The Wine of Astonishment Essay

“God don’t give you more than you can bear. ” The gap line of the fresh suggests that it is a profoundly rooted spiritual novel. As the narrative unfolds. we explore the spiritual journey that the stricken Religious Baptist churchs in Bonasse have to ship on. in attempts to reconstruct their rights to rehearse their religion. The rubric of the novel. The Wine of Astonishment can be analysed in two ways. First. the actual interlingual rendition of ‘The Wine of Astonishment’ stems from the significances of the words ‘wine’ and ‘astonishment.

’ Wine is an alcoholic drink typically made of fermented grape juice and is normally acrimonious. Astonishment refers to something unexpected. Uniting the significances. one can infer that the Wine of Astonishment refers to something acrimonious and unexpected. As one of the major subjects in the novel is struggle. we can construe the vino to connote bitterness – the adversities and ‘sour’ experiences the Spiritual Baptists had to defy and astonishment – the unexpected.

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Therefore. the Wine of Astonishment can literally intend an unexpected adversity. Second. if analysed from a scriptural position. the phrase ‘the vino of astonishment’ is mentioned in Psalm 60:3 – ‘ Thou hast shewed thy people difficult things: 1000 hast made us to imbibe the vino of amazement. ’ To David. the psalmist. in Psalm 60. he felt as though God withheld His protection. that God had turned his dorsum on them because when the Israelites were at war off in the North. they were invaded in the South.

It appeared as though alternatively of allowing them the vino of blessing. God had rejected them out of the blue. This was God’s manner of proving the religion of his people. He made them digest unexpected adversity to see merely how strong they were. In the novel. Eva knows that the tests they experience was God’s challenge to them.

It seemed as though God rejected them and showered them with trials but existent aid comes from God entirely and when a state of affairs seems out of control. we can swear God to make mighty things. Hence. God made the Religious Baptists ‘drink the vino of astonishment’ to prove their religion as a church and in the terminal. God restored his protection of his people and liberate them from the torture they endured in efforts to maintain their faith. The book’s rubric introduces the reader. to a spiritual secret plan that will analyze the class of a fighting people.


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