The Vision And Mission Of ITC Essay

ITC is one of India ‘s first private sector companies with a market capitalization of over US $ 30 billion and a turnover of US $ 6 billion. ITC is rated among the World ‘s Best Big Companies, Asia ‘s ‘Fab 50 ‘ and the World ‘s Most Reputable Companies by Forbes magazine, among India ‘s Most Respected Companies by Business World and among India ‘s Most Valuable Companies by Business Today. ITC ranks among India ‘s `10 Most Valuable ( Company ) Brands ‘ , in a survey conducted by Brand Finance and published by the Economic Times. ITC besides ranks among Asia ‘s 50 best executing companies compiled by Business Week.

ITC has a diversified presence in Cigarettes, Hotels, Paperboards & A ; Specialty Papers, Packaging, Agri-Business, Packaged Foods & A ; Confectionery, Information Technology, Branded Apparel, Personal Care, Stationery, Safety Matches and other FMCG merchandises. As one of India ‘s most valuable and well-thought-of corporations, ITC is widely perceived to be dedicatedly nation-oriented. Chairman Y C Deveshwar calls this beginning of inspiration “ a committedness beyond the market ” . ITC patterns this doctrine by non merely driving each of its concerns towards international fight but by besides consciously lending to heightening the fight of the larger value concatenation of which it is a portion. ”

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The Vision And Mission Of ITC Essay
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ITC employs over 26,000 people at more than 60 locations across India. The Company continuously endeavours to heighten its wealth bring forthing capablenesss in a globalising environment to systematically honor more than 4,05,000 stockholders, fulfil the aspirations of its stakeholders and run into social outlooks. ( assis, 2003 )

The ITC Vision & A ; Mission

Sustain ITC ‘s place as one ofA India ‘s most valuable corporations through universe category public presentation, making turning value for the IndianA economic system and the company ‘s stakeholders.


To heighten the wealth bring forthing capableness of the endeavor in a globalising environment, presenting superior and sustainable stakeholder value.

The ITC Way

ITC is a board-managed professional company, committed to making digesting value for the stockholder and for the state. It has a rich organizational civilization rooted in its nucleus values of regard for people and belief in authorization. Its doctrine of all-around value creative activity is backed by strong corporate administration policies and systems.


Create multiple drivers of growing by developing a portfolio of universe category concerns that best lucifers organizational capableness with chances in domestic and export markets.

Continue to concentrate on the chosen portfolio of FMCG, Hotels, Paper, Paperboards & A ; Packaging, Agri Business and Information Technology.

Benchmark the wellness of each concern comprehensively across the standards of Market Standing, Profitability and Internal Vitality.

Create distributed leading within the administration by fostering talented and focused top direction squads for each of the concerns.

Continuously strengthen and refine Corporate Governance processes and systems to catalyze the entrepreneurial energies of direction by striking the aureate balance between executive freedom and the demand for effectual control and answerability.

Core Valuess

ITC ‘s Core Valuess are aimed at developing a customer-focused, high-performance administration which creates value for all its stakeholders:

Trust territory

As professional directors, we are witting that ITC has been given to us in “ trust ” by all our stakeholders. We will realize stakeholder value and involvement on a long term sustainable footing.

Customer Focus

We are ever client focused and will present what the client needs in footings of value, quality and satisfaction.

Respect for Peoples

We acknowledge that every single brings different positions and capablenesss to the squad and that a strong squad is founded on a assortment of positions.

We want persons to woolgather, value differences, create and experiment in chase of chances and achieve leading through teamwork.


We do what is right, make it good and win. We will endeavor for excellence in whatever we do.


We will invariably prosecute newer and better procedures, merchandises, services and direction patterns.

State Orientation

We are cognizant of our duty to bring forth economic value for the Nation. In chase of our ends, we will do no via media in following with applicable Torahs and ordinances at all degrees.


ITC ‘s mission is to prolong and heighten the wealth-generating capacity of its portfolio of concerns in a increasingly globalising environment. As one of India ‘s premier corporations using a huge quantum of social resources, ITC seeks to carry through a larger function by enlarging its part to the society of which it is a portion. The trusteeship function related to societal and environmental resources, aligned to the chase of economic aims, is the basis of ITC ‘s Environment, Health and Safety doctrine.

In the multi-business context of ITC, Corporate Strategies are designed to make digesting value for the state and the stockholder, through leading in each concern and the attainment of first competitory capablenesss across the value concatenation.

To lend to sustainable development through the constitution and execution of environment criterions are scientifically tested and run into the demand of relevant Torahs, ordinances and codifications of pattern.

To take history of environment, occupational wellness and safety in planning and decision-making.

To supply and keep installations, equipment, operations and working conditions which are safe for employees, visitants and contractors at the Company ‘s premises.

