The Value Of Human Resources Management To Business Organisation Essay

Worker public presentation has a direct influence on the overall public presentation and finally the success of a concern. Reward strategies and wage are two factors which influence worker behavior and public presentation. This article will specifically discourse the effects of public presentation related wage ( PRP ) in relation to employee ‘s attitudes and organizational public presentation.

PRP is a wages system in which an addition in workers ‘ wage is partially or entirely based on the sum of attempt they put in or the measure of end product they produce. PRP schemes aim to set up a public presentation based civilization within administrations by promoting persons to accomplish agreed working aims, i.e. gross revenues marks or client satisfaction ) which is linked in return for a wages ( Armstrong, 2002 ) . The aims of PRP systems are to enroll, retain and actuate.

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The Value Of Human Resources Management To Business Organisation Essay
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Since the 1980 ‘s there have been five cardinal alterations in the nature of PRP strategies. First there has been a displacement off from appraisals based on personal qualities to puting single aims in line with those of the administration as a whole ( Marsden 2007 ) . Second the strategies have been introduced in the populace sector more and more. This is possibly the ground for the bulk of diaries refering the effectivity of PRP systems have conducted their studies in public sector administrations. Third there has been an enlargement of PRP strategies from the traditional country of managerial places downwards to all occupation classs. The 4th alteration is that there has been a displacement off from a general bipartite addition, which included a cost of populating addition and a public presentation related component, towards a individual addition based merely on public presentation. Last PRP strategies are going linked more to the overall aims of the concern.

In a survey conducted by Marsden et Al ( 2000 ) which considered the populace sector, there is grounds to propose that PRP has a positive inducement for a big figure of employees deriving above mean fiscal wages. The cardinal statement in favor of PRP strategies is that they motivate people to better public presentation. Improved single public presentation translates into improved corporate public presentation. Besides PRP facilitates the enlisting and keeping of good executing workers. Furthermore it acts as a communicating mechanism between directors and workers as it makes both cognizant of workplace public presentation. It besides reinforces direction control. In add-on PRP reinforces individualization of wage as harder workers are rewarded with higher wage.

However, the nature of PRP is capable to the quality of the end scene and the assessment procedure. Performance measuring within PRP is extremely controversial since it can be hard to mensurate. In the instance survey carried out by Marsden et Al ( 2000 ) some employees reported their present assessment system was n’t a just representation of their public presentation. In utmost instances, workers can go de-motivated as they felt that they were unable to better personal public presentation. Therefore, the success of PRP is dependent the manner in which employees are separated into different public presentation classs and the ability of line direction to measure reasonably.

Other disadvantages of PRP include the trouble associated with nonsubjective scene, high cost of disposal, every bit good as the trouble associated with organising and presenting necessary managerial committedness to implement the PRP system. There is besides a hazard or perceived hazard of prejudice in PRP, which in utmost instances may take to accusals of favoritism. There is besides a concern that PRP places excessively much accent on the short term ends and fails to turn to long term cardinal jobs. For case, if gross revenues marks are supposed to be the most important aim, this could be potentially detrimental to long term client dealingss, every bit good as between staff and direction, hence appropriate attention must be taken when puting public presentation aims.

There is besides a inclination for workers to cut back on productive activities which are considered non rewardable ( i.e. maintain safe working pattern, assisting work colleges or endeavoring for quality ) which they may otherwise engage in. Thus PRP can ensue in counterproductive behavior and cut down public presentation under certain conditions. ( Heywood, 2007 ) illustrates this when military recruiters paid in conformity with the figure of recruits enrolled ended with lower quality. A PRP system may besides take to corruptness and dishonesty within the administration. For case harmonizing to ( Fry B. and Osterloh M. , 2002 ) , there was a instance where directors manipulated net income figures twelvemonth on twelvemonth in order to procure a wage rise, when in fact the company was doing a loss, therefore badly compromising the hereafter growing and success of the company.

Case Study 1 Description: Performance Related Pay for Executive Directors

The issue of wage of executive managers of listed companies has drawn public concern and involvement from faculty members. ( Ruth Bender, 2004 ) looks at why companies use PRP for their executive managers.


The research conducted was interview-based. 35 persons from 12 companies took portion. 9 were in the FTSE 100 and 3 were in the FTSE 250. The original research design was to transport out semi-structured interviews with 5 persons at each company: the human resources ( HR ) professional, the main executive officer ( CEO ) , the president of the wage commission, another non-executive manager ( NED ) and the adviser they used. However some companies offered more persons for interview than others.

The degree of fixed wage in the companies varied between 35 % and 50 % of the entire wage for on mark public presentation.

