair in a positive manner which is when employees are satisfied with their wage, they will experience more secure and tend to set in more attempt to their occupations. Therefore, a more satisfied and concerted working environment can be formed. Besides that, it is besides easier for employers to negociate with a individual entity of work force as compared to an unorganised work force. Employers can salvage a batch of attempt in dickering with issues sing wage rates. In a non-union topographic point of concern, rewards and other compensation are settled in private. There is no warrant that two people making the same occupation — with the same making receive the same wage and benefits. A labour brotherhood, nevertheless, ensures that all rewards and compensation are written into the brotherhood ‘s contract. In the terminal, a good balance relation between employers and employees can be maintained as it does non affect direct discuss with the employees.


Employees ‘ safety is an issue that been discuss many times late. The safety of employees is one of the most concerned issues of labour brotherhoods. A batch of safety ordinance have been reviewed by labour brotherhoods from different Fieldss and have been enforced in every company as the compulsory safety policies by the authorities. Some employers found that holding labour brotherhoods in organisations help them to reexamine the safety policies from clip to clip to protect employees from any hurts and this benefit both parties. Organizations can avoid paying immense sum of compensations due to hapless safety policies and this will take to the formation of a healthy and joyful on the job commission.


Organizations which support the being of labour brotherhoods tend to hold a more stable work force. This is because labour brotherhoods help employees to talk out their head and any unsatisfactory can be minimized. Benefits of employees are good taken attention of and the rate of surrender is reduced as good. As the consequence, organisations spend lesser to enroll new employees and salvage more clip in supplying sufficient preparation for them. A concern without brotherhood representation can frequently alter its outlooks of workers without notice. In a brotherhood workplace, these duties are specifically determined in progress. This benefits both employers and employees. Employees enjoy more consistence because they know what is expected of them. Employer benefit from a more content work force and less clip spent on preparation to implement changeless alterations. Employees ‘ trueness will be formed and sense of belongingness to a group is created when relationships within a workplace and community is developed. There is no ground for employees to go forth the organisations when they have good wage, good and sufficient benefits, every bit good as good dealingss with the organisations themselves.


Everyone is treated every bit in a brotherhood workplace. Favoritism does non play a portion in who gets promoted or what salary additions are rewarded. The brotherhood contract specifies when raises occur, and what sum of clip with the company qualifies the worker for a publicity. Everyone is capable to the same guidelines and occupation duties.

Disadvantages of Labor Unions

Engage in economic work stoppages

One of the chief disadvantages of labour brotherhoods are that its ability to prosecute in economic work stoppages. Prosecuting in economic work stoppages is non a affair which can be taken lightly of as it is a serious affair and requires a thorough analysis of the likeliness that the work stoppage will be successful before it is undertaken. Officials of labour brotherhoods must be experienced plenty and hold sufficient cognition about assorted societal every bit good as economic factors which will be brought to bear on striking employees before they make a determination. Poor or wrong judgements sing prosecuting in a work stoppage can be harmful to employees who are in support of the work stoppage and really are engaged in the activity itself. Organizations whose employees are on a work stoppage have the legal right to go on runing their concern by for good replacing them with other employees who need non to be discharged when the work stoppage ends.

Under such fortunes, employees who are on a work stoppage can anticipate to be recalled to go on working when there is an employment vacancy and they have sufficient making for the occupations. For this to work, it is besides assumed that the employees who are on a work stoppage have non already regular tantamount employment from other organisations and they have besides made an unconditioned petition to reinstate their places. Besides that, the dramatic employees are besides non entitled to immediate and unconditioned reinstatement when their occupations are being taken over by other employees of lasting replacings. Although employees can non be discharged for prosecuting in a dramatic activity, the jurisprudence does non vouch them a successful result when the work stoppage is started.

Loss of individualism

Loss of individualism is another disadvantage of labour brotherhoods. When a labour brotherhood has been certified as the sole representative of employees in an organisation, employees who are in the peculiar labour brotherhood become members of an overall bargaining unit which means that bulk. This besides means that the governing bulk may non be sympathetic with each of the members ‘ employment demands separately as it is difficult to delight everyone when they are so many people. Furthermore, single understandings between the employees and the direction of an organisation is non allowed as the employer is obliged to cover entirely merely with the labour brotherhood. The leaders of the brotherhood will do determinations for all of their members which many people may hold non to be in their best involvements separately. Therefore, loss of individualism is one of the chief concerns for many employees every bit good as the loss of dialogue chance for themselves in an single agreement.


Another disadvantage of labour brotherhoods is the costs which employees need to bear. Majority of the corporate bargaining understandings require all of their fellow brotherhood members to back up the brotherhood in footings of fiscal as a status for their continued employment. The cost of a labour brotherhood rank varies widely among the assorted brotherhoods available but regardless of the sum, dues represents an disbursal to the employees that otherwise they would non hold to pay for. These dues are deducted automatically from each payroll check. Even if you choose non to be portion of the labour brotherhood, you are frequently non exempt from paying these dues out of your rewards. If you disagree with the determinations of the brotherhood, you still must pay for the representation. It is provided in the Federal Law that employees may take non to fall in a labour brotherhood officially irrespective of the linguistic communication in the understanding but they still may be required to pay certain induction fees. Furthermore, the labour brotherhood can dispatch any employees who fail to pay the needed dues and fees unless the right-to-work jurisprudence has been enacted in the province where the concern operates.