To establish and implement a system of regular EHS audit in order to guarantee conformity with set down policy, benchmarked criterions, and demands of Torahs, ordinances and applicable codifications of pattern.

SWOT Analysis:


MANAGEMENT – experienced wide base of involvements and cognition

PRODUCT LINE – unique, gustatory sensations good, competitory monetary value, and convincement.

Selling – diverse and planetary consciousness.

PERSONNEL – international, diverse places, high interests gross, high sale growing, big capital base.

MANUFACTURING – low costs an liabilities due to outsourcing of bottling.

Research AND DEVELOPMENT – uninterrupted attempts to research tendencies an reinforce creativeness.

CONSUMER/SOCIAL – immense market in the healthy merchandises and turning market for specialised nutrients for ethic groups.

COMPETITIVE – typical name, merchandise and packaging in with respects to its markets.

TECHNOLOGICAL – cyberspace publicity such as streamer ads and keywords can increase their gross revenues and more computerized fabricating their efficiency.

ECONOMIC – consumer income is high, more tend to eat out, convenience is of import to us.


MANAGEMENT – big size may take to conflicting involvements.

PRODUCT LINE – new one Calorie merchandise have no bing client base generic have trade names can do similar merchandise.

Selling – may lose focal point, may non be segmented plenty.

PERSONAL – possible struggles due to so many people, possible problem remaining focused.

FINANCE – high disbursals may hold problem equilibrating cash-flow of such a big operation.

RESEARSH & A ; DEVELOPMENT – may concentrate excessively much on bing merchandise, inter apreneuralship may non be welcomed.

CONSUMER/SOCIAL – more expensive merchandises, such a high monetary value may restrict lower income household from purchasing on ITC merchandise.

COMPETITIVE – non entrails patentable, changeless dependability by rivals.

TECHNOLOGICAL – computing machine interruption downs, viruses and hackers can cut down efficiency and must invariably update merchandises or other rivals will be more advanced.

ECONOMIC – really elastic demand, about pure competition.


Expected 30 % CAGR in organized market to ensue in better footstep and transition rates.

Entry into Tier 2 & A ; Tier 3 metropoliss.

Collaboration with foreign participant because of a national trade name.

An chance to diversify its operations in e-relating.

As large company of India can travel globally.

Menace ;

Employee deficit and abrasion due to rapid growing in the whole market.

Impact of lag in consumer spends to be felt in FMCG market.

Opening up of economic system for free entry of foreign participants. ( Anon. , n.d. )

PEST Analysis:


Congress Dominance

Politically active brotherhoods

Govt. took over ill companies.

MNCs urged to neutralize equity with a cap of 40 %

Multiparty alliances doing political uncertainness

Rural occupation plan launched in 2006

Reduced economic control & A ; opened economic system to imports

Govt. Approved 51 % FDI provided company engaged in individual stigmatization.


Favoured capital goods, increased black market

Low competition in domestic market

Not competent plenty for international degree

Lower buying power of consumer

Foreign investing discouraged

India ‘s rapid GDP growing led to increase in passing power

Increase income 56 % demand for FMCG merchandise from rural sector.


Abundance of low pay sector

88 % of rural population below poorness line

Rural entree hampered by hapless – route, rail & A ; telecommunication links

NGOs to help smaller degree co-ops

Combination of low pay & A ; comparatively high skilled labors


IT sector grew quickly

Internet usage entree to rural sector

Increased mediums to information available ITC provided web portal

Limited mediums avaible to advance trade name edifice.

Corporate Administration:


Over the old ages, ITC has evolved from a individual merchandise company to a multi-business corporation. Its concerns are spread over a broad spectrum, runing from coffin nails and baccy to hotels, packaging, paper and poster boards and international trade goods trading. Each of these concerns is immensely different from the others in its type, the province of its development and the basic nature of its activity, all of which influence the pick of the signifier of administration.

Globalisation will non merely significantly heighten concern hazards, but will besides oblige Indian companies to follow international norms of transparence and good administration. ITC ‘s administration policy recognises the challenge of this new concern world in India.

Corporate Governance emerge the basiss of ITC ‘s administration doctrine, viz. trust territory, transparence, authorization and answerability, control and ethical corporate citizenship.

Core Principles

ITC ‘s Corporate Governance enterprise is based on two nucleus rules. These are –

Management must hold the executive freedom to drive the endeavor frontward without undue restraints ; and

This freedom of direction should be exercised within a model of effectual answerability.

ITC believes that any meaningful policy on Corporate Governance must supply authorization to the executive direction of the Company, and at the same time make a mechanism of cheques and balances which ensures that the determination doing powers vested in the executive direction is non merely non misused, but is used with attention and duty to run into stakeholder aspirations and social outlooks.

