This is a book report on the book Essay

This is a book report on the book: The HitchHiker by RL Stint BY snapper’s Grade 8 Book Report The Hitchhiker By: R. L. Suns 3. Give a brief description of the plot in the story: The plot in this story is based on a guy named James who has left from home in Key West (A place in Florida) he ran away for no in particular reason except that he hated living there. So he decides to hitchhike all the way up North to Tampa. Later on a couple days later he encounters someone who only brings him around 80 miles further.

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This is a book report on the book Essay
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Later on these two girls named Christina and Terrier decide to pick him up, the iris decided to bring him as far as Tampa, but later on In the story they decide to bring him all the way back with them to Cleveland where they first came from. They were on summer break, and was heading home. Then a long while later they turn on the radio and there was a news report of a man getting killed by a hitchhiker. They supposedly said that a hitchhiker did it because the old man liked to pick them up, he felt sad for the poor lonely people walking and being alone.

The girls get sort of freaked out because of this so James turns off the radio. Then they go to a diner for meeting to eat and James ends up hurting the busboy because he was ignoring James orders. They leave in a hurry. Later he regrets doing this because the girls were going to bring him to Cleveland so he had to behave or they might change their minds he thought. Later on they get closer to James cousins house at the Florida border. They spend the night there and James and Christina start going out.

Terrier doesn’t Like James at all at this point, well since they picked him up. When they leave the next day to head on the road again, his cousin Paul accuses James of stealing his allot which contained one thousand dollars, In fifty dollar bills. Then James ends up punching his cousin and knocking him out. After that they end up being chased by a Blue car. They end up crashing into a tree cause of the chase. They end up staying the night at a motel called Sleep’s. Terrier tells James for her apology which she told her when they went for a walk.

The next morning Terrier is missing. Christina and James freak-out and cannot seem to find her. And after they realize that their car was missing! They accused the guy who was chasing them that he probably took it. They ND up hitchhiking their way, and get a Ride with a guy named Art. They soon realize they are being kidnapped! They are then taken to a cabin In the swampy forests of Florida. They then are being forced to Jump Into a pond of Piranhas and they get Art Into the water, he dies… Hen Christina ends up trying to kill James, Art said before he died that he had killed Tern In the morning. Then Terrier saves James, but she was hurt REALLY bad. The setting of this story is in two places. One, is when James started walking from Key West and he was thinking about his old girlfriend he left (Melissa) Two, is when Christina and Terrier were Just started driving from Florida, they were chatting about the parties that they went to and the boys that they met.

The story doesn’t say where James was when they picked him up, but all it tells us it was in Florida on a highway number 77. 5. Briefly describe the conflict of the story: The conflict of this story is Internal, External, And Interpersonal conflict because in this story it deals with a lot of decision making and external conflict, not so much interpersonal conflict except for at the last part of the novel. Most of this conflict is solved after the part when they found out who the murder was and that resolved a lot of conflict in the story. 6.

Give a character profile of the main character(s): James is a 17 year old male who has lived in Key West all of his life, he has blonde hair, blue eyes and he is 6″ feet tall. He has had a bad life in Key West because he was usually always in trouble with the law. He has a really bad temper and he likes girls. He doesn’t smoke, he don’t drink very often. He has a mostly positive attitude unless someone makes him mad. He isn’t into any type of sports or hobbies. He likes o party and listen to rock and heavy metal. His favorite band is Gunperson’s.

He is quite a strong guy and has no Job. 7. What is the point of view in the story: The point of view used in this story is a third-person point of view in which the narrator is the author. We get to know the main characters thoughts and feelings. 8. What is the theme of the novel: The theme of this novel is it relates to life because there are hitchhikers in real life, which murders sometimes do occur cause of hitchhikers. There is a place called Florida and it is hot and muggy. There are real parties in life and thing that are animal like this do happen. . At what point does the climax of the story occur: The point in which the climax of the story occurs is when Christina and James are brought to the cabin and being told by Art what Christina has done and it continues until Art falls off the bank and lands into the pond of piranhas. An example of irony and symbolism in this story is when Christina and Terrier pick up James (While he was hitchhiking) Terrier tells Christina ‘Didn’t you know it was bad luck to pick up a hitchhiker? ‘ 1 1 . Elf you could change one thing in the novel, what would it be and why:

One thing I would change in the novel is the part where Christina stole James cousin’s wallet (Paul) and so then James wouldn’t have to have done what he done, he punched Paul and Paul fell and they think he was knocked unconscious and so then they wouldn’t have to worry, and James wouldn’t have bloody knuckles. 12. Your thoughts (add any comments you feel need to be discussed about the novel): I was wondering what would happen to James after he went back to Key West at the end of the novel, he said he was going to hitchhike back there, but why would he do that when he hates the place?


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