The use of PEST and SWOT in Healthcare Essay

Plague and SWOT analysis are instruments which have been used to analyze the ‘big image ‘ of the political, economical, societal and technological impacts around the organisation and looking upon the strength and failing within the organisation that will act upon its current schemes and the hereafter. Following is a PEST and SWOT analysis done in a pharmaceutical organisation ( )

Industry: Healthcare Sector
Organization: Laboratory & A ; Allied Limited- Kenya
1. Plague analysis
Political impacts
Political instability due to approaching elections ( -5 )

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The use of PEST and SWOT in Healthcare Essay
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High rates of Corruption ( -9 )

Execution of FDA policies and guidelines for international blessing ( +10 )

Influence of the Africa Union and East Africa brotherhood on trade freedom ( +10 )

Economic impact
Recession and rising prices ( -3 )

More market for providing merchandises ( +9 )

High monetary values of available local natural stuffs ( -7 )

Social impact
HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis pandemic ( -5 )

Different folks and civilization ( 5 )

Over population ( -3 )

Climate alteration ( -4 )

Technology impact
New and progress engineering invention ( +10 )

Rapid development of engineering ( +8 )

No company web site is established ( -2 )

Slow cyberspace velocity ( -4 )

SWOT analysis
Superb location of the organisation ( +10 )

A figure of production equipments ( +4 )

A Quality Assurance section ( +7 )

Good selling squad and dedicated clients ( +8 )

Excellent merchandise monetary values ( +7 )

No research and development section ( -6 )

Very few skilled analysts and technicians ( -7 )

Financial resource is less for funding a new undertaking ( -7 )

Outdated equipments ( -7 )

Newer selling sites in cardinal and southern Africa ( +10 )

A broad scope of marketing agents ( +10 )

Import revenue enhancements are reduced therefore able to purchase natural stuffs from other states ( +10 )

Recession hence no grosss ( -6 )

Rivals ( -6 )

Increase in the license fee in 2011 ( -5 )

Security jobs ( -7 )

On detecting the current place of Laboratory & A ; Allied Limited, the PEST analysis ( +10 ) and SWOT analysis ( +15 ) shows that it is stable, but it could better by developing and be aftering ways of changing the failing and menaces into strengthen. In decision Laboratory & A ; Allied Limited is a promising pharmaceutical company that could come on bit by bit into a figure one pick of topographic point to work in the hereafter.

1. Human resource planning

Human resource planning ( HRP ) or work force planning is one of the authoritative human resource ( HR ) administrative tools in the appraisal and designation of HR demands used to run into the organisation long-run aims and economic chances. It is hence defined as the systematic procedure for analyzing the organisation needs on how many employees are needed and what sort of cognition, accomplishments and endowments is required in order to fulfill the organisation needs ( Armstrong, 2009:486 ) .

Line directors are required to supply information from their several sections sing to the strength of their work force and what accomplishments is required at the present and in the hereafter. Thereafter, it is responsibility of the HR director to garner and analyse these informations which will assist them to realize the strategic programs of the human resource and by seting in head to use the economic theory ‘when the demand is high the supply is low and frailty versa ‘ , which will assist the HR director position the exact scenario in the organisation and the labor market ( D.Haffner press release I, 2010:20-21 ) . HRP does non merely measure the organisation ‘s current clime and its future labor but it does helps in the direction planning of any needful enlisting, preparation and development of the right employee and the measuring the advancement of the organisation which in bend aids in supplying information to the directors sing the demand to reexamine their prognosiss and plans ( Susan E. Jackson et al. , 1990:223 ) .

Connecting concern program with HRP

The aims of any concern vary from one organisation to another which could be either short-run or long-run. Due to the changeless and rapidly alterations in the concern, economic and societal environments, these factors has played a great impact in many taking organisations to emerge their concern programs with HRP so as to follow a long-run program. HRP is hence the cardinal component in every organisational strategic concern program in guaranting that its endurance is sustained in the market place. Thus this is one of the duties of the human resource in developing the human resource schemes that will be applied into the concern programs. This is supported from the quoting of Kathyrn Connors ( frailty president of Human Resource at Liz Claiborne ) , who believes that the success of any organisation schemes is by implementing the HR plans as shown in appendix 1 ( Susan E. Jackson et al.1990:223 ) .

The human resource planning theoretical account in Appendix 2 shows how the assorted activities which are interlinked to each other and how they influence each other towards the accomplishment of the concern ‘s SMART objectives, plans and its development ( Armstrong,2009: fig.29.1:490 )

In a survey instance of British Gas, which is the state ‘s prima energy supplier has implemented work force be aftering theoretical account to assist them foretell the needful applied scientists who will assist in run intoing their clients quench for services. The directors are invariably transporting out a prognosis programmes that will assist them visualise how many more applied scientists they require in the hereafter so as to run into the demands of their clients. Thus the British Gas success is because of the application of the HRP content in their concern programs and seting client foremost ( ) .

Looking at the PEST and SWOT analysis of Bio Energy in appendix 3 has the potency of turning because of its great and inexpensive services. Since British Gas is one of its rivals, they could use the HRP rules and theoretical account as the manner British Gas have. By making so, they would be the of the top energy providers in the universe because of their environmental witting advantage.