Trust territory:

ITC believes that big corporations like itself have both a societal and economic intent. They represent a alliance of involvements, viz. those of the stockholders, other suppliers of capital, concern associates and employees. This belief hence casts a duty of trust territory on the Company ‘s Board of Directors. They are to move as legal guardians to protect and heighten stockholder value, every bit good as to guarantee that the Company fulfils its duties and duties to its other stakeholders.


ITC believes that transparence means explicating Company ‘s policies and actions to those to whom it has duties. Therefore transparence must take to maximal appropriate revelations without endangering the Company ‘s strategic involvements. Internally, transparence means openness in Company ‘s relationship with its employees, every bit good as the behavior of its concern in a mode that will bear examination.

Authorization and Accountability:

Authorization is an indispensable accompaniment of ITC ‘s first nucleus rule of administration that direction must hold the freedom to drive the endeavor frontward. ITC believes that the Board of Directors are accountable to the stockholders, and the direction is accountable to the Board of Directors.


Control is a necessary accompaniment of its 2nd nucleus rule of administration that the freedom of direction should be exercised within a model of appropriate cheques and balances. Control should forestall abuse of power, ease timely direction response to alter, and guarantee that concern hazards are pre-emptively and efficaciously managed.

Ethical Corporate Citizenship:

ITC believes that corporations like itself have a duty to put model criterions of ethical behavior, both internally within the administration, every bit good as in their external relationships. We believe that unethical behavior corrupts organizational civilization and undermines stakeholder value.

The Governance Structure

Flowing from the doctrine and nucleus rules, Corporate Governance in ITC shall take topographic point at three interlinked degrees, viz. –

Strategic supervising by the Board of Directors

Strategic direction by the Corporate Management Committee

Executive direction by the Divisional Chief Executive assisted by the Divisional Management Committee

The 3-tier administration construction therefore ensures that:

Strategic supervising being free from engagement in the undertaking of strategic direction of the company, can be conducted by the Board with objectiveness, thereby sharpening answerability of direction.

Strategic direction of the Company, unlittered by the daily undertakings of executive direction, remains focussed and energised ; and

Executive direction of the divisional concern, free from corporate strategic duties for ITC as a whole, gets focused on heightening the quality, efficiency and effectivity of its concern.



ITC ‘s Code of Conduct was circulated to the employees more than five old ages back and is posted on the Company ‘s corporate web site. This Code has now been re-drafted for better presentation. This Code is derived from three interlinked cardinal rules, viz. good corporate administration, good corporate citizenship and model personal behavior.


ITC is a professionally managed administration and the nucleus value underlying our corporate doctrine is “ trusteeship ” . We believe this administration has been handed to us by the assorted stakeholders in “ trust ” and we as professionals are the “ legal guardians ” of these stakeholders. It is hence our duty to guarantee that the administration is managed in a mode that protects and furthers the involvements of our stakeholders.

Corporate Administration Policy

The Corporate Administration Policy is the apex degree instrument steering behavior of the personal businesss of the Company and clearly delineates the functions, duties and governments of the cardinal entities in the administration construction of the Company. This Code forms an built-in portion of the Company ‘s Administration Policy.

Good Corporate Citizenship

In the behavior of the Company ‘s concern, the pattern of good corporate citizenship is a requirement and embraces the undermentioned –

Relationships with Suppliers and Customers

All managers, senior direction and employees shall guarantee that in their traffics with providers and clients, the Company ‘s involvements are ne’er compromised. Accepting gifts and nowadayss of more than a nominal value, tip payments and other payments from providers or clients will be viewed as serious breach of subject as this could take to compromising the Company ‘s involvements.

Legal Conformity

It is the Company ‘s policy to follow to the full with all applicable Torahs and ordinances. Ensuring legal and regulative conformity is the duty of the Chief Executives of the Businesses and the Divisional Management Committees. Divisional Management Committees must fulfill themselves that sound and equal agreements exist to guarantee that they comply with the legal and regulative demands impacting each concern and identify and respond to developments in the regulative environment in which they operate.

Health and Safety

The Company attaches great importance to a healthy and safe work environment. ITC is committed to supply good physical working conditions and encourages high criterions of hygiene and housework. Particular attending should be paid to preparation of employees to increase safety consciousness and acceptance of safe working methods, peculiarly designed to forestall serious or fatal accidents.

Environment Policies

The Company believes that committedness to sustainable development is a cardinal constituent of responsible corporate citizenship and hence deserves to be accorded the highest precedence. In add-on to following with applicable Torahs and ordinances, Businesss must set up processs for measuring the environmental effects of their present and future activities.

