The Workflow In Siemens Healthcare Essay

1.0 Introduction of Siemens Healthcare

Mhos had been taking electronics and electrical technology industry more than a century, and operates in the industry, energy and healthcare sectors with the aim of technological excellence, invention, quality, and dependability. Based on the heritage, Siemens built a complete profile of health care industry with advanced portfolio of entire solution in all the dimension of health care endeavor either in merchandises, services and solution.

Mhos been gone through revolution of engineering past 160 old ages and come to a advanced engineerings to better quality of life for people. Millions Healthcare Information Transactions devising by Siemens daily and 1000000s imaging processs been carried out with Siemens Imaging equipment annually. Customers can trust in Siemens superior systems with the wide profiles handiness, expandability, committedness and public presentation with Siemens universe biggest webs, Siemens Global Health Information Network.

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The Workflow In Siemens Healthcare Essay
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Mhos Healthcare with the mission of reply for life insists to reply and happen the solution of all the inquiries and uncertainty in health care industry. It is Siemens duty to buoy up the load of cost while keeping the quality of attention to guarantee everyone enjoys the benefits of engineering. Mhos are the first to hold a complete profiles of health care to supply a true entire solution by conveying together bar of imagination, nosologies for analysis, therapy for intervention, ongoing attention and healthcare IT solutions under one roof – the universe ‘s first integrated health care company. Siemens as a devoted professional in health care industry, Siemens are honored and recognized worldwide for their profession in clinical, health care and work flow, cognizant, attention and understand what clients want and need and responsible to it and committed to the public presentation of health care installations and systems. Siemens ever focus on patient attention and assisting clients to archive clients needed and outlook. Siemens believe that Integrated Healthcare giving thegreatest confidence for heightening the efficiency from all facet. Siemens offering entire solution from audience, back uping and serving to assist all the healthcare organisation ever be the most updated and to the full use with the health care investing been made and guarantee healthcare professions and patient both deriving advantages from it.Siemens is the lone company provides entire solutions that cover the full attention continuum expeditiously -from bar, diagnosing, therapy, and ongoing attention, entire solution with Siemens leading-edge engineering.

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The URL of the health care suppliers are:

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2.0 IT Infrastructure: Issues and Challenges versus Current Process and Workflow in Siemens Healthcare

To accomplish the mission of Siemens Healthcare integrating solution, Siemens had bought over 3 nosologies division from BAYER Healthcare Diagnostics and Richmatt Group at twelvemonth 2007 and follow by Dade Behring at twelvemonth 2008. Etienne Szivo had been assigned to be the frailty president of the Diagnostic division in Siemens Healthcare Diagnostic at twelvemonth 2008 who presently is the cluster lead for Siemens Healthcare ASEAN to convey all these three companies to unify with Siemens Medical becomes Siemens Healthcare under one roof. To united and pull off a company with different backgrounds, civilizations and procedures run for many old ages is non easy particularly in standardisation of the procedures, work flow and informations integrating for stock lists, clients informations and service support records and cognition sharing will be a large challenges. Data integrating was another large issue to Siemens Healthcare as all 3 companies utilizing ain informations storages, formats, system and package and it will be a muss to happen a individual piece of info from different system. These will cut down the productiveness and efficiency and detain the bend around clip in reacting to clients either gross revenues respond to clients, service supports or logistic in stocks bringing to clients. At twelvemonth 2008, Etienne had implemented SAP system into the logistic, warehousing and service support section to heighten the public presentation of the squads by bettering the efficiency and effectivity to clients.

From the past 10 old ages cooperation areer, Siemens and SAP are widening the co-partnership to go on drive the industry into higher transparence, efficiency, security and dependability with lower intercession of care, and costs while keeping the spread outing and growing of Siemens.

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For gross revenues and selling, Siemens Healthcare are utilizing Customer Relation Managements – Sh @ rhenium to pull off their clients from all the division from diagnostic, imaging and medical to spread out their clients informations based. CRM is assisting gross revenues and selling squad in better understanding their clients, rival, chance, ain place by increasing the market transparence and enable direction to analyses and offer a differential solution to client and straight increase the alterations of winning the trade. The item of win/loss for the trade can besides utilize to analyse for future scheme revision. The CRM is besides link to turn overing prognosis tools to acquire an accurate prediction and therefore the info will direct to SAP for supply concatenation squad to order and supervise the stock list degree. Purchased requisition can be raised on clip to providers to maintain all the stock list come in clip. Service flat understanding can be viewed from SAP by service squad so that the client cleavage can be done and supply the service consequently. Name centre receive client call and open a ticket to service squad and record the respond clip, fix clip, trim parts ingestion and besides solution provided in existent clip. The information will be collected to analysis for better public presentation by addition the bend around clip, better service squad public presentation and competence and cognition sharing organize the solution database.

