The Whole of the Moon Essay

Extended Text: Author: Duncan Stuart Book: The Whole Of The Moon Introduction: Kirk finds out he has cancer and this has drastic effects on his life. The Whole Of The Moon by Duncan Stuart shows that at start of the novel he is really negative but eventually pulls through and deals with it. In these next few paragraph’s it will explain how he becomes positive from negative. Paragraph 1:

At the beginning of the novel Kirk finds out he has cancer and finds it hard to do simple everyday tasks such as walking and keeping a positive attitude. When Dixon, his doctor said that had cancer in his left Femur Kirk was devastated. Kirk told his dad this while at the hospital “dad” I tried to tell him. “I’m not sick! ” “Look at me, I’m not sick! ”. Kirk was extremely sad and angry. Paragraph 2: Kirk is still finding it really difficult to get used to the fact that he has cancer.

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When Tory (His Girl Friend) visits him in his room Tory asks him how many weeks of Chemotherapy. Kirk is really depressed and sick already of Cancer. He replies: “Six, I wanna just disappear. Don’t even visit me“. Paragraph 3: Kirk slowly everyday gets used to the daily routine and gradually starts pulling through faster by having a friend called Marty, who has been pushing him to help him recover by making him get to the top of the stairs everyday.

Near the end of the book Marty and Kirk have created strong relationship which has made Kirk to be very happy. But when Marty dies it starts all over again. At the end of the Novel when his doctor says “You’re clear Kirk, You’re totally clear”. his life turns around again but this time in a very good way. Conclusion: This Novel is about Friendship, Love, Hate and coping with the hardest things in life. Kirk realised that staying positive through hard times helps and worked his way up to fight cancer.


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