The Zumba Fitness Craze Essay

The Zumba Fitness Craze First, what is Zumba you may be asking? Well it is an interactive aerobic activity introduced in Columbia in1999 by celebrity fitness instructor, “Beto” Perez. Why? Well, one day when he forgot to bring his aerobics music, he took what he had out of his gym bag and used that in substitution to the program. He found, in doing so, that the class found it not only more enjoyable, but energetic as if having a party. He then realized he had something there. The idea arose to do a program around the Latin salsa and meringue music first used.

He went on to the global market of products around the Zumba Fitness LLC. that also went to campaign the Hispanic market as well. By 2008, Zumba Fitness launched it’s third DVD collection with direct response industry leader, Guthy Renker. It then went onto introducing the Toning Stick and Zumba live. Now there is a whole clothesline and gym accessories to add to the production line of the product. There are a variety of instructor training classes in various states to teach various levels of fitness levels and goals.

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The Zumba Fitness Craze Essay
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An instructor can go on to Zin Academy to learn further instruction on Zumba fitness developments. You may be asking yourself, why did she choose this subject? For one, I have taken Zumba classes from two different instructors and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I love aerobics activities so along with brisk walking, this appeals to me. I am not much for gimmicks, so purchasing clothing to work-out in does not appeal to me but I can understand those who it works for. I just prefer to wear what I normally wear to work out in. For additional information go to the following website link at: www. zumba. com


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