While gross revenues, selling, logistic and service squad had been good signifier the cloud calculating system of SAP and CRM, but the admin and human resource still confronting a batch of manual work to manage such as employees leave, paysheet, claims, and assorted procedure and records. All these procedure will decelerate down the organisation procedure and direction hard to do determination in work force and development planning. Best performing artist and gifted staffs hard to retain and spreads barely to identified and closed up and therefore indirectly affect the bend around clip in reacting to client and make the chance for rival to change overing their clients. Alternatively of blowing clip pull off the load internal operational procedure and information direction, organisation should more concentrate on scheme planning and clients care to accomplish the aim of Siemens Healthcare.

3.0 Cloud Computing

Siemens Healthcare ‘s information system is playing a heavy function in back uping organisation, direction and concern procedures. To streamline and automated the procedure and direction determination, Siemens Healthcare is besides traveling towards the cloud calculating system by simplified the procedure as current tendency worldwide. Cloud computer science is presently celebrated among little concern, endeavor concern and besides transnational company as the stakeholder all involved the concern processes from internal organisation planning of administrative, finance, and human resource to external client relationships, supply concatenation & A ; 3rd parties services suppliers.

“In portion, this can be explained by macroeconomic factors, the fiscal turbulency of the last 18 months has meant every organisation has been size uping every outgo. An IT solution that can present functionality less expensively and with more legerity ( retrieving that clip is money ) is difficult to disregard against this backdrop” -Ben Pring ( VP, Gartner Research )

Beginning: Sysomos Software Tool ; CIO Website ; SysCon Website ; Ulitzer Website ; CloudNod Website

3.1 Cloud Computing and current tendency

Cloud computer science is a theoretical account of shared pool of configured calculating resources such as waiter, storage, webs, package and service for enabling convenient, on-demand web entree. It can quickly cut down the direction attempt or service supplier interaction to the lower limit. It ‘s anything services are provided over the cyberspace and the service can be classified into three classs which are Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service.

In the software-as-a-service cloud theoretical account, hardware substructures are supplied by sellers, and package merchandise is in a web nexus act as the front terminal as user interface. Software as a service is presently really celebrated and widely used in the market. Servicess can be anything, such as electronic mail ( gmail, hotmail and yahoo mail ) to stocks direction and database processing. Because the service supplier manages both the hardware care, package application and the information processing and storage, the terminal user is flexible to entree the service anytime at anyplace.

Cloud calculating conceptual diagram ; Source from:

“Cloud computer science is an evolutionary engineering because it does n’t alter the computer science stack at all. It merely distributes the tonss between the service suppliers and the users. It is an IT architecture with perpendicular services” -Steve Jin ( Creator of Vmware vSphere Java API )

Beginning: Sysomos Software Tool ; SysCon Website ; Forrester Research Website

In twelvemonth 2007, Google, IBM and some universities started on a large-scale cloud calculating research undertaking. Early 2008, Eucalyptus became the first open-source, AWS API-compatible platform for deploying private clouds. In At the same clip, OpenNebula became the first open-source package for deploying private, intercrossed clouds and federation of cloud by bettering in the RESERVOIR European Commission-funded undertaking. In the same twelvemonth, they ‘re besides seting attempts on supplying real-time synergistic applications to cloud-based substructures. By mid-2008, chance for cloud calculating proverb by Gartner “ to determine the relationship among consumers of IT services, either users or providers ” and observed that “ Organizations are exchanging from company-owned hardware and package assets to per-use service-based theoretical accounts ” so that the “ jutting displacement to overcast calculating… will ensue in dramatic growing in IT merchandises in some countries and important decreases in other countries. ”

Most of the company will take to utilize intercrossed cloud that allow internal used with higher security and allow clients entree certain information as public cloud. A intercrossed cloud is a cloud computer science environment in which organisation itself provides and manages some resources such as client informations in-house and has others provided externally for informations file awaying. Ideally, the intercrossed attack allows a concern to take advantage of the scalability and cost-effectiveness that a public cloud calculating environment offers without exposing mission-critical applications and informations to third-party exposures.

