This attempts to decribe beauty and what it truely is! Essay

This essay attempts to describe beauty and what it truly is! BY Gifford Beauty Is a word that Is used quite a bit In today’s society, but do people really know what It means, or Is It Just another word In the English dictionary? Beauty can mean many different things to many different people: It’s doubtful that one could get a full understanding of the word Just by looking It up In the dictionary. “Beauty Is In the eye of the beholder” is a good statement.

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This attempts to decribe beauty and what it truely is! Essay
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Beauty can be found all over the place, it’s just a matter of what someone determines is visually pleasing to them. Many times in today’s society, beauty is a word that is used to describe someone’s physical appearance. People view beauty by what they see in the media, in magazines, and on television. Beauty is not looking like what we see in today’s media. It isn’t about weighing one hundred and ten pounds, nor having a “ripped” body. Beauty is having a personality. Beauty is having fun, and enjoying life.

Beauty does not come from the outside, but rather from within. In a country where roughly 50% of marriages end In divorce, It Just goes to show you that the media has such a strong affect on people’s minds. People are so concerned about physical attractiveness that they lose site of what true beauty is. It’s not something that can be seen with one’s eyes, but rather felt with one’s heart. Beauty is a feeling from within: it is love and appreciation. To see the beauty in something you need to have a certain passion about it.

To me the sport of football is beautiful. Some people may see it just a game for oversized muscle heads, but to me it’s so much more. I can break down one play, and see so much beauty in it. From the snap of the ball, until the ball carrier gets tackled. I can e beauty In the quarterback dropping back, avoiding the pressure put on by the defense, then he let’s the ball go: tight spiral. As the ball floats through the air, you finally see the quarterbacks’ target, his receiver, running down the field to catch the ball.

He leaps up Into the air, over the defender to make an amazing one handed catch. To me this Is beautiful. I have a love, a passion for the game, which allows me to see it completely different from what some other people may see. Football is beautiful to me, because I love and appreciate the game. Watching a tiger hunt down its prey is something else that can be used as an example of beauty. It all begins with the stealth that the tiger displays to sneak up on its target. Followed by the bounds and leaps the tiger uses to catch up to its now fleeing prey.

The finally the target is caught, and the tiger feasts. This is beautiful because It’s nature doing its thing. The beauty Is not watching the tiger rip its prey to piece, but rather the entire hunt as a whole. Beauty Is the grace the tiger the displays while running. Beauty Is appreciating why the tiger does what the tiger does. To some this act may be gross and disgusting, but that Is because they have no appreciation for the tiger’s means of survival. Different things to different people.

Everyone has their own preferences, their own idea’s of what beauty is. “One mans trash is another mans treasure” so to speak. One person may find this essay to be a thing of beauty, while another finds it to be boring and pointless. To truly understand what beauty is, you Just need to find out what you find is beautiful. Truthfully, one doesn’t need to know what beauty really is, but rather one need to know what beauty is to him or herself. Once that is determined, then any other meaning or definition of the word is completely irrelevant.


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