Themes in Julius Caesar Sample Essay

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is a drama about treachery. retaliation. and love. The characters shape all the constructs of the narrative. Cassius is a delusory witty adult male who is the leader of the confederacy that killed Caesar. Anthony. Caesar’s right manus adult male. is astute and pitiless adult male. willing to make anything to acquire retaliation for Caesar’s decease. Titinius. Cassius’ best friend. ends up killing himself out of the decease of Cassius. In Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. treachery can be regarded as the foundation of the whole narrative and throughout the drama between other characters.

Julius Caesar was one time the great leader of Rome before he was betrayed and assassinated by some of his closest friends and followings. Cassius and the other plotters wanted to kill Caesar because they didn’t want him to go dictator for life. they were afraid that he would take away all their power. Cassius says “Why. adult male. he doth bestride the narrow universe like a Colossus. and we petty work forces walk under his immense legs and peep about to happen ourselves dishonourable grave. ” ( I. ii. 135-8 ) . In the modern universe Rob Blagojevich betrayed his place as Governor to acquire money illicitly by selling Senate seats. The confederacy is the foundation of the subject of treachery in the narrative. along Caesar legion other times. In the really beginning of the drama Caesar is betrayed when Flavius and Marcellus tell the common mans to halt observing Caesar and ripped down the streamers observing him. Cassius goes to all terminals to do Brutus fall in the confederacy. Brutus is sent sham letters which praise what a great swayer Brutus would be. Marc Anthony acts as though he is bewraying Caesar. He foremost shakes custodies with the plotters and swears to listen to the grounds why they murdered Caesar. although he subsequently tells Caesar that he was making it to take his retaliation subsequently.

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Themes in Julius Caesar Sample Essay
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Retaliation is a cardinal subject in the drama. Anthony seeks to revenge the decease of Caesar. Anthony swears to take retaliation on those who have murdered Caesar. ” And Caesar’s spirit. runing for retaliation. with Ate by his side come hot from snake pit. shall in these confines with a monarch’s voice call “Havoc! ” and allow steal the Canis familiariss of war. that this foul deed shall smell above the Earth with carrion work forces. moaning for entombment. ” ( III. I. 285-90 ) . The Ghost of Caesar besides seeks retaliation by stating Brutus “Thou shalt run into me at Philippi. ” ( IV. three. 285 ) . Revenge is present in the violent class of action. which is taken by the Plebeians in an effort to seek justness for the blackwash of Caesar. An illustration of retaliation in the modern universe is the blackwash of Osama Bin Laden for all the error he has done in the universe.

Love is a cardinal subject in the drama every bit good. Shakespeare uses the thought of love and friendly relationship to demo the audience Brutus’ humanity in his function in the blackwash. Brutus and Portia’s relationship shows us that Brutus is compassionate. lovingness. and moving in what he thought were the best involvements of Rome. When contemplating whether he should partake in the secret plan or non. Brutus was eventually able to warrant his function by stating himself that he was making it because he loved Rome and non because of greed. “Not that I lov’d Caesar less. but that I lov’d Rome more. ” ( III. two. 22 ) Love is all about in the modern universe. an illustration of it is how the universe reached out to the shot at Sandy Hooke Elementary School.

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is a drama about treachery. retaliation. and love. Caesar is betrayed by some of his cupboard friends and followings. Anthony swears to acquire retaliation on the decease of Caesar because he loved Caesar that much. The drama is dateless because of its many subjects and their ability to link with us. that’s why William Shakespeare is the most celebrated drama write.


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