3.2 Advantages and costs of cloud computer science

Alternatively of purchasing a whole set of package and put in in each single computing machine for each user, you can take to merely lade one application. That application link user to the cyberspace or web-based service and run all the plans user needed. Another distant machine from another company can assist to run informations from electronic mail to word processing to analyse all the complicated and complex informations. The power of cloud computer science could alter the whole IT industry.

In a cloud calculating system, it shows important alteration in the work load displacement from local computing machine to overcast waiter. Hardware and package use besides cut down on user ‘s side. The lone things required on user ‘s side is the interface package such as web browser to enable user entree the cyberspace, other than that, all grip by the cloud ‘s web.

Why would overcast computer science is popular and anyone want to trust on another computing machine system to run plans and shop informations? Here are merely a few grounds:

  • Make a flexibleness environment to users that can entree the application and information from wherever and whenever they wish. The difficult thrust in user ‘s computing machine or organisation web ne’er worry to be cramped while most of the informations can be stored in the cloud waiter.
  • Entire cost of ownership can be reduced significantly while no care and ascent for either hardware and package needed for the heavy lifting informations application processor, waiters and storage needed for the clients. Equally long as a computing machine with the map of accessing cyberspace will make. Or even smartphone presents could link to the application connect to the cloud. You can even use your ain difficult thrust with some others informations which utile to you because most of the information shop on a distant computing machine. Costss save for informations backup and storage.
  • Organizations are now merely pay for what they uses. The uses are mensurable and no longer to pay for everything with the half load use. No package or package licences needed to pay for every individual employee but the company could pay merely a metered fee.
  • Waiters and digital storage devices take up a batch of infinite with high care equipped with air chilling system to keep the waiter. Cloud calculating supply the solution of infinite and care for waiter by hive awaying informations on the cloud.
  • IT support costs can be reduced with amalgamate and streamlined the hardware and package in information system because it will be lesser jobs than a web with multiple instruments and runing systems.

4.0 Cloud calculating Solution to Siemens Healthcare

As understand from the treatment earlier, Siemens Healthcare largely had been cover with cloud calculating either from gross revenues and selling, logistic and service support but the lone section is still confronting manual paper work is Human resource section. Human resource is a really of import section which control and manage adult male power in each organisation. In all industry, HR section demand to pull off the most of import plus which is people in the company. With the good direction of HR, best people and best endowment can be develop and retain in a company. Since others sections are utilizing SAP presently, to streamline and incorporate the HR section into the cloud of SAP Human Capital Management ( HCM ) to better the current procedure of HR in Siemens Healthcare is much more easy and faster as most of the employees had familiar with the system and no retraining required for each new system bring in.

SAP HCM is a comprehensive, incorporate human resources direction tools that provide odd planetary capableness. SAP HCM support organisations in all sizes, industries, and parts with the tools needed to pull off the most of import plus: people. The solution provides the model to assist executives, human resources ( HR ) professionals, and line-of-business ( LOB ) leaders to:

  • Align aims to scheme of corporate via comprehensive analytics, prosecute employees and place, retain, and develop cardinal endowment through a robust endowment direction offering built on a nucleus HCM foundation.
  • Reducing the costs by automated the transactional procedures and increases the efficiency, while keeping the same piece of record of the truth compliant with local and planetary demands.

SAP supplying a individual platform of one solution to acquire what you need to be. In the individual platform leveraged by all talent direction procedures, HR can apportion the right endowment topographic point at the right place at the right clip. With the same piece of information record, excess users and informations can be minimized by organized the information suitably and in topographic point. This can assist in informations and information accessing become easy with one organisational construction to drive work flow, security, and place direction. By consolidating all the information into one platform and one format, direction able to do cross-enterprise analysis and program step and align to corporate aim. With one engineering solution, overall costs of ownership can be reduced by cut down the care and upgrade disbursals.

4.1 Cloud Computing Benefits and Costs to Siemens Healthcare

With the SAP HCM tools, Siemens Healthcare can bask the concern benefit such as:

Systematically achieve corporate aims

HCM enable organisation to aline the resources with organisational aims. With the informations available from SAP, direction able to mensurate the public presentation of the employees and happen the best people to leverage their endowment in the right occupation at the right clip. Manager can besides guarantee that every staffs clear and acts upon appropriate concern aims and can supervise the advancement toward Siemens Healthcare ends.

