Theoretical Action Plan as Interim CEO of Citzar Nigeria Essay

My programs will be to accomplish the undermentioned ends: Transporting out a strategic audit of the company utilizing the McKinsey 7s theoretical account designed for analysing and bettering company effectivity. Writing out programs to turn to needful alterations for both long and short footings. Implementing some alterations to accomplish a speedy bend around for the company that would hike public presentation.


Citzar Nigeria is one of the best IT organisations in Nigeria. It has been in the IT industry for 20 old ages.

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Theoretical Action Plan as Interim CEO of Citzar Nigeria Essay
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Citzar is an Information Technology Service company with nucleus competences in information engineering consulting, integrating and execution. Delivering solutions in Information Technology Service Management ( ITSM ) , Workplace Improvement, Integration and Information Assurance. Citzar besides delivers solutions like Networking, Security, Identity direction and Storage solution to clients in assorted sectors of economic system like Banking, Oil and Gas and Insurance sectors.Citzar is in partnership with major IT makers like IBM, HP, CISCO and DELL to present these solutions.

In 1997 the company was listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange. The company ‘s scheme is to continuously polish its expertness by developing assets such as best patterns, methodological analysiss, models, tools and solutions.

The company has managed and delivered several high profile undertakings including:

A $ 60 million Enterprise Management and Security System undertaking for the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The execution of a undertaking covering Security Policy, Identity Management, VPN Provision, Network Security, Auditing and Banking Application for the Nigerian Automated Clearing System ( NACS ) . The undertaking was a joint undertaking with NCR Canada and was deserving $ 89 million.

Today Citzar Nigeria is one of the best IT organisations in Africa.


The McKinsey ‘s 7S Model

One of the most widely recognized concern theoretical accounts today is the McKinsey 7S Model.

The model examines the relationship of seven cardinal variables ( Strategy, Structure, Systems, Shared Values, Style, Staff and Skills ) , each of which are distinguishable yet extremely interdependent.

The variables are divided into two classs, difficult and soft. The Difficult variables ( Strategy, Structure, and System ) consist of formal procedures, concern lines, sections, organisational charts, and strategic statements. These are by and large easier to specify, place and pull off. While Soft variables ( Shared Values, Style, Staff and Skills ) are typically more hard to specify, less touchable, and easy influenced by environment and civilization.

The premiss of the theoretical account is that the variables must be aligned if an organisation is to be effectual. Misaligned variables represent organisational lacks associating to public presentation, but more significantly chances for disciplinary action. In order to find the effectivity of CITzar Nigeria., I will research the 7S variables in inside informations, as they relate to the company.

1. Scheme

An organisation ‘s scheme is in essence their overall program to make and keep a competitory advantage. More specifically, it is the actionable points that an organisation implements in order to accomplish its aim, every bit good as to get by with alteration.

Since our society is continuously germinating, IT companies must travel aboard with it. I observed that Citzar ‘s purposes are accommodating to these alterations in order to remain focused on their client ‘s broad ranging demands.

Citzar ‘s concern lines and sections are besides driven by high service degrees, efficiency of procedures, and public presentation outlooks.

Citzar is committed to the professional development of its employees by keeping an environment that is contributing to ongoing instruction, growing and excellence.

CItzar ‘s corporate scheme revolves around making a better rate of return for their investors than the norm of their competition. It is centered on answerability, prudence and transparence, while guaranting high degrees of ethical criterions.

It is clear that Citzar ‘s scheme has positioned them good among IT companies, leting continued chase of their overall growing program.

2. Structure:

A cardinal issue in carry throughing the ends identified in the planning procedure is structuring the work of the organisation. It is the extent to which the units of the organisation are explicitly defined and its policies, processs, and ends are clearly stated. An organisation chart displays the organisational construction and shows occupation rubrics, lines of authorization, and relationships between sections.

I observed that the company is divided into constructions in which authorization rests with the functional caputs ; the constructions are divided into departmental groups.

At the top of the hierarchy, there is the Chief Executive Officer. Below that degree is the Chief Operating Officer. These two jointly make strategic determinations for the company. Following degree is the Vice Presidents of different sections like Information Technology, Gross saless & A ; Marketing, HR & A ; Administration, and Finance. Different sections have different degrees thereon. The construction is displayed in the undermentioned organisation chart. ( Exhibit 1 ).

Organization Chart

It is apparent from the chart that the organisation is functionally structured in which authorization rests with the functional caputs ( VPs ) ; the construction is sectioned by departmental groups.

