The Way Reward Systems Can be Provided Essay

Extrinsic wagess satisfy an employee ‘s basic demand for endurance, security and acknowledgment. This includes fiscal payments, working conditions and managerial behavior. It can be divided in two parts fiscal & A ; non-financial. Fiscal wagess are a hygiene factor ; it plays an of import portion in pulling, and retaining employees.

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The Way Reward Systems Can be Provided Essay
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Increasingly the tendency fiscal wagess are associating wages to public presentation and work ; these include Team public presentation inducements, ESOP, Profit sharing, Annual Bonus, Marit program and many more ways are as follows. It will be company ‘s determination, which wagess would accommodate their employees the best.


It refers that an organisation contributes portions of its stock or equity to its employees. In which company gives right to employee to purchase portion at fixed monetary value for certain clip and they are allowed to sell stock after given clip. It allows for publishing to employees of free portion upper limit of ?3000, which are gifts held by legal guardians for at least 3 old ages. This is really good to the concern because the money is non merely the proprietor ‘s but besides the employees and it is besides a purchase by employees which funded by bank loan guaranteed of employer, because the loan paid-off from the dividend payment to employees. So, loan involvement is revenue enhancement deductible disbursal of company. This increases the employee ‘s pride of ownership which in bend additions productiveness. Harmonizing to Bob Nelson ( 1997 ), “ One of the highest signifiers of acknowledgment is to handle an employee as if he or she is an proprietor of the company. This represents a long-run committedness to the person. ”

Example ( 1 ) Tata engineerings India limited company announced on 18th January, 2001 for ESOP and offered options for up to 10 per centum of its subscribed equity for its 1100 employees. Tata Group president Ratan Tata said “ We have ever believed that our people are our greatest assets and are acute that they should take part as co-owners and enhance and consolidate the company ‘s place at high terminal of technology mechanization, endeavor solutions and e-commerce market place, ”

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Example ( 2 ) Bajaj Electrical Ltd., ( A portion of Bajaj Group India ), on 24th July, 2008, informed wage and compensation commission of the board in run intoing they granted 11000 stock option to eligible employees at monetary value Rs. 443.25 per over a period of 4 old ages from day of the month of given stock, as per ESOP strategy 2007. ( http: // dated.16.04.10 )

Example ( 3 ) The members of Lanco Infratech limited company ( India ) at theA one-year general meeting held on 3rd Sep. 2007 granted 500,000 stock options under the employee stock option program 2006.

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Example ( 4 ) “ Publix Super Markets is extremely successful in private held company made Fortune ‘s 2005 list of ‘Great Companies To Work For. ‘ Its shareholders are the 1,25,000 workers. If you work more than 1000 hours per twelvemonth at Publix and work more than one twelvemonth, you get Publix stock. Publix “ associates ” clearly have a sense of ownership in the company. Says Publix interpreter, Anne Hendricks “ Put yourself in the topographic point of a Publix associate: If you see countries where you can extinguish waste, you are traveling to make it, because you are traveling to see it in your following dividend cheque. ” ( Human resource direction by H. John Bernardin – p.339 )

Example ( 5 ) Infosys limited company ( India ) was one of the first companies which adopt ESOP and create extra wealth for its employees. By 1997, 500 employees awarded stock under ESOP. By 2001, Infosys had about Rs. 2000 millionaires on its staff and more than $ 213 millionaires.

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This is a retirement programs, in which the company contributes its stock to the program for the employees ‘ benefit. In this employee ne’er buy or hold the stock straight. Furthermore when employees leave the organisation or retire, they can sell their stock back to the organisation or sell it to the unfastened market.

Net income Sharing

Net income sharing is a great manner to actuate staff because it benefits both to employee and employer. Employees are acquiring paid money and can be seen to be working for money. So here wage is related to end product, it ‘s besides called payment- by-results system. In any sort of wage by consequences system, the cardinal considerations are how the workers ‘ wage depends on the end product achieved and on the extent to which employee attempts in the increased value produced by them. It is designed to give employees a fillip cheque, if the company performs better the current twelvemonth compared to the old twelvemonth.

