There Were Screams All Around the Room... Essay

There were screams all around the room… There were screams all around the room and I could sense dangers beyond the door. Without lingering for the next second, I banged on the door with as much force I could gather as I knew the door was locked inside and after a few attempts, my effort bore fruits. The door was opened. I stared in disbelief as the sight was simply too appalling to behold. The room was lingering with eerie silence just after the panic and screams I heard.

Even though the room was dimly lit, what greeted my very naked eyes were even a head splitted apart and a woman with her stomach mutilated, lying and jerking periodically. To say that my heart was chocking with intense fear would be an understatement as never did I encounter such a devastating criminal scene before. Mustering as much composure as my rapidly beating heart would allow, I fought to fill my lungs with air and I heaved a long but restrained sigh. I took out my Beretta M92FS and held it in a line of my sight.

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There Were Screams All Around the Room… Essay
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My adrenaline surged wildly and I held my gun so hard that my knuckles turned pale, scanning the room and I was prepared to face a relentless foe. Suddenly, out of the blue, the sound of running pipe jolted me and I immediately aimed towards the direction of the source of the sound. I speculated that the sound came from the washroom and I inched towards it as silent as a shadow. I leaned against the wall and I was sure that ‘it’ was inside! Drawing near to my target, I quickly turned and aiming into the washroom with my gun pointing at the target. Freeze. You are under arrest. ” It was a huge man with tall frame who was in the midst of cleaning himself to get rid of the blood stains but he seemed to ignore me. As he glanced over his shoulder, his appearance rattled me so profoundly that sent chills down my spine. He clenched his chrome teeth, piercing me with his bulging eyes as though he was ready to devour me, and swollen scars across his face intensified the horror of his appearance. Vaguely recalling the contents of the newspaper, I was sure that the man in ront of me was a wanted serial killer – Jack the Ripper. For the next second, I realized that I was on the rocks. Panic stricken, I opened my fire rapidly and a few bullets pierced through his gigantic body as I knew that ‘survive’ and ‘attack’ were the only things that mused in my mind. I shot until my gun ran out of bullet but it was too no avail. All the bullets could not even budge him an inch and he groaned and roared loudly like a primitive creature, an unstoppable beast!

He responded me with the savagery of a cornered animal, pummelled and threw me off from the washroom. Gathering as much strength as I could, I fought to get up but the impact just now had broken two or three of my ribs. I saw his figure getting bigger and bigger in front of me and my strength ebb away slowly. I was on the verge of death. Abruptly, light flashed through the dark room and lighted everything inside. Lo and behold! It was the helicopter which came to save me! Little did I know how long I could handle but I knew that I was saved.


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