Retain endowment

With the clear aim and calling way, each employee provided with ain customize development programs and personalized larning chances by analyze the information and nexus employee public presentation to compensation plans, such as variable wage programs and long-run inducements. With the endowment retain, competence is increasing and besides the intangible plus. Better turn around clip and service to clients straight bring up organisation image and repute. Company besides save cost in puting in new recruit employees by directing to preparation and yet cognize their public presentation.

Proactively identify and fill endowment spreads

With the same piece of informations, direction able to place, develop, and track high-voltage employees and guarantee that future leaders can be efficaciously promoted choose from internal and that replacements are identified for cardinal places. Any spread can be filled instantly by develop or enroll the right individual for the right place to avoid the chance for rival to assail the organisation with that little spread.

Lower costs of conformity and employee disposal

The handiness of the HCM besides reduces the cost and attempt of following with local ordinances through matchless characteristics and maps, support constructions, and expertness. HR can automatize the operational employee-related procedures and convey down the cost and besides fix the procedure by cut downing all the manual paperwork.

Improve determination devising and pull off human resources efficaciously

Again, same piece of informations generate from SAP, it able to supply your executives, HR professionals, and line directors describing and analysis options that provide real-time penetration into your work force. Management can place inclination at an early phase and do better determinations, so that direction able to pull off your human capital more efficaciously, predict human-capital investing demands, and path work force costs and the return on investing for HR undertakings.

Increase security

HCM able to accommodate most of the procedures rapidly to altering concern demands with a flexible, scalable solutionAA and with the streamline of service suppliers utilizing to pull off organisation informations can cut down the hazard of information escape.

Implement value-added activities

With the tools of HCM in cloud computer science system, employees back office manual paperwork can be reduced with streamline all HCM procedures and accessible at anyplace at anytime and this can liberate the employees to concentrate on value-generating activities, instead than on everyday undertakings such as clients focus and self-development which bring more values to company and acquire happy employees, happy clients.

Turn HR into a strategic concern adviser

By align HR activities with organisational aims, direction can concentrate on leading sequence, work force planning, and organisational alteration. The whole system make HR services transparent and lower HR costs while still able to present better HR services at anyplace and anytime. Flexibility bring a batch convenient to everyone.

5.0 Decisions and recommendations

Harmonizing to Laudon and Laudon ( 2010, p. 223 ) as stated that scheme of competitory Forces Model for IT Infrastructures are apply to increase the organisation work flow procedure and competence to rivals.

5 standards of major scheme as mentioned by Laudon & A ; Laudon ( 2010 ) as below:

  • Low cost
  • Product distinction.
  • Focus and Market niche.
  • Customer and supplier familiarity

To enable an organisation to vie, prolong and outstanding than others competitor, pricing and merchandise distinction entirely is non plenty. With the assisting of cloud computer science, costs of direction and operation can be reduced by simplified all the procedures, care of hardware and package, informations storage, infinite rent and even staffs to keep the system waiter for the whole organisation. The costs save can be utilized at others country which can better the merchandise and so differential Siemens Healthcare merchandises with rivals with better engineering and new merchandises. CRM information aid gross revenues to understand clients better and offer a differential solution to clients which suited and carry through the demands costume made for valued clients and what they truly want. SAP service tools help to mensurate service squad public presentation and identified the spread where to better the competence and provide clients the best services. Invest in development programs to increase high competency services and support squad and HCM assisting in placing gifted employees and related with the competence compensation plan, long services leave and assorted awards to retain endowments and besides provided development program to shut the spread in each dimension. By cut downing all the manual heavy back office work, employees can concentrate on ego development and besides more clients focus to increase the client familiarity and create happy clients. Supply concatenation direction besides assisting logistics co-worker to mange the stock more efficient and avoid those last proceedingss pressing order or no stock to supply to clients which increase the cost by puting pressing order and supply chance to competitor to change over the clients to their users. CEO and CIO can hold a peace of head and pull off the organisation better with all the scalable informations and information for them to do better determination and concentrate on scheme and planning.

From the cooperation of Siemens and SAP, health care organisations can pull off collaborative concern planning, in all facet from fiscal analysis, public presentation measuring and human resources undertakings. Mhos can besides concentrate on the attempt of patient attention and client attention while back office paper work had been reduced while internal and external from all aspects still been supported good. Although to do these go on is non go on in a short period but it will return with the worthy result that Siemens ability to back up all it ‘s system and clients in 22 different linguistic communications, supplying medical practicians with a consistent interface across its merchandises, and in greatly improved support for the field applied scientists who service the equipment.


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