I observed that there are some defects that can cut down the efficiency of the complete system.

Coordination of functional undertakings is hard. For illustration when the IT squad and the people from gross revenues section sit together for treatments, the coordination between them becomes hard as the gross revenues squad expression for the net incomes in the undertaking whereas the proficient squad looks for the feasibleness of the undertaking.

The determination devising is centralized every bit good as decentralized. The strategic determinations are taken by the CEO, COO and the VPs of different sections, whereas the determinations for daily operations are taken by the corresponding directors.

3. Systems:

These are the day-to-day interior workings that support the scheme and construction of an organisation. They take the signifier of procedures and processs ( formal and informal ) and scope from work flows to gross revenues techniques. These may be the HR System, Admin system, Financial System, Technical system, document storage. Citzar has all these systems and all of them are in topographic point and making a good occupation so no alteration is required. All these systems are monitored by a bid Centre which has different squads who look after these systems, their operation and care.

4. Shared Valuess:

These are the nucleus values of the company that are evidenced in the corporate civilization and the general work moral principle. These are the values and beliefs of the company. Ultimately they guide employees towards valued ‘ behaviour.

a. I observed that the company ‘s civilization is really free and friendly ; squads are given the mark day of the months for the undertakings. But there is no limitation of timings i.e. an employee can personalise his working hours a spot and complete the work. Dress codification is really insouciant. Team work is encouraged, every weekend there is a little get-together and a large party is thrown by the director after the successful completion of the undertaking.

B. Intelligibly, the value of an moralss codification is normally discussed in footings of how much it will assist cut down your organisation ‘s hazard of moralss jobs and all the costs related to those jobs.

c. The company cardinal values are build on Innovative and originative, esteeming co-workers, looking ever for betterment and positive alteration, invariably driven to better our public presentation.

5. Manner:

An organisation ‘s manner is better described as its civilization. These are the implicit in norms, beliefs and values that develop over clip, and serve as a frame of mention for the employees. The positive correlativity between Style and Shared values is evident as they tend to overlap. I observed that the direction manner of the co-owner/ general director fundamentally evolved around his ain values and character. It is highly centralised, really hierarchical and directing. Risk-taking is purely non allowed. The directors, particularly gross revenues and selling, are really reactive to market tendencies and rivals moves.

Imitation is favored over invention. In short, directors should lodge to whatever worked in the yesteryear. Teamwork does non be since all directors are seeking to cover themselves within a blaming civilization. Although the co-owner/ general director ever encourages his staff to work as a squad, nevertheless, the construction and the systems in topographic point Acts of the Apostless as uninterrupted beginnings of power struggles and hedging answerabilities. The directors were about similar advisers ; they advised the general director of what to make and the concluding determination rested merely with him

6. Staff:

Staff is the group of employees and their general capablenesss as a whole.

Organizations are made up of people who differ in age, gender, ethnicity, and abilities. Such diverseness in an organisation ‘s human capital is necessary in order to be competitory in the planetary market place.

a. Team is composed of history director, undertaking director, undertaking leader, team/module leader and developers. History directors take attention of charge rates, agenda and bringing of the undertaking. Undertaking directors have the whole position of the undertaking ; they have the concern every bit good as proficient cognition. They monitor the undertaking through squad leader and make up one’s mind the programming or rescheduling of the undertaking. Team leaders monitor the undertakings of each developer and assist them technically. Developers do the existent development and testing of the assigned undertakings.

B. Most of the clip developers, who merely have the proficient know-how, lack the concern cognition in the development and their undertakings get delayed for these little issues. I will present a trainer from the client who has the concern cognition and can learn developers the existent demand what terminal users need, so that the undertakings can be finished on clip and they are good quality wise besides.

c. Gaps are decidedly at that place in the needed competences. The proficient experts slowdown in concern policies and the concern analysts do non hold a satisfactory sum of proficient cognition. Besides there are communicating spreads between client and the undertaking team..

7. Skills:

Distinctive capablenesss of forces or of the organisation as a whole are its accomplishments. These are the particular abilities which distinguish the company from others in the same line. This company has the expertness in its banking package which is widely used by batch of clients.

a. Company ‘s strongest accomplishments are in information engineering. They are able to supply any sort of solution for concerns like Banking, Insurance etc.. They provide onsite support for the insurance companies by delegating their proficient individuals at client ‘s topographic point.