It can be periodic hard currency or sedimentations to an employee history. Net income sharing program has been criticized as being distant and perceptually unrelated to single public presentation, but research indicates that it produces positive consequences. Many houses besides use net income sharing as a tool to command employee turnover. The profit-sharing program uses net incomes to fund retirement programs, therefore it ‘s besides advantageous for revenue enhancement intents. It works best as an inducement when the group size is little plenty that employees believe they have some impact on group profitableness.

Example ( 6 ) “ Hormel Foods Corporation announced on 27th November,2002 the largest net income sharing distribution to its employees. More than $ 12.5 million was distributed to eligible hourly and salaried employees companywide on Thanksgiving Eve Day, Under the net income sharing program eligible employees received on norm a sum equal to 2.6 excess basal hebdomadal wage cheques. ”

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GAIN Sharing

It is a trade with worker engagement and procedure of sharing fiscal benefits of cut downing costs or increasing productiveness. It is opposite to gain sharing program. Now-a-days addition sharing attack has become popular to actuate higher degrees of groups. It is based on step of productiveness non net income. These wagess are given often, whereas net income sharing is one-year.

“ Fiscal wagess are besides an effectual incentive, and has the added advantage of being a ‘need ‘ that is by and large ne’er satisfied. Associating ‘people working smarter ‘ with some just wages system serves to reenforce the motivational procedure. ‘Gain-sharing ‘ is an effectual wages system capitalising on both facets. ” ( Dar-El, 1991 )

There are four attacks to derive sharing as follows.

Scanlon Plan: It is most common addition sharing program. It measures relation between gross revenues value of production and labour costs, compute on end product by agreed labour cost. It requires a committedness by workers and direction to collaborate in the development and care of plan.

Rucker Plan: It is about similar to Scanlon program ; its expression includes the value of all supplies, services and stuffs and consequence is a fillip based on the value added on merchandise per labour dollar. So, an inducement is created to salvage on all inputs. It is linkage of wages to salvaging more than labour nest eggs and greater flexibleness. This construct such as value added and accommodation for rising prices which make more hard to understand.

IMPROSHARE: Stands for “ Improved productiveness through sharing ”. It is similar to Scanlon merely that in this ration uses standard hours instead than labour costs. In this wages given to employee whenever the existent labour hours used for bring forthing unit in current hebdomad or month is less than estimated figure would hold take to bring forth the current degree of end product in period base. It is easy for administer and employees, no trouble in understanding expression.

Winsharing: It is payout based on group public presentation is achieved end of concern. It takes demand in market into consideration. It is differs from net income sharing because here public presentation is measured.

Example ( 7 ) “ Whirpool in Benton Harbor, Michigan has been runing on winsharing plan since 1988 with a productiveness addition of 19 % since it put in system. “ ( HRM by H John, p350 )


Annual fillip is erstwhile payment at terminal of twelvemonth. Most programs of wagess are on base of public presentation and productiveness. But sometimes the staff who are the portion of public presentation indirectly they are non acquiring rewarded. So, terminal of the twelvemonth when company gives fillip to each employee on bases of their rewards. It truly plays good because employees are acquiring larger amount of money in one clip. Sometimes when company acquire good net income in a twelvemonth at that clip it declare good fillip at terminal of the twelvemonth. Some fillips are given during gay session every bit good.

Example ( 8 ) “ Tata steel limited company ( Tata group ) declared on 16th September, 2009 that the employees will acquire a fillip of 18.5 per cent for the accounting twelvemonth 2008-2009. The fillip sum will be calculated on the wage ( basic + costliness allowance ) paid during the last fiscal twelvemonth. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // dated 16.04.10 )

Example ( 9 ) “ The twelvemonth 2010 has brought a cheer for the employees of ICICI bank as the bank is expected to give fillips to bulk of its 36,000 employees for the period 2009-10 by April. ” In twelvemonth 2008-09, its net net income declined 10 % twelvemonth on twelvemonth to Rs.3, 759 crore. Therefore bank decided to keep back its one-year publicities and fillips to employees in 2008-09. In 2nd One-fourth of the current twelvemonth 2009-10, the bank ‘s net net income stood at Rs.1040 crore, up to 2.56 %, compared with the same last period. Economies chances bettering, the bank ‘s direction expects to accomplish its fiscal mark and in bend wages its staff.