Power of sole employee representation

The power of sole employee representation is a disadvantage to employees in any organisations. This power requires a brotherhood to negociate on behalf of all the employees in the bargaining unit in a just mode irrespective whether they are members of any labour brotherhoods or non. On the other manus, labour brotherhoods have been granted enormous discretion by the jurisprudence to carry through their duties as bargaining representatives. It can be highly hard to coerce labour brotherhoods to side with any peculiar employees on a affair which they feels unmeritorious. In a nutshell, the power of sole employee representation gives labour brotherhoods the rights to progress their group ‘s involvements more than the involvements of persons. Besides that. , in a brotherhood workplace, the bulk makes determinations for the full work force. Even the employee disagree with the determination of the bulk, they have no voice. Union representation can be a powerful force for alteration in favour of a company ‘s employees, but that powerful force effects change in the way the bulk wants to travel. This will causes employee to be unmotivated.

Violate the brotherhood ‘s fundamental law

Members of a labour brotherhood can be fined or disciplined by their several brotherhoods if they are found to be engaged in activities which violate the brotherhood ‘s fundamental law and by-laws is another disadvantage of labour brotherhoods. Activities such as traversing a lookout line when prosecuting themselves in a work stoppage or seeking to be represented by another labour brotherhood are among the activities which can do members of a labour brotherhoods to be disciplined by their several brotherhoods. Employees who are non a member of any labour brotherhoods nevertheless are non capable to any disciplinary action by brotherhoods and employees who are working in a private-sector can vacate from the labour brotherhood anytime to avoid brotherhood regulations.


Unions can suppress the ability of a company to stay competitory. Union rewards are frequently much larger than those of non-union workers. This causes the monetary value of goods produced by brotherhood workers to be higher than the competition. Besides, productiveness is non rewarded or encouraged by a brotherhood construction. Less productiveness reduces the ability of a company to vie for concern.

The following following instance shows the positive image of a company named Kentucky Labor Cabinet from its leader.

“ I am honored to hold been named Acting Secretary of the Kentucky Labor Cabinet by Governor Beshear. I pledge to you, as I did to The Governor, that I will give my maximal attempt in transporting out the mission of this office. We are fortunate in Kentucky to hold a leader such as Governor Beshear to steer us through these tough economic times. The Governor recognized early in his disposal the importance of our work force by promoting Labor back to Cabinet position and concentrating on retaining, spread outing and pulling occupations for those workers. He has continued to stress the importance of a safe, healthful and choice workplace that is contributing to cooperation between direction and workers. We at the Labor Cabinet have the chance to work with many of our finest employers in a concerted attempt to guarantee that this ambiance continues to boom and distribute across our Commonwealth. The success of our voluntary partnership plans in advancing a safe and healthy workplace is unsurpassed in the US and helps take to an environment of economic chance for all. As employers are strained by the terrible economic forces, some choose to cut corners on safety or neglect to counterbalance workers equitably. Although we at the Labor Cabinet have experienced the same economic emphasis, we continue to react smartly to those workers who are endangered in the workplace whether physically or financially.

The Labor Cabinet has experienced eight budget decreases in the past three old ages but our employees continue to execute laudably under these conditions in transporting out our mission. I want to thank them for their committedness and dedication. I want to widen my praises and best wants to Secretary JR Gray and his married woman Yvonne on his retirement. JR dedicated the greater part of his life to the benefit of Kentucky ‘s working work forces and adult females. His calling in the Legislature was unequaled in service to working households and as Labor Secretary he led the manner in re-establishing the Cabinet to its old stature. Thank you JR and we wish you many old ages of felicity and relaxation. As I begin my term of office as Labor Secretary, I want to thank all of you who have called or written with words of encouragement and praises. As ever, my door is unfastened and I am merely a phone call off. I will look frontward to your wise council as we work together with Governor Beshear and other leaders to travel our Commonwealth forward for the common good ”.

In the instance above, it is an award for labours to be treated nicely in Kentucky ‘s Labor Cabinet. Each and every employees and labour had been treated every bit and everything is nicely done. There are organisations which need labours and there are organisations which barely use labours, but being a responsible company it involves true committedness towards all the employees and doing them work together in a really nice environment. Kentucky ‘s position towards their labour is genuinely of import as they work every bit one to accomplish their company ‘s mission and end. The more they cooperate together, the farther the purpose for the company.

The impact that labour brotherhoods and labor-management dealingss have on organisations differs harmonizing to the type of relationship that exists between brotherhood representatives and organisational direction. In organisations that employ trades people and skilled labourers, the relationship between labour and direction is frequently amicable because employers have been conditioned to anticipate brotherhood representation within the trades. In other organisations, the relationship between direction and labour is labored, peculiarly during contract dialogues when neither party wants to do grants. Likewise, the relationships between brotherhood employees and their employers mostly depend on the ability of brotherhood and direction to work together.


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