Personal Behavior

All managers, senior direction and employees have the duty to carry on themselves in an honest and ethical mode and act in the best involvement of the Company at all times. They are expected to show model personal behavior through attachment to the followers:

Avoidance of Conflict of Interest

All managers, senior direction and employees must avoid state of affairss in which their personal involvement could conflict with the involvement of the Company. This is an country in which it is impossible to supply comprehensive counsel but the guiding rule is that struggle, if any, or possible struggle must be disclosed to higher direction for counsel and action as appropriate.

Transparency and Audit-ability

All managers, senior direction and employees shall guarantee that their actions in the behavior of concern are wholly crystalline except where the demands of concern security dictate otherwise. It shall be necessary to voluntarily guarantee that countries of operation are unfastened to scrutinize and the behavior of activities is wholly auditable.

Protection of Confidential Information

No manager, senior direction and employee shall unwrap or utilize any confidential information gained in the class of employment/ association with the Company for personal addition or for the advantage of any other individual. No information either officially or informally shall be provided to the imperativeness, other promotion media or any other external bureau except within sanctioned policies.

Company Facilities

No manager, senior direction and employee shall misapply Company installations. In the usage of Company installations, care shall be exercised to guarantee that costs are sensible and there is no wastage. ( Deveshwar.Y.C, 2002 )


CSR activities:


A·A A A A A A A A ITC has been ‘Carbon Positive ‘ three old ages in a row ( sequestering/storing twice the sum of CO2 than the company emits ) .A A

A·A A A A A A A A ‘Water Positive ‘ six old ages in a row ( making three times more rain H2O reaping possible than ITC ‘s net ingestion ) .A

A·A A A A A A Close to 100 % solid waste recyclingA

A·A A A A A A A A All Environment, Health and Safety Management Systems in ITC conform to the best international criterions.


ITC ‘s concerns generate supports for over 5 million people

ITC ‘s globally recognised e-Choupal inaugural isA the universe ‘s largest rural digital substructure benefiting over 4 million agriculture families.

ITC ‘s Social and Farm Forestry enterprise has greened over 80,000 hectares making an estimated 35 million individual yearss of employment among the disadvantaged.

ITC ‘s Watershed Development Initiative brings cherished H2O to about 35,000 hectares of dry lands and moisture-stressed areas.

ITC ‘s Sustainable Community Development enterprises include adult females empowerment, auxiliary instruction, integrated carnal farming programmes.


As a socially responsible corporate citizen, ITC endeavours to make value for the Indian society in multiple ways, one of them being saving ofA India ‘s rich cultural heritage. ITC has made important part to the publicity of Indian classical music, theater, art and culinary art.


In the past, I have shared with you the staying vision that inspires us to make sustainable stakeholder wealth and enlarge our part to the Indian society. This committedness goes far beyond the market to make at the same time fiscal, environmental and societal capital for the state.

This twelvemonth, ITC joined the United Nations Global Compact, the universe ‘s largest planetary corporate citizenship enterprise. ( Anon. , n.d. )


Renounced company ever follows all the issues and ordinance to make at the top most point that is appraise by the organisation, follower and people ‘s one of the company that follow all issues and have a trade name image in all countries and all people internally and externally apologise this company and ITC is one of that company that have many follower and as a client I besides follows ITC as a beginning of inspirations.It have done many CSR activities to pass on with the people of different part to capture a broad market country that in bend increase their market portion.

Corporate administration of ITC is really strong and screen and takes all from stakeholder to stockholder regulating organic structure to do its company successful in every facet to accomplish it aim point.

So, this is the chief ground why I am really much influenced from ITC company enjoy to follow it point to implement in my organisation to do it successful.


Anon. , n.d. [ Online ] .

Anon. , n.d. [ Online ] .




ITC limited company is a taking FMCG Company in India and from last three back-to-back old ages has shown accelerated growing in FMCG portfolio. Customer in India besides passing more in FMCG as their criterion of life is turning. ITC has placed itself successfully in the place of market leader in FMCG merchandise, though there was some ruin in gross revenues and net income of company in beginning of this decennary but after that ITC has shown considerable rise in both gross revenues and net income.

ITC advancing their trade names through advertizement run every bit good as door to door publicity.

The demand of their merchandise in really low, because people do n’t cognize about their trade names really good.

ITC knows their strength and failing in the personal attention market, so they are using new construct to get the better of their failings.

ITC now offering more border, go outing offers and long recognition period to retail merchants and jobbers.

The hereafter of the company is looking bright as FMCG market in India is still spread outing and so we can safely reason that ITC will be able to procure it No. 1 place in FMCG merchandise.








Introduction of Globalization

Social and Economic Implications.













Corporate Administration

CSR ( corporate societal duty )







Corporate Administration POLICY


Improved CULTURE



Corporate Duty

Environmental Preservation

Resettlement of War Victims

Social welfare of the neighbouring communities.

Environmental Preservation


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