Theology of Pope to the Youth Sample Essay

1. ) The Pope says that 1985 has been proclaimed by the United Nations Organization International Youth Year. and this is of great significance to the young person of the universe. He says that this significance of young person is the Church. Man is the cardinal and at the same clip the day-to-day manner of the Church and this make it easy to understand why the Church attributes particular importance to the period of young person as a cardinal phase in the life of every human being. He says that the young person is besides important because they are the foundation of the church in the hereafter. and it is their duty for what will one twenty-four hours go world together with the young person. but it will come subsequently in the hereafter. I have to hold with him. I am a Christian. and I believe that it is our duty as immature grownups to populate responsible lives because we are in control of what happens in the hereafter. It is our duty to move like a Christian. even at a immature age.

2. ) This gospel transition with the rich immature adult male is really important. The adult male believes that he has done everything he can in his power to accomplish felicity in the land of Eden. Jesus tells the adult male in kindness that he must sell his properties to the hapless. and he will hold hoarded wealth in Eden. The adult male is put down by this. but it makes a clear point. The lesson is that it is highly difficult to come in the land of Eden. A human being can ne’er make plenty to be in heaven. We. as worlds. must populate lives of service. and ne’er cease to halt assisting others. The Catholic Pope references this Gospel to indicate out to the young person of the universe to teach the young person to assist those who are less fortunate. and do everything they can to function others. The Pope wants to indicate out that Christ is talking to every individual young person individual in the universe. Jesus’ words are highly of import for the young person of the universe. and they pertain to every individual individual.

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Theology of Pope to the Youth Sample Essay
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3. ) I believe the Catholic Pope is truly seeking to make out to the young person. and genuinely give them a feeling of importance in the Christian universe. I think that he believes that the young person are in a delicate phase in their lives because it finally paves out a way that shapes the remainder of their lives. He is stating the young person to be like Christ. do good determinations. and do the right thing. He truly encourages the young person to populate like Jesus. and to populate responsible lives. His message parallels the lessons we have learned in category this twelvemonth. He strongly points out morality. and we are larning all about it in category. It besides tells of a good scruples. merely like what we are larning right now. There were a few footings I was unaware of. He used the footings moral values and moral consciousness. I sort of understand them. but they are new thoughts to me.

4. ) I would state to him that he is on point. I wholly agree with his statements. and I like his comparings. Besides. I would wish to indicate out to him that it is a really smart thing to make out to the Christian young person. It is of import at a immature age to hold a healthy scruples. and he touched upon that affair with a batch of description. I would state that his speaking points are precisely good for immature grownups. I would besides state him that he truly doesn’t individual out anyone. He is speaking to the immature grownups of the whole universe. and non merely Christians. I like his integrity of the address. and to reason I would state him he did a great occupation.


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