2. Recruitment and choice

Enrolling and choosing appropriate staffs is a great challenge for many HR professionals. In most of the approaching companies the demand for labor is high but the research conducted by many HR directors is hapless and still hold trouble in distinguishing between enrolling and choice, hence naming the incorrect employees. Therefore, this paper defines enlisting as the assorted stairss an organisation undertakes to pull appliers to work for an organisation and run into its aims. Choice is portion of enlisting procedure that is involved in nailing the successful campaigners for the occupations under sensible and relevant appraisal ( Armstrong, 2009:515 ) . A successful organisation, be it little or big, ever has an organized and a solid work force that is comprised of good competent and qualified persons. The human resource director ( HRM ) and the line directors participate in different phases of recruiting and choosing the prospective campaigners for their company.

Procedure of recruiting and selecting

Assuming that a human resource program has been conducted sing on how many more staff members are required, the HRM is so required to develop the organisation ‘s processs and policies associating to enrolling new staff and guarantee that the choice carried out in indifferent mode. Unsuccessful enlisting is when the company ‘s money is been exhausted and no result is obtained, hence HRM is besides required to strategically be after a recruitment process that would be effectual to the company.

It is so the responsibility of a line director to compose up the function profile required to make full in his squad. Description of person ‘s competence to perform/operate for illustration operating equipment and person ‘s accomplishments, abilities and experience should be included in the function profile. In any function profile there is ever an extra portion that informs about the footings and conditions of the employment. One can reason about experience demand because some of the recruiters don non necessitate experient appliers because in the long tally they provide developing at their workplace. The line director should non over overstate the content in the function profile because unreal profile could take to disappointment and dissatisfaction of the recruiter if the appliers do non run into their function profile standard ( Armstrong, 2009:515-517 ) .

The following measure is choosing the best and cost-efficient enlisting method to pull prospective campaigners. Methods such as internal and external enlisting, enlisting bureaus and advisers among others are used by different organisations in enrolling campaigners. For illustration the UK ‘s public sector prefers to publicize their occupation vacancies both internally and externally which they believe to a good pattern. Footnote? Before get downing, it is of import for HR director to ab initio execute an analysis for their organisation before making a scenario planning particularly when the labor market is tight ( recession ) .This in bend helps them to analyze and utilize this to develop the value of the employee needed and the trade name of the employer ( Derek, 2009:47-48,57-58 ) . A study carried out by CIPD ( 2008 ) on enlisting found out that a high per centum of campaigners relied on enlisting bureaus and the lowest per centum used diaries for seeking occupations ( Armstrong, 2009:520 ) hence it is important for the any recruiter to acknowledging the best beginning of enrolling campaigners.

Choosing the BEST choice tools

Anne and Nancy ( 2004 ) have described in their research findings how HR directors have incorrect perceptual experience on the types of tools used for choosing employees. Poor choice of campaigner is due to either hapless usage of tools or less clip spent when choosing, therefore it is the responsibility of line directors to carefully choose the appropriate tool guaranting its cost and cogency and analyse carefully on the features of the appliers. The usage of psychometric trials plays a critical function in mensurating single campaigners in their ability, intelligence and personality ( Anne and Nancy, 2004: 305-308 ) .

For illustration in an organisation such Enterprise Rent-A-Car, the largest auto lease concern in UK has a good organized work force of over 65,000 employees. Enterprise applies the enlisting and choice theoretical account in Appendix 4 to enroll new skilled staffs. They use the online recruiting method which they believe that is the easier manner the applier can use. After the enlisting procedure, the HR director will carefully choose the appropriate campaigners by utilizing a standard certification that matches the campaigners with the needed functions, qualities and accomplishments needed in the organisation. The campaigners are so assessed by taking portion in practical exercisings and eventually being interviewed by the senior director for his concluding position ( Times100 ) .

Howard self thrust is a little approaching company that deals with leasing autos like Enterprise do. Looking into its external and internal context in Appendix 5 you can see its success is threatened by limited figure of skilled staff. By using the recruiting and choosing theoretical account used by Enterprise so they would hold a better opportunity of being successful because of choosing the appropriate campaigner for their organisation.

3. Training and development

The most effectual manner for a company to go on accomplishing its concern programs is by spread outing its schemes on preparation and development activities for their employees in order to let them to boom their accomplishments and abilities. The theory ‘a valuable employee is one who is good trained and has learnt, hence has shown uninterrupted develop ‘ has been used by HR directors to guarantee that effectual preparation is provided to their employees and leting them to come on continuously ( D.Haffner, press release 2, 2010:26 ) . The HR director is responsible for set uping acquisition and development schemes that will be followed to accomplish the better accomplishments for their employees. In the other manus, line directors are in charge of be aftering preparation subdivisions for their employees and measuring their advancement from their acquisition and guaranting that every one of them has had the chance to develop and develop continuously.