It is a distribution of wage based on assessment of worker ‘s public presentation. The public presentation criterion is set by company in progress. It is normally folded into basal wage, and normally granted as per centum of employee ‘s wage. Survey indicates that employees prefer merit wage programs because its nexus with single public presentation with coveted results.


To retain good director and executive this types of inducement becomes necessary for the company. It is one type of long-run wages systems, which is straight tied to long term ends. These inducements are paid in signifier of fillips non for good tied with wage. It can be entitled as “ Pay for No Performance ”.


It is New Pay system, which is flexible and a more direct linking with single public presentation to honor. When an employee perform good and accomplish such ends of the concern at that clip he/she must be rewarded by single public presentation wage. It will be any other benefits, wage rate increasing, and some excess fillip. “ Through high-quality work, persons contribute to the broader wellbeing of of the organisation, and are besides good rewarded through flexible wage systems. “ ( Scott and Dean, 1992 )


In which, concentration is given on non merely single public presentation but on the squad or group. “ When company can non mensurate accurately the part of single workers, squad based incentive wage may be appropriate. It includes honoring to employees on physical end product or steadfast broad net income sharing. ” ( Ischniowski and Shaw, 2003 )


It refers that any company making concern globally and to turn themselves they give out premiums and it category as Foreign Service premiums. Foreign services premiums are beyond basic salary to actuate employee to except work. It is runing between 5 to 40 per centum basic wage.

For illustration, U.K. based insurance company x making certain merchandises like, life screen, accident screen and income protection throughout the universe, and any employees work in Dubai to sale their merchandises, at that clip employee enduring jobs like different clime, isolation, unhealthy conditions such as diseases etc., at that clip company offers excess premium beyond the salary to that employee.


It is really common method in mills around the universe. The company maintain the hourly rate they pay with the piece-rate system which complies with minimal pay Torahs of the state.

Example ( 10 ) Nike is bring forthing merchandise all over the universe, in 2005 they paid as following rewards in minimal rewards demand of the several states.

20 cent in hr Vietnam, 30 cents an hr in Haiti, 48 cents an hr in Indonesia. ( HRM, H John p. 343 )


Basically it refers to volume sale of merchandise by employees. The base salary gives guaranteed minimal rewards, and committees are an inducement on sale. Its shows like selfish act because for growing of ain employee will sale more and more unit of the company and achieve ends and indirectly company will accomplish its end in market. It determinants of employee control over end product and step of public presentation for gross revenues. Approximately 75 per centum of gross revenues people are on committee based incentive program.

Example ( 11 ) Toyota get fell in sale in February 2010. So, they announced inducement program in March and they started to increase sale so, they will go on to offer heavy inducements throughout April after the trades helped raise its gross revenues more than 40 per centum last month.

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These strategies relate to the figure of points produced or processed by employees and they received the wage. A worker coating his/her work earlier given period by proper productiveness.

Normally it ‘s based on public presentation of the worker. Company frequently referred to as payment by consequence strategies.


Company can actuate employees by offering different types of allowances as follows.

Fuel disbursals, Vacation & A ; Holidays allowances, Kids school fees, Insurance fees, Food & A ; adjustment allowances, etc.


“ Good performance appropriately rewarded, is likely to take to occupation satisfaction ” ( Huczynski and Buchanan, 2007, pp.253

To acquire maximal benefit it is indispensable for any wages system to see the single penchants of the employees. Every employee has different demands and desires, so employees need to be incentivized with something that satisfies them. They should be rewarded shortly after they have achieved peak public presentation and non delayed, so can non wait for the one-year reappraisal. This is why a wages system should include little grasps to acknowledge attempt and success. Management should seek to acknowledge and observe success no affair how little, and wages employees straight responsible for success. Public acknowledgment allows employees to be recognized in forepart of their co-workers. Boyens notes that employees should be punished in private and be appreciated and rewarded in public. ( 2007 ). Once a wages strategy is implemented, employees may anticipate to have it each clip they achieve, so presenting new ways to honor and acknowledge them helps maintain it fresh and meaningful.


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