Skills are continuously monitored as the undertaking development goes on through a point system. Peoples have assorted assessments through which they are judged. Persons who perform good are punctually rewarded in footings of a rise or publicity or merely inducements depending on his public presentation.

Summary of Assessment

Based on the above appraisal, Citzar operates in a mode that is effectual. Definitive aims are set, and non communicated throughout all organisational degrees. The environment does non advance invention and growing, which will non drive public presentation. With any organisation as big and every bit complex as Citzar nevertheless, it is about impossible to avoid some of the booby traps that were discussed

The Action Plan

To be effectual, our company must hold a high grade of tantrum or internal alliance among all 7Ss. Each S must be consistent with and reenforce the other Ss. All Ss are interrelated, so a alteration in one has a ripple consequence on all the others.

Therefore, Citzar needs to revisit the 7Ss in an effort to hike its public presentation and to derive competitory advantages to assist Citzar last in this competitory IT market.

1. Scheme:

To prosecute the company ‘s stakeholders in redefining the company mission and schemes, so that we can shift the company to the altering environment. This can be achieved by following processs.

Understanding the programs for the allotment of house ‘s resources to make identified ends.

b. I will ease a encephalon storming session that include all stockholders and the direction squad to place the company mission and hold on the company ‘s strategic ends.

c. Analyzing the attacks undertaken in order to keep its portion of clients in the market and traveling for enlargement in the sphere of other rivals.

d. Follow up on client after serving them.

2. Structure

A major alteration to the company construction is needed to efficaciously put to death the company schemes and to turn to issues like the power struggles, the deficiency of answerability as a direct consequence of non clear uping functions and duties and chiefly to construct a solid land for squad working.

As seen in ( exhibit 1 ) , Citzar has a really centralised and besides decentralized, map based construction. The current construction, as has been mentioned earlier, causes deformations that affect other compasses ‘ acerate leafs by being.

I suggest a new organisation chart as seen in ( exhibit 2 )

This new construction will turn to as explained in ( exhibit 2 ) will turn to mentioned issues that causes the other Citzar compasses ‘ acerate leafs to misalign.

3. Systems

One of the strengths of the company is its IT Technical & A ; Infrastructure unit. We need to construct upon it and to back up it with other direction systems. An of import and pressing 1 is a Manual of Authority to complement the reconstituting enterprise of the speedy win. The manual will assist the stockholders and me in delegating duties to directors and authorise them to take the needful determinations to accomplish the company ‘s in agreement ends. Other of import direction systems like wage, public presentation assessment, concern public presentation coverage and internal audit are important to see that staff is motivated and that concern procedures are being monitored and evaluated invariably.

4. Manner

The blaming civilization will be substituted by accepting answerabilities civilization after the execution of the restructuring that will clear up functions and the debut of the direction systems -namely the manual of authority- which will authorise directors to take deliberate hazards. This will besides ensue in a more team attack behaviour from directors ; this will be done through the drawing of the sections ‘ boundaries and the integrity of bid which will cut down power struggles.

5. Shared Valuess

Customer focal point, teamwork, and answerability should be anchored if the company is to vie within an of all time diversified economic system.

6. Staff

Conducting preparation plans for different sections in order to make full the competence spreads

Bettering communicating channels throughout organisation.

Making transparence between the sections.

7. Skills

There is demand for an up-to-date canvass of accomplishments within the company to vie within the market ; the company should ship on a run of preparation, redisposition and pulling new recruits. Merely this will guarantee the endurance of any company within this fast moving work environment.

In add-on I will urge the followers

Conducting preparation plans for different sections in order to make full the competence spreads.

Easing the coordination of functional undertakings across sections.

Involving proficient experts besides while doing a concern trade sing project of the undertaking so that the feasibleness of the undertaking can be justly assessed.

Bettering communicating channels throughout organisation.

Second, Am traveling to utilize this is a period to animate employees. This would include reaffirming the importance of their single functions, and transfusing assurance, dedication, and continued motive. I will besides concentrate my attempts on the functional divisions of the company every bit opposed to the concern and corporate countries.

For illustration, I will concentrate on updating HR policies, guaranting efficiency in organisational wages system so that it can actuate, retain and attracts the best encephalon in the industry. In add-on, relationships with my former colleagues will no uncertainty be affected. They would no longer merely be my co-workers, but instead persons who finally report to me.

Finally am traveling to use the service of an external adviser to measure the company organisational construction and so compare the consequence with my ain find.


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