Findingss and Evaluation

There were differing positions among the interviewees in relation to whether wage is a incentive. Some agreed that wage was a incentive and PRP strategies were put in topographic point to incentivise people. Harmonizing to bureau theory, paying people to accomplish consequences will actuate them to work harder and so the administration improves as a consequence. A NED stated that people take hazards because there is a wages, significance that managers may non use themselves to the full if they were non being rewarded for their attempts. An opposing position was that senior directors were motivated by factors other than pure salary. Peoples in that place must be of course extremely motivated for them to be in that place in the first case. One of the CEOs was of the position that PRP does hold an impact but it depends on the type of market that you ‘re in.

Another ground for the execution of PRP strategies is ‘focus ‘ . Agency theory explains that utilizing PRP makes the agent work harder, forestalling “ fiddling ” ( Bender 2004 ) . It ensures that executives focus on the duties and actions that are viewed by the board to be of import. Other points put frontward related to the impression that variable wage can be used to pass on a message throughout the administration. It sends a message to the Chief executive officer about what the board thinks is of import and it sends a message to the remainder of the company about what the CEO thinks is of import. One of the HR directors pointed out at that place was small point in puting marks if the wages system did non recognize them and so hence variable wage is a manner of pass oning scheme.

Many of the interviewees stated fairness as a ground for implementing PRP systems. One facet of equity was that between workers in the same company ; better performing artists should have higher wagess. One HR director stated inducements that are just and recognize the extraordinary performing artist for traveling the excess stat mi is wholly appropriate in concern.

Another of import facet of the fairness treatment was fairness to stockholders ; that is non paying big sums to executives when stockholders had suffered a loss in the twelvemonth.

Case Study 2 Description: Police and Performance Related Pay

( Tonge et al, 2009 ) did a survey on the effects of PRP on a local authorization constabulary force. The purpose of their survey was to measure the perceptual experiences of a group of functioning constabulary officers of associating wage and public presentation within a county constabulary service.


The research focuses on one local authorization constabulary force even though it recognised that it is hard to presume that consequences in other forces would be the same. Fourteen police officers were interviewed but it was merely possible to utilize informations on 13 of those officers ( 5 constables, 6 sergeants, 1 inspector and a main inspector ) . The officers ‘ experience ranged from under one twelvemonth to over 20 old ages.

The trying methodological analysis used a snowball attack to obtain the sample of officers for interview. The consequence of this is that consequences may be biased. Snowball sampling is a procedure where the research worker makes contact with a individual or little figure of persons suited for research engagement, who will so set the research worker in contact with other suited participants. In this peculiar undertaking a detective sergeant was contacted and through him the other officers were recruited. The interviews were semi-structured to let officers to discourse some countries in deepness.

Findingss and Evaluation

Five of the participants felt that they were non presently paid in conformity with their public presentation, experience, makings, duty or the accomplishment required for their places. The remainder of the interviews consisted of a set of statements to which the interviewees had to use a ranking followed by an account. They were asked to what extent they agreed that officers with work related makings should have excess wage. Of the officers with at least 10 old ages experience, two strongly agreed, two agreed and one was impersonal. For the officers with less than ten old ages experience, three strongly agreed, two agreed and 3 disagreed. Those who disagreed stated that officers who had makings were still set abouting the same functions as those equal to them.

They besides stated that analyzing theories and conjectural state of affairss could n’t fix an officer for existent universe state of affairss. With respect to the statement ‘individuals should be paid entirely on single public presentation ‘ , nine officers disagreed with this. Four disagreed strongly. The footing of their dissension was the complexness of constabulary work, the teamwork involved and the issues with accurately and reasonably quantifying single public presentation. The bulk of constabulary officers interviewed felt that if public presentation was measured entirely on single public presentation the quality of constabulary would cut down as officers would merely concentrate on the mensurable facets of the occupation and the unmeasurable facets would ‘suffer ‘.

Seven officers agreed with the existent rule of PRP based on the impression that above mean public presentation should be recognised. Four disagreed on the footing that it is dissentious particularly in their business where a batch of squad work is required. Two were impersonal. Even though officers believed PRP impacted on competition, the bulk were of the position that it would non hold a good influence on criterions. They believed competition originating from PRP would be damaging to the service as a whole. One officer mentioned the possibility of corruptness and struggle of involvement.

Independent Analysis

The undermentioned instance surveies by ( Bender, 2004 ) and ( Tonge et al, 2009 ) each illustrate different scenarios where public presentation related wage ( PRP ) systems are studied and the effectivity the strategy has on employee public presentation. Employee public presentation is cardinal to the overall success of the concern. ( Bender et al, 2004 ) explores the importance of PRP strategies in big administrations. Conversely, ( Tonge et al, 2009 ) researches how PRP affects the head frame of constabulary officers ‘ , in peculiar focussing on behavior and motive.

