The Worth of Life's Most Precious Gifts Essay

Ronnie Madrid English 1301 February 19, 2010 The Worth of Life’s Most Precious Gifts There is an old expression that states “The best things in life are free,” but, it is simply incorrect. The best things in life are definitely not free. Everything in life comes with a price whether it is happiness, religion, or the love of your life. Each one has worth and takes a lot of work to acquire. Even the three most essential, and mysterious gifts in life require a price, which are peace faith and love.

Everything good and worth living for can be categorized under these gifts and without them our world would no longer exist. Chaos and destruction form a world without happiness. That’s why peace is one of life’s most essential gifts and one that definitely comes with a heavy price. In everyday life, peace is often taken for granted but more often people don’t realize the sacrifices made for our peace. From soldiers overseas to our local police force, people are laying their lives out on the line for the simple benefit of peace.

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The Worth of Life's Most Precious Gifts Essay
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There is also inner peace which frees our mind and allows us to be at ease. Peace brings happiness which the world needs a whole lot more of. Of course, with sacrifice from our heroic soldiers, peace also brings liberty. Liberty is an amazing release from captivity which some of our foreign countries would love to possess but do not, under brutal dictatorships. Peace and liberty are just forms of one of the most amazing things in life and something we all are going to have to appreciate a little more.

Another amazing gift is faith, which has existed for thousands of years and is still one of the many things in life us humans simply can’t explain. Faith also comes with a cost much like any other gift but, it’s much more psychologically linked to a single person and his or her beliefs. By being so personal, faith conveys a strong message and that makes it dangerous. In the past martyrs gave their life for what they believed in and it’s still happening today. Religion has played a huge role in history which has created much sacrifice and torment.

At the beginning of the Roman Catholic Church, the Popes were lucky to live half a decade before being persecuted and killed. Death is not the only sacrifice made for religion there is many others such as abstinence, fasting, and living the word of God. Hope correlates to faith by being a sort of belief and it’s often hope that keeps faith alive. By hoping, one opens the door for disappointment, which could lead to your faith falling completely apart which is why hope has a price as well. Peace and faith are astonishing but, they could not exist without life’s most precious gift and that is love.

Love is by far the most universal emotion throughout all of human kind yet it is also unexplainable. Even though love is the most amazing gift it comes with the most obligations. Love is not just simply won over by first sight; it takes long friendships and serious trust to truly love someone. Family is unmistakably one love we seem to have no escape from, even though it seems that family never gets along. For some reason it seems that we are genetically designed to love family even though it takes trust to build it .

Friends are definitely a whole different genre because it’s easy to lose friends from lack of trust or irresponsibility, making them the most we sacrifice for. That’s why couples change so much for each other to fit each other’s needs and to better their relationship. All of this proves to be truth that love, just like everything worth living for, takes sacrifice and hard work. From a peaceful world, to many beliefs, and love, it seems that everything has a price and the best things in life often carry the largest one. So the next time we think something is free we should think about the price it’s actually costing.


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