There Are Many Bands And Different Kinds Of Music I Like To Listen To. Essay

I like to listen to many different bands and songs. When I listen to music I listen for the beat as long as listen for the lyrics. Even with all the different types of music around I mainly like to listen to hard rock. I like to listen because of the hard guitars and the streaming drums. Music to me is a way to relax. I enjoy listening to music. I listen to it so much now in many different places that it is a thing I really do not notice anymore. For this abstract there were many songs that I had to choose from. The types of songs that I chose were songs that make me feel a certain way every time I hear them. The three songs that I chose were songs that I have come to like and not songs that plays every two seconds on the radio.

The first song that I chose is by a group called Nine Inch Nails. They are a pretty heavy music group. I chose a song that just come off their most recent album called The Fragile. The name of the song is called the wretched. I think this song means many different things. This song is a more serious depressing song. I think it has to do with someone who is having a real hard time. They are stuck in a hole and cannot really get out. This person has been pushed down and cannot really get back up. This song kind of makes me feel like it cannot always be good sometimes. I think there can be very many ways to express this song in many different ways but the lyrics made this song so good. It is so good because it does not just talk about being in a gang and talking about killing or beating someone. I like the way the lyrics come out.

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There Are Many Bands And Different Kinds Of Music I Like To Listen To. Essay
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The next song is from the same group and same cd. The song is the fragile. This is a lighter kind of song. Even though I really do not like the typical kind of love song, this song kind of really stands out to me. I like how this song does not just talk about leaving someone of they are not perfect but staying with them and helping them. This song to me talks about someone that they love and everything has not really gone to well. Everything is falling apart and this person won’t let it. This person has gone through the same thing and wont let it happen again. I like the lyrics and the beat is really good.

The third song I chose is from the same CD and band is well. If had to bring our favorite CD off all time this would be the CD I would bring. The third song I chose is even deeper. I like this song very well and the meaning of the song is very clear. This song is about a relationship that has fallen apart. This person wants to leave but they cannot and they always come back. They are lost and the always can’t stay way. I think this person is trying to overcome this other person but they just stay.



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