Despite widespread beliefs that PRP does n’t impact motive, PRP strategies are being introduced throughout the UK on an progressively graduated table. ( Bender, 2004 ) suggests the ground for this can be attributed to the followers:

Agency theory: this involves how contracts of managers are designed to associate wage with public presentation. Many houses believe that the usage of these strategies help motivates employees. This nevertheless got assorted responses in ( Bender, 2004 ) survey. Some disagreed with the statement ; they believed the strategy had small consequence particularly at the senior degree. Those in favour believed if they did non exists, executives would play the safe game and non take hazard. One positive facet of public presentation related strategies that most people agreed on was that it highlights what the caputs of the organisations think is of import. In making so, it provides employees an thought of what facet of the concern demands to be focused on.

Motivational theory: comprises of two namely equity and anticipation. There was small grounds of the latter in the instance. Equity theory ( involves the just nature of wage and has deductions when workers perceive the association between attempt and wages. ) on the other manus was linked with equity as a ground for utilizing public presentation related wage. Some interviewees believed this could be used to place those that are seting in hapless public presentations and they could be eliminated. Another facet of equity was that between a manager and his equals in other companies. The interviewees were of the position that managers should hold the same chance to gain big amounts as their equals did. This was indispensable so as to pull good people to the company, and to retain their services.

Institutional and legitimacy theory: these are the external factors such as corporate administration and market patterns that cause companies to follow PRP strategies. Many interviewees believed one of the grounds why most companies adopt this strategy was because everyone else is making it and non following the multitudes would do isolation which could be a negative thing.

Based on the research conducted by ( Tonge et al, 2009 ), the method of wage varied from officer to officer. When each officer was asked ; ‘how is the wage you receive decided ‘, 23 % of the officers replied believing they were paid based on their experience, makings and public presentation. 38 % disagreed, and the staying believed they were paid harmonizing to experience and duty.

The usage of PRP strategies within administrations is problematic when it comes to covering with the emotions of the employees which is acknowledged by the employees involved in the procedure. This was observed in the survey by ( Tonge et al, 2009 ). When officers were asked whether they should be paid entirely based on public presentation, the bulk of the officers disagreed, the balance believing allocating wagess would assist. Those that disagreed argued the instance that it is damaging to effectual constabulary work, as it could take to cutting corners and hapless teamwork.

In the same survey ( Tonge et al, 2009 ), 62 % of the employees agreed to the statement ‘Performance related wage does non lend to the motive of staff ‘. They believed PRP had an inauspicious consequence on staff motive. The bulk of the officers in the survey claimed personal accomplishment and occupation satisfaction was a motive factor. Therefore, despite a varied response, a important proportion of the officers portion the position that PRP does non take to motive, but nevertheless occurs as a consequence of other factors, such as occupation satisfaction and supplying much needed services for the populace.

( Tonge et al, 2009 ) suggests PRP leads to different results owing to changing grounds. The type of occupation is one influence. Jobs affecting squad work and safety of the clients such as constabularies force do non promote this as it causes motive jobs, and could take to dishonest due to competition amongst squad couples. Other occupations as mentioned in subdivision 1 such as auto gross revenues and fabrication, promote this method as competition is helpful in those state of affairss and could take to an addition in productiveness.

( Tonge et al, 2009 ) exposed some restrictions to the PRP theory. Performance measuring in the context of PRP can be hard to mensurate since there are excessively many factors that influence good public presentation. For case, if a tribunal was paid depending on the figure of instances they closed, certain variables would act upon the instances such the difference and trouble in instances ; a larceny is different from an assault instance. Certain variables such as informants and grounds will act upon when, how and if the instance is solved. Another restriction with PRP is it encourages competition, which can take to a deficiency of co-operation or teamwork amongst employees. Consequently, this may hold an inauspicious consequence on officers ‘ behaviors.

In decision, it is suffice to state the theories involved in human resources direction are complex 1s and will change depending on the scenario. It is critical to set up a strategic tantrum between an applied public presentation related wage strategy and a concern ‘ overall scheme in scenarios, where the strategy leads to concentrate and alignment with stakeholders aims. In relation to motive, PRP has little or no consequence. Motivation is largely influenced through factors such as occupation satisfaction and single personality. This is illustrated by both ( Tonge et al, 2009 ) and ( Bender, 2004 ). The restriction of single PRP is that it can take to competition between work co-workers in squad working civilizations which can be potentially detrimental to operation of the concern. An alternate strategy to PRP is a construct known as ‘Team wages ‘ . Team wages aims to honor employees jointly based on their public presentation as a group with the purpose of increasing employee part and productiveness. In theory, team reward provides many advantages over PRP by supplying an inducement to better public presentation through squad working and co-operation, clear up squad ends and align single squad aims with the wider organizational scheme. Team wages can besides promote low performing artists within the administration to better to run into the squad criterions.

Based on these instances, human resources theories should be used as a signifier of guideline. Therefore it can be practiced but it should make up to some extent. Other wage strategies area.

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