The proviso of acquisition and preparation chances in an organisation provides the employer ‘s confidence for employees ‘ development and committedness to remain in the organisation. Therefore money spent on their preparation would be worthy but this could besides intend that developing these employees would do them more competent and may make up one’s mind to seek employment taking to losingss ( Derek, 2009:66 ) .

Learning programmes could be conducted either by informal or formal, web-based, autonomous or the blend of either 2 or more of them. Informal acquisition is usually considered by many directors as a beginning for cognition but it is the best manner to get cognition from the fellow employees as they go by. On-job acquisition could be another manner for larning where one can be coached, mentored, occupation shadow etc. This type of acquisition is cost free and more effectual ( Armstrong, 2009:666-673 ) .

For illustration Tesco, the largest British retail is acute in supplying their employees developing chances and measure their accomplishments and abilities at their place at workplace. Employees are provided both on-the-job and off-the-job preparation. Training techniques used in on-the-job preparation e.g. tailing, coaching, and mentoring and occupation rotary motion which provides effectual acquisition. Off-the-job preparation is provided if new accomplishments are needed.

Every employee has a self-development chart which shows the learning advancement. In Tesco, it is the duty of the employees to measure themselves on their development by puting their ain SMART aims. 360-degree assessment is besides been used in Tesco to measure the public presentation of the employee where the stakeholders are provided this chance. The development advancement of any employee is rated from Red to Blue. Therefore, Tesco has applied the systematic preparation and Boyatzis theoretical accounts in appendix 6 in their preparation and developing plan in their company for effectual client service ( thetimes100 ) .

From the Appendix7which shows the analysis of Ganesh supermarket. The director should use all the rules Tesco have used for preparation and measuring the competences of their employees which will convey success in their organisation.

4. Health and safety ( HAS )

There are many activities happening in our workplaces which are today governed by statute law that requires the employers to implement in their organisations so as to protect and pull off the Health and Safety of their employees and other people who might be affected. The UK wellness and Safety work Act 1974 states the responsibilities and duties of employers, employees and including persons who are freelance on issues sing to wellness and safety ( Alan, 1996: 52 ) .

Health and Safety policies

It is the responsibility of the employer, HAS officers, HR and line directors to convey about the policies and programmes of Health and Safety issues so as to protect their employees. These policies and programmes do non merely use to employees entirely but besides the consumers, providers and nearby communities who will be affected by what the organisation does and produces. An employer should ever hold a signed Hour angle policy statement which acknowledges the intended docket sing to the safety of the employees. Although the issue is that the employer should implement policies on HAS but this relies on the duty of each employee to carry on themselves utilizing their common sense.

Measuring and scrutinizing

It is of import to place and measure any hazards that threatens the HAS in an organisation and be able to take proper measurings on pull offing them. A hazard could be assessed utilizing a 3-point graduated table or Holts and Andrews ( 1993 ) composite evaluation graduated table ( Armstrong, 2009:963 ) which will find if these hazards are risky to the employees. It is of import that the engagement of HRM, line directors and employees in the auditing HAS programmes as to guarantee safety measurings are applied invariably.

Training in HAS

It is indispensable for every employee to be trained on ways to manage safety when a jeopardy has occurred but the issue is that it is non implementing into action. Many organisations merely apply developing when an accident has happened and at the clip when watchfulness has risen. This point is supported by the illustration below which was obtain from Herald of Free Enterprise, king ‘s cross and challenges ( Mark,1998: 354 ) :

“ … … many of the rules of good preparation are widely known in direction circles and organisation of extremely quality will follow them as portion of their explicit policy. Unfortunately it is besides true that organisations may articulate them publically and yet at the operational degrees treat them causally. Senior direction may neglect to recognize that this is go oning. The true province of personal businesss merely emerges when some catastrophe occurs… .. ”

A successful wellness and safety direction system ( SMS ) is one that comprises of strategic programs and the execution of policies harmonizing to HSE publication and British Standard usher which should be set up in an organisation. A SMS theoretical account in appendix 8 has been developed to be applied in the direction of HAS which shows how different issue influences each other in the accomplishment of safety at the workplaces ( Alan, 1996:

For illustration FirstGroup, is the taking public conveyance company have developed safety civilization as one of their activities and their first precedence is to supply safety to both their employees and clients. The employers of FirstGroup have implemented the Health and Safety Act 1974 in their organisation and supply Prevention Handbook to their employees. Each employee is provided and assessed in their safety preparation programmes guaranting that each one of them is competent in supplying first assistance when a jeopardy has occurred. They have besides introduced Disability Discrimination Act 1995 in their organisation policies in order to see those appliers that are physically challenged to fall in their work force. Safety-themes are besides displayed in their intranet and published in the company ‘s newssheets.


This article describes the of import of the functions and duties of HRM and line directors in these activities in an organisation and how they support each in assorted ways. Human resource planning ensures that the demand of the right people at the right clip and topographic point are selected who are competent and able to carry through the concern schemes of an organisation. Recruiting and choosing the appliers is important measure for any administration because of the trouble in taking the appropriate method and tools for choosing the campaigner of pick. Finally, the demand of developing employees is an of import issue today so that they are good profound with their appointed functions and responsibilities at their workplace and doing certain that wellness and safety in